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Vamana Iago Alexander Uldericks
Vamana after a minor incident.
Language(s) Quebecois, English, French Polynesian, Russian, Spanish, Nuevoyestúpidoespañol, Chinese, Tibetan
Role(s) Terrorist Political activist
Aligned sector Himself
Nationality Quebecois
Element SigilLight Light
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Neo Luminus Christianity
Relatives None
Born 25th December 2090 (Age 32)
Died Not yet
Signature 100px
Physical Description
Skin colour Albino
Hair colour White
Height 5' 4"
Military Service
Service Branch Let's just say lots.
Years of Service ^
Rank Many
Battles/wars Sector III People's Liberation Army Air Force Air Base Massacre (2110)

Nothing can resist the will of the people.


Vamana Uldericks is a notorious leader of an international terrorist organisation named the International Worker's Union, or IWU for short. He is believed to be connected heavily to the drug trade, arms trafficking, people smuggling and is known to be connected to terrorist attacks on strategic locations across the globe.

He has a large following in Sector I who see him as the Second Coming here to throw off the chains of worker's oppression and save all humanity, bringing forth the Kingdom of God to all. This has inspired terrorism targeted at anti-IWU installations.


Vamana was born in the French Canadian part of Sector I.

K21 - Subterfuge Chronicles

In the fourth story, Recollection, Vamana meets a new friend in a heartwarming coming of age story.

K21 - Substantial Illusions

Cameo appearance.

K21 - Deceit and Disloyalty

On a diplomatic mission to the Central American Zone, Vamana must come face to face with one of the most formidable Sectors.

K21 - Tarnished Perceptions

With the stakes high and his associate's life in danger, Vamana must save the day from the horrors of Ghost_K.

K21 - Shattered Endeavours

In the third story, Lies, Vamana illustrates his affections towards his new wife.

K21 - Decayed Moralities

Vamana catches up with an old mate in a soon to be released new story.


Vamana sees the big picture in everything. To him, killing a few people is not worth the effort unless there is a grand plan at work, which results in him planning everything down to the finest details he can manage. He is a notable introvert, keeping his feelings so closely guarded that people often mistake him for a sociopath. To him, logic is everything - something based on principles or morals is completely worthless unless it has a definite upside. Because of this, he is honest and always keeps him promises because he believes that if the kinds of people he deals with on a regular basis will be more willing to work with him than if he had a reputation of a lying traitor.


Vamana is shorter than the average human, something which he tries to hide by appearing only on video footage with nobody around or else only having people shorter than him. His skin is the pasty grey colour of someone who has been inside weeks without sunlight, his hair is white and his eyes are a shade of pink caused by being a natural albino.

When he must appear for public images, he keeps his face hidden and changes his voice with a synthesiser. This lets him go on with his daily life without much trouble. While on footage, he also manipulates the photons to give him wings of golden light and surround himself with a faint glow. This is an attempt to build up a proto-personality cult.

His clothes are as nondescript as possible - Vamana knows that the more average he is the more likely he is to be forgotten, and he uses hair dyes and changes the colour of his eyes while in civilian gear.

He also has had to have corrective surgery due to the naturally poorer vision of albinism.


Vamana Uldericks carries a select few pieces of equipment with him at all times and can be find utilising other devices when the need arises.

Magnum X-21

A reliable black handgun that is regularly attached to Vamana's person. It has been modified to be capable of using a variety of specialised amunition, including hollow-points, incendiary and even dragon's breath rounds. He of course has multiple versions of this weapon kept in various locales, so that should one ever break or become lost, he has a spare ready and waiting.

Carbon Fibre Tactical Knife

Always kept on Vamana's person at all times. After running into issues with carrying his older Steel Tactical Knife1. The blade has been designed with no metal components, allowing it be immune to the effects of magnetism as well as being undetectable by conventional metal detectors. That said, it is now an extremely good conductor of electricity.

10 Foot Measuring Tape

Vamana carries this length of plastic ribbon with him whenever possible. As well as having some use as an actual measuring device it's conspicuous design allows him to bring it past security with ease. It is more regularly used to strangle hostile targets.

J-81 Visual Enhancement Device

A reliable pair of what are essentially binoculars, with night vision capabilities, targeting and a GPS system attached. Always kept with Vamana, as he takes a delight in having a visual advantage over his enemies.


Whether it to be to wipe down the blood of a slain foe from his knife or to remove mud from his person, Vamana keeps a large napkin with him at all times. It is also used as an improvised gag from time to time.

1.See file 924822: Sector XII Security Scanner Incident (April 2120).,

Gourou J-107

Vamana refuses to elaborate on the circumstances revolving around him seizing this aircraft from Sector II.


Vamana has many contacts within organised crime, and more than a few sympathisers inside the governments of several countries.

  • Claude Lasi-Faité
While Vamana and his organisation originally worked for Claude, Vamana's rather strenuous disagreement with Claude's leadership and planning style caused him to leave Claude's employ when his group became powerful enough to get along without him. However, after a government informant made a copy of all of Vamana's files and escaped, Vamana turned back to Claude to get rid of the informant as quietly as possible, as too much noise and a large investigation would occur. After Claude performed the liquidation commendably quickly and quietly, Vamana began to respect Claude on a purely professional level. He opened up trade with him for computer software and for weapons.



A wanted hologram of Vamana in Sector VII

  • Ghost_K
Vamana believes that Ghost_K should be absorbed into his own organisation, and when they refused he created his own, named the Blessed Worker's Elemental Group to directly challenge them. While nowhere near their power, the BWEG is still a notable threat.

Notable Disguises

Vamana has taken to obscuring his identity as often as possible in order to avoid being apprehended by the authorities.

  • Ries Meissner: An old acquaintance of Vamana's that he left for dead within the confines of a sacked Sector III Airfield. Vamana didn't think there was much harm in using his identity for personal gain.
  • Claude Lasi-Faité: Vamana has, on occasion, attempted to appear as Claude. However, due to his disguise being completely unconvincing, Vamana usually tries to rely on the fact that not many people actually know what Claude looks like whenever he is impersonating him.
  • Asiduus Aeviternus: Since the majority of the world population don't even what the fabled legendary Time Elemental's name is, let alone what he looks like, Vamana takes a sick delight in pretending to be him for a whole range of reasons extending from hilarity to crimes against humanity.
  • Alice Valentina: Even Vamana refuses to talk about the reasons for this.
  • Vamana Uldericks: Sometimes Vamana is required to dress up as an exaggerated version of himself to make his duplicates look more convincing.
  • Thomas McKenzie: After using it once as a fake name, he decided to develop the persona further as a public face. Particularly when dealing with royalty.
  • Alejandro Sanders: In order to gain the trust of a Sector XI police officer, Vamana adopted a Hispanic name to aid his cover. Using his prior knowledge of a former temporary residence in Barcelona and detailing his previous military service, he gained the man's trust.
  • Tamisin Tindall
  • Robert Sole
  • William Haddock



BROTHERS AND SISTERS: The International Worker's Union is recruiting! We hold no discrimination over race, of nationality or gender. We fight against the corrupt, corporatist body infecting our world! Sign up today!

–Excerpt from one of his posters stuck onto the sides of businesses in the night

We must unite and rise up! For a great storm is coming, far greater than we have seen before. As one, we must stand before it, and if this tree of equality is uprooted then any chance for worker's freedom will be lost in the night.

–Vamana giving a speech after hacking into a national television network.


Honour among thieves is best left for the dead.

Claude, criticising Vamana's apparent honesty.


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