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Vallarie Administration
The Vallarian Hawk, heraldic standard of the Vallarie Administration.

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Notable Members:

Stephanie Christelle

The Vallarie Administration is a conglomerate of software companies that are now under the ownership of Stephanie Vallarie Christelle, who is in turn an associate of the terrorist Claude Lasi-Faité. In 2110 the union took control of the nation state of the Sector IV Euro Zone after a coup-d'état. They eliminated the previous ruling organisation, the Ildano Corporation. in a hostile takeover after freezing their assets. It is rumoured that the company is also involved in the manufacture and distribution of narcotics.



The Vallarie Administration was founded on October 9th 2104 through the merger of several assets that had been obtained by Claude Lasi-Faité over the period of five years. After the foundation of the company as a single entity, Claude went straight to work in directing specific areas of the conglomerate towards the manufacture of software, weapons, aircraft and narcotic subtances.


The Vallarie Adminsitration became actively involved in committing terrorist acts against countries that threatened Sector IV. In particular, they operated from within European countries that had been subjugated by other Sectors.

Their most notable actions during this time include the Sacking of Sevastopol and the Finnish Insurrection that was lead against Sector II.

While the Sacking of Sevastopol was never attributed directly to the Vallarie Adminsitration, and heavy media censorship stopped the news from publically reaching anywhere outside of Crimea, the conglomerate made sure to subtly hint at their involvement. This was a move coordinated by Kila Norovich, who realised the benefit of targeting the will of the people over trying to harass the government. His touch on the operation was evident in the careful execution of the President of Crimea while preventing any damage to any governmental buildings from happening.

The Finnish Insurrection proved to be an entirely opposite affair. Capturing the will of the people had largely already been completed, as the Finnish Region still identified themselves as belonging to the Euro Zone. Thus, the primary aim was to harass the government. The Insurrection had mixed success with a few areas of Finland (most notably Helsinki) falling into the control of the Norwegian Insurrectionists (and agents of the Vallarie Administration fronting as Euro Zone delegates). However, while it was a tactical success, it proved to be a strategic failure with large amounts of territory remaining in Siberian control.

Concerned that the Panama Canal was in danger of falling to Project Earth Reborn terrorists, the Vallarie Administration initiated a false-flag operation to aid the struggling Sector XI military which had become overly reliant on the use of so-called "wonderweapons" against the insurgents. Under the guise of Sector IV Elite Commandos, the VA were instrumental in keeping the canal safe while gaining important reconnaissance of the Panama Canal and how it was defended.


In 2110, after the Euro Zone was forced into an ecomomic recession, the Vallarie Administration ousted the company that formerly controlled the Sector in a violent coup. It is noted that an individual identified as George Maloy was present for during the coup-d'état, slaughtering many of the Ildano Corporation's board of directors.

By bailing out the Sector's economy, the coup was actually seen as a positive outcome by the people of Sector IV, who welcomed a return to a monarchistic state after the previous dictator had proved to be an incompetent leader. Another aspect that increased public opinion dramatically was the known involvement the group had in carrying out terrorist attacks on the Siberian and Upper African Zones, two Sectors that stood as significant threats to Europe.

Ghost_K Incident

In the Autumn of 2116 the Holy Commonwealth Palace was struck by the terrorist organisation known as Ghost_K in a planned strike to weaken the resolve of the people of Sector IV. At least, this was the official line presented to the world.

In reality, the entire affair was stage managed from the beginning by the Vallarie Administration working in collusion with agents of the International Worker's Union. The primary objective was to destabilise the the Ghost_K Team through elimination of key members and tarnishing the reputation of the organisation by presenting them as amoral terrorists to the world stage.

The operation was carried out with success, although a few important high ranking members of the Vallarie Administration lost their lives in the process and Princess Natalia Christelle came close to being killed.

Foreign Interventions

After eliminating the threat to their goals presented by the Ghost_K Team, the Vallarie Administration turned its attention to influencing the economic structure of other countries for unknown reasons.

Sector II

As the world's strongest superpower, the Siberian Zone had remained a focal point of the Sector IV Government's foreign policy for quite some time. Vallarie Administration funded terrorist attacks are incredibly common events upon Sector II soil while Sector IV is engaged in a war of attrition with the fascist nation.

Sector VII

The Upper African Zone has gradually fallen out of the attentions of the Vallarie Administration, although they are rumoured to have played a part in the destabilisation of Calypso Industries.

Sector XII

Unbeknownst to the Sector XII Government, the Vallarie Administration funds and maintains several Survival Colonies within the boundaries of the Oceanic Zone, as they aim to undermine its authority. They also have a secondary advantage of being potential rally points for if a full scale uprising against the fascist dictatorship comes to develop.

Purging of Survival Colonies

For unknown reasons or motivations, Stephanie Christelle begun a systematic witch-hunt against the Survival Colonies rumoured to be located in Sector IV. Under the guise that they were being used to hide foreign refugees, the Vallarie Administration easily gained public support for the actions taken, with many signing up to join voluntary militias tasked with the eradication of the sanctuaries.

All those who lived within these Survival Colonies were rounded up and either forced into slave labour or executed for high treason, with all of the Survival Colonies subject to complete annihilation. None escaped this fate, with those who ran being mercilessly hunted down by an agent of the Vallarie Administration known as the Shadow Stalker. The last of these Survival Colonies fell on January 4th 2120.

