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Zalmon Alexi Dejanović
Language(s) Serbian, Russian (minimal), English
Role(s) Guardian of Fire
Aligned sector IV
Nationality Serbia
Element SigilFire Fire
Gender Male
Born c. 2076
Died 2116 (age 40)
Signature Zalmonsig
Physical Description
Skin colour Medium
Height 6' 1"
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K

Zalmon Alexi Dejanović (Serbian Салмон Алеки Дејановић ;b.2076 - d.2116) was a Serbian arms dealer before being recruited by Ghost_K at the age of 21, after the retirement of the previous Guardian of Fire.



Not much is known of his childhood, save for the fact that he was born in a small Serbian town (he has never revealed the exact location). He quickly became involved in petty crime before becoming involved in more serious trades.


Zalmon was discovered to be held with in a Russian cell, slated for execution for illegal weapons dealing. He was rescued by a team headed by Kenneth Lysander, who broke him out from prison.


The Serbian was a rather tall and well built man, who did all he could to keep himself fit. He typically wore paramilitary style clothes, as he wished to emphasise the authority of Ghost_K.

Abilities and Attributes

Zalmon possessed an exceptionally potent elemental gift of fire, and utilised it very effectively in combat scenarios.


He held a strong belief that Ghost_K was entitled to it's position as protectors of the Earth. However, he also supported the rather extreme views held by his comrades (Ken Lysander and Damien Anderson) that Ghost_K were the rightful rulers of the planet, and that in these dark times they should take the world by force.




After being saved from the death penalty for unlicensed arms dealing within the Russian Federation by the Guardians, Zalmon pledged his undying allegiance to them. He was a steadfastly loyal member and followed their orders to the very end.

Kenneth Lysander

Kenneth was instrumental in rescuing Zalmon, and the Guardian of Fire decided that he owed his very life to Lysander. He was aware of Ken and Damien's plans for the coup, and was the first member to acknowledge their claims to leadership.

Damien Anderson

As a friend of Kenneth and latterly leader of the organisation, Zalmon recognised Damien as a worthy ally.


Vallarie Administration

Zalmon passionately detested the organisation for the part it played in subjugating his homeland further, after they took control of Sector IV.




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