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World War III


2091 - 2120


Entire Planet


Geneva Alliance victory

  • Destruction of 99% known Survival Colonies
  • Dissolution of Draco Industries
  • Disbanding of Project Earth Reborn


Geneva Alliance

Anti-Sectoral Forces

Commanders and Leaders

Marcus Christelle (European Commonwealth)
Nakita Adrastea (Project Earth Reborn)

Casualties and Losses


World War III was a global rebellion against the oppressive Sector Regimes that ruled the nations of the planet largely purported by the underground Survival Colonies and the forces of Project Earth Reborn, but was known to be supported by many other groups including the League for the Decentralisation of Nations (up until 2101). In some nations, WWIII war is known as the Anti-Sectoral War, and elsewhere by Project Earth Reborn and Survival Colony supporters past and present by the softer titling World Justice Uprising.



In the aftermath of the global disasters that had wracked the world, and the increase in power of the Political Sectors, a few visionaries elected to form a contingency plan. This amounted in the development of "Survival Colonies". Underground, self-sufficient cities, that could remain free from the oppression of the conglomerate states.

Over time, as hundreds of these structures were completed in secret within the very bowels of the earth, the original visionaries behind the project realised that the world was sick. This lead to a few like minded individuals forming Project Earth Reborn. These people believed it was their moral imperative to heal the ailing planet, and that they must do so through force.

Of course, these men and women were not stupid. They were well aware that at the current time they did not have the manpower nor the weaponry to oppose the Sectors. Yet, what they did have was a vast wealth of untapped natural resources. Thus began a long period of constructing weapons of war. Tanks, aircraft and even naval vessels that could one day be brought to the surface.

While the world ticked over in blissful ignorance, the ever expanding number of Survival Colonies were preparing for war. Soldiers were trained, pilots schooled in flight simulators and naval crews tested. The leader of Project Earth Reborn expected to see a war more grand and devastating than any the world had seen before. As they would free the masses from the control of the decadent and the corrupt. She knew it would be very costly in human life, but lamented that the cost of rebirth was death.

Prelude to War

Course of War

Spark of Conflict (2091)

It is hard to pinpoint the exact start of the Third World War but most historians agree that the first signs of real aggression from Project Earth Reborn arose during the Melanesian Crisis, when a string of separatist claims were made at the start of the year by several island nations. The Republic of Australia immediately mobilised their navy in response to this illegal act of rebellion with the intent of restoring order to their overseas territories and eliminating the revolutionary forces.

At the time the Australian government was unaware of the true nature of the secession of these territories and initially assumed the worst that it was a full blown rebellion against their rule that could feasibly threaten the homeland. The situation did not become clearer until after the disastrous Battle of Solomon, where the Australian Navy suffered a crushing blow at the hands of the Project Earth Reborn Naval Flotilla that had been lying in wait in anticipation of the attack. Yet, with the government satisfied that they were not dealing with a slave revolt but opportunistic terrorism, they resolved to temporarily adopt an isolationist stance of prioritising the safety of the motherland over that of the island states that were deemed to be strategic losses until such time that they could be retaken with force as they entered into a complete war footing.

Attempted Invasion of Australia (2092)

European Revolution (2092)

South American Troubles (2093)

Fall of Buenos Aries (2094)

Conquest of St. Petersburg (2095)

Treaty of Geneva (2096)

On December 8th 2096, all twelve of the world's Sectors signed an agreement to set aside their petty differences in order to eradicate the threat posed by the Survival Colonies. Each Sector pledged the support of their military forces towards the cause of eliminating all those who supported the terrorist actions of the World Justice Uprising.

Heavy Retaliation (2097)

Liberation from the Secessionists (2098)

War of Attrition (2100)

Treaty of Strasbourg (2101)

By March 3rd 2101, a Non-Aggression Pact was signed between the Insurrectionists and the Geneva Coalition of World Sectors. The LDN withdrew their support for the cause at this time, after ratifying the treaty. Notably, while Draco Industries signed it, the leader of the PER was assassinated by her own subordinates as they refused to ratify the agreement.

They were aware that none of their own military installations had been discovered by the Geneva Alliance, and thus did not feel it was within their interests to agree to stop fighting against the Sectors of the world. However, without the backing of Draco Industries, the LDN or any of the Independent City States, they could not afford to fight as aggressively as before. With their airforce destroyed and their navy scuttled, they became forced to resort to guerrilla warfare.

Panama Incursion (2106)

Cuban Insurrection (2109)

Project Earth Reborn had moved many of their agents into Cuba in the months leading up to the July 4th Revolution that ended up gripping the island. They attempted to capitalise upon the discord created by the rebels. Initially things went well for the revolutionary forces, with the Central American military being overrun and a Second Cuban Republic being formed.

However, after the establishment this new socialist state, a distinct division in ideals became apparent as the LDN wished for a democratic dictatorship of the proletariat instead of the authoritarian dictatorship of the proletariat that the PER was backing. The power struggle that followed was won by the pro-democracy elements, resulting in a bloody purge of anyone who supported authoritarian dictatorships of the proletariat, including the execution of the members of PER stationed on the island, thus ending the small part that Cuba had played in the cold war elements of the World Justice Uprising.

Attempted Paris Revolution (2116)

After the destruction of the Holy Commonwealth Palace, the PER attempted to drag the Sector into a revolution. However, their efforts were entirely in vain as all those responsible were either sold out to the authorities by the "comrades-in-arms" they had assembled or were silenced by Vallarie Administration counter-terrorist teams.

The destruction of the Holy Commonwealth Palace only served to make the populace even more rabidly jingoistic and they were thus keen to lynch any parties they believed were responsible for the attacks. The presence of the PER in Paris merely set them up as the perfect scapegoats before it was confirmed that the attack had been perpetrated by Ghost_K. All PER members were unofficially executed for High Treason by agents loyal to the Vallarie Administration.

Discovery of Project Earth Reborn Survival Colonies (2118)

Campaign of Extermination (2119)

Armistice (2120)


Fall of Draco Industries


Casualties and war crimes



Advances in technology and warfare

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