K21 Squared

Notable Products

  • Dachshund Interceptor: A staple of the company is their eponymous Vallarian Mk.III Dachshund Interceptor. Due to the aircraft's compact size, cheap price and universally compatible nature, the vehicle has been purchased by many foreign governments across the globe. Paramilitary groups have also obtained reasonable numbers of the easily replaceable aircraft that boasts some of the most advanced ejector seat technology in the world.
  • Labrador Fighter: Developed as an aircraft that could go toe-to-toe with the F-125 Suppressor, Grifa Autonomous Fighter and Gourou J-107, the Labrador Fighter is the most advanced jet to have been produced thus far by the Vallarie Administration. Currently it is only in operation with the European Airforce, although plans have been formulated to distribute it abroad when the international demand for the Dachshund ceases.
  • Vichy Utility Tank: An all purpose ground assault vehicle that has been designed to be mass produced and shipped abroad to appease the demands of the global market during the constant period of warfare. It has been developed with as few parts as technology would allow so that it is easy to repair and maintain. Most are distributed to clients in a flat packed format with assembly before delivery always incurring a steep extra charge. Paramilitary groups seem to be the most prominent user of the vehicle, although the nature of these customers ranges from private security to international terrorists.
  • Laser Projection Array: The Laser Projection Array (LPA) was designed as part of an initiative that would allow advanced laser technology to be applied in a combat role. Originally intended to be mounted upon a Labrador Fighter, the LPA has been developed further to a point where almost all military vehicles produced by the Vallarie Administration utilise the weapon while a rifle variant has recently entered into service with the European Commonwealth Standing Army.
  • Advanced Plasma Window: Developed from a program that was researching the viability of forcefield technology, the Advanced Plasma Window was officially declared to be the final product that the research team had constructed. While it provides limited protection by disintegrating matter that could harm the target, it requires a Compact Fusion Cell Reactor that brings many hazards of its own. On top of that, the APW is prone to discharging plasma out of the designated window pattern if it takes damage or is left running for long periods of time.
  • SyncSlate: The SyncSlate is a mass produced data slate that has come to dominate the commercial electronics market across the globe.
  • Compact Fusion Cell Reactor: Designed by a research team headed by the Director of Order, the Compact Fusion Cell Reactor appears to have been released to the public while still within the testing stage. Even though the flaws have been largely stamped out, early models were known to catastrophically detonate and many of the explosions that occurred during the testing phase were initially misinterpreted by the European Military as terrorist attacks. The Director of Order has refused to comment on the safety of the device but assures all customers that it is unlikely to explode.
  • Liberty Antimatter Grenades: Produced for a developing market in high yield explosives, Liberty Antimatter Grenades have been sold to foreign military organisations. Notably, the European Commonwealth armed forces have been reluctant to adopt them due to concerns over the unstable nature of the devices, their unpredictable blast radius and the high chance of causing catastrophic damage to the user. The Central American Zone began importing them the moment they entered the market.

Board of Directors

Stephanie Christelle

The public face of the organisation and Queen of Sector IV. She helps maintain the public image of the company and believes that she is the true ruler of the political zone (while she is aware that she does not run the administration). Her position within the administration is that of the CEO.

Kila Norovich

Director of Justice. Norovich is a former Russian citizen , whoe spares no amnesty for his former employers after they brutally murdered his pregnant wife, executed his parents and detained his sister-in-law. His own life was only saved due to the intervention of Claude in an act of freak chance. Norovich swore loyalty to Claude in exchange for the promise that he would one day bring about the downfall of Sector II.

Petra Alamani

Director of Resources. Alamani is an Italian born parliamentary bureaucrat who was instrumental in feeding intelligence back to the Vallarie Administration in the days prior to their take over of Sector IV.

Claude Lasi-Faité

Claude is the true mastermind behind the conglomerate as it is the end result of his subtle acquisition of several software companies in the aftermath of the World Justice Uprising in 2101. It is suspected that the former directors of these small software firms were murdered by Claude's hand. He is the undisputed leader of the Vallarie Administration as any who dare oppose him are quickly silenced. He is a dangerous and unstable leader, as the years have made him more reckless in regard to business practices and his lethal indulgences. He does not have an official title nor is he noted as a member as he wishes to maintain anonymity. He has been nicknamed the "Director of Subversion".

Vamana Uldericks

Vamana has been labeled as Director of Order. His true purpose within the organisation is unknown to all but Claude and Vamana himself.

Jordan Hansen

As Director of Internationalism, Jordan Hansen played an instrumental role in defending Survival Colonies from rival corporations and undermining the authority of enemy governments. Was placed undercover in a Survival Colony within Sector XII to await further instructions. Is listed as having been executed during a hostile intervention made by Oceanic forces in late 2120.

Harald Albraun

Former Director of War, killed during the Toulouse Incident by members of the Ghost_K team. The successor to his position, and Second Heir to the Vallarian Throne, Miki Albraun remains a brainwashed captive of the criminal organisation who murdered her family.

Marcus Christelle

Serving as the Director of Media for the company with substantial privileges granted to his personage, Marcus Christelle often faces defaming comments over the blurