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William McNeil
Aliases Wannabe ninja, Weeaboo trash (insults), Swordfish (vigilante alias).
Language(s) English, French, Mandarin (little), Japanese (little)
Role(s) Vigilante
Aligned sector English
Nationality French (English)
Element SigilGravity Gravity
Keidis rating Delta (407) / Gamma (311)
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown Parents.
Born (age 29)
Died April 2119
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian/Albino
Hair colour White
Height 5'10"
Weight Unknown

Which limb do you want to lose first?

–William McNeil

William McNeil is a psychopath who was convicted of a large list of atrocities before having his slate wiped clean in the VA coup of Sector IV. William Mcniel is a character in K21 - Bitter Reality but dies in the events of K21 - Bleached Delusions.

Character History

William was born in the south west of England, along the Cornwall coast. During his childhood he was constantly curious about the lives of others and enjoyed violent hearing stories. His parents tried to put limitations upon his indulgences into his unusual tastes, using often violent methods in an attempt to make him more ordinary. These events impacted on his mind as a child and likely lead him to develop into the monster he became.

His curiosity lead him to become a social outcast in his teen years and he spent his time eventually watching others in a detached manner. William began to grow envious and resentful of the lives of other people that he seemed to view as more interesting than his and began to obsess over several of his victims. It was only through watching he eventually realized how unremarkable his life, and everybody else's, was. Bored with his life he eventually murdered his parents and stole their possessions before embarking on a tour of the globe.

His first port of call was the Upper African Zone, where he came to find work as a gun runner and latterly an arms dealer. This lucrative trade lead him to many other exotic lands, from the American Zone to the furthest reaches of Sector III, where he acquired an antique katana in the aftermath of a botched deal. Eventually, his work lead him back to Europe, where he had ceased being a wanted criminal after the Vallarie Adminstrition had taken control of the political zone.

Realising that his source of income had dwindled since returning to his former homeland, he came to indulge in bounty hunting as a means of sustaining his favoured lifestyle. William liked this far more than the arms dealing, as he was legally allowed to kill people and let out his unrestrained desire for self satisfaction.

Eventually this path lead him to Rue Lamartine, where he met Jack White and joined him in the hunts going on around the city. While he was loyal to Jack, William was often hostile to many other members of the hunt and sought to push them away. Willaim never got to see his plan come to light, however, as he was murdered by Li-Pau Nao, who subsequently stole his Katana, in an effort to draw out the rest of the hunt and gather knowledge about the whereabouts of Andrew Sol's Associate, René Martain.


William's hair, when poking out his beanie, was bone white and very scruffy. For unknown reason, both of his eyes were totally black, William's face has numerous scars upon it, one just below his eye and one across his cheek.

William often wore a long black jacket; almost always unbuttoned to show a white t-shirt under it. He also rarely goes out without his black beanie (one of the only things he wears from his time in Cornwall) which he often pulls down to his eyebrows. making them resemble empty sockets and adding to his unnerving persona. He almost always has his katana strapped to his back, kept in a black sheath with a grey / brown leather wrapping on the hilt. The blade is made from a carbon-steel alloy and is highly conductible (possibly pointing to why LI-Pau stole it from William's Corpse).

Abilities and Attributes:

Gravity Elemental Power:

Will's use of gravity has always been very basic and stripped down, mainly using it to perform aerial acrobatic maneuvers through the manipulation of gravity in the area around himself. His level currently is Delta(407)/Gamma(311).

Other Talents:

William's ability to spin stories on the spot has helped him out of tricky situations in the past. On top of this he has practiced with his Katana for almost 10 years, refining his ability over and over again.


William is a self absorbed, misogynistic and blindly arrogant individual who only cares about having fun. He is shown not to care about others and respects only strength, probably the only reason he acts under Jack. In the past his arrogance has lead him to often underestimating his enemies when fighting, deliberately holding back. While this has lead him to win against the odds, it is his arrogence that eventually cost him his life.


Florentine Faible:

William looks down on Florentine's wear use of the water element, optimistic attitude and bickering with Danielle. As such relations between the two of them have grown frosty. In fact, the only reason William counts him as an ally at all is because he is part of the hunt.

Jack White:

William deeply respects Jack for nothing more than his strength and ruthlessness in the hunt. Due to this, Jack entrusts William as a second in command, knowing he will lead them right (though evidently Jack doesn't know about Will hitting on Amy, is so his opinion of William would drastically change...)

Matt Chant:

William and Matt don't really get on. Matt detests his arrogant "Better than you" attitude while William is appalled by his apathy, relatively peaceful methods with dealing with criminals and closeness to Amy. They tend to stay away from each other.

Andrew Sol:

William doesn't like Andrew simply because he is the new guy and thus untested in his eyes. Andrew would be fine with William if he wasn't also trying to push that he was superior to him. When William died, Andrew was probably the least affected by his death.

Amy Young:

Saying that Amy and William don't get on would be an understatment. They dispise each other greatly. He tries to get her in bed at almost every opportunity, though Jack doesn't know this yet. William often calls her a bitch for refusing, which Amy often responds by calling him a "wannabe ninja".

Danielle Lloyd:

Even though he doesn't admit it, Danielle's constant arguing and bickering perceptually grate on him. He also dislikes her intently simply for being weak, as in his words "We're here to kill fuckers, not take a paraplegic for a stroll!".



"You're scum, I hate scum, but a deal's a deal. Yeah, I know him, he's the newest member of my gang. Oh, don't worry, you'll meet him soon enough. When we hand you in to the authorities you guys will have plenty of time to chat. Now, if you'll excuse me…"

–Addressing Li-Pau Nao, referring to Andrew Sol src


One of the only times we ever spoke, [William] told me that before he joined the hunt he had murdered more people than he could count. That the authorities had had every right to want him dead and that the greatest gift he had ever received was the regime change that cleared his name. I remember asking him if he had been repentant for the crimes he had committed and he just laughed. He told me that killing people was the thing he enjoyed most in life. That, of all the pleasures and sensations he had experienced, it had always been the biggest thrill. And he spent the rest of his pitiful existence seeking to indulge that twisted addiction.

Florentine Faible to Andrew Sol src

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