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Zenith of Evolving Unit Security project

Force Type:

Special Mech Forces

World Ranking:

Second most powerful military force, answering directly to the UN and operating in sync with Ghost_K


Elite special forces and deterents (funded by the Alliance)


Geneva, Switzerland

Security Clearence

Z.E.U.S Officials only, and government officials


Bear the bright flame of technology, and fight off the wrongs of injustice and chaos! As one!

Commanding Officers

Chief Commander Nathan Sheppard, Deputy Commander Niklas Engel (Equal status)

Year of Inception


The Zenith of Evolving Unity Security project was originally a project put into action by a group of human engineers and geneticists were hired by varoius governments to create a new, powerful elite class of super mech-warriors designed as a nuclear deterent and to spearhead attacks against dictators who committed crimes against Humanity, however has evolved today to become the first line of military-grade defence and policing that humanity has to offer, just below the destined protectors, Ghost_K


  • North Atlantic Chimera Defence Force Possibly the largest denomination of the project. In charge of protecting Europe, the Atlantic and the US, as well as parts of the pacific, including Australia
  • Red Star Corps Japan-based, in charge of protecting asia (excluding russia) and most of the pacific
  • Iron Legion Russian-based. In charge of protecting Russia, Siberia, and above. Also co-manages alaska and parts of europe.