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Victoria Ramírez
Language(s) Spanish, English
Role(s) Officer in the Peoples South American Republic Army
Aligned sector Sector IX South American Zone A
Nationality Colombian
Gender Female
Religious beliefs Atheist
Born 11th August
Physical Description
Skin colour Olive
Hair colour Black
Military Service
Rank Second Lieutenant
Battles/wars The Madrid Massacre

Victoria Ramírez was a Colombian officer who served for the People's South American Republic during the Great American War. She fought against Church of Enlightenment forces in Madrid, serving as commander of the Major Justino Mariño Cuesto Air Base.


Victoria Ramírez was born in Colombia when it was part of the Republic of South America in a working class family. Ramírez often states she was "probably on the better side of the working class." During WWIII she joined a left wing reflationary group heavily influenced by Bolshevism, and subsequently became part of the far left movement in South America.


Dedicated in her adherence to Bolshevism, Ramírez exemplifies one who is hardworking and dedicated, with some commenting that she has no vices. However she is often shortsighted in her judgements, and subsequently gained a reputation as a less then reliable commander in military affairs. Ramírez is also often irritable if she is deprived of sleep.

Abilities and traits





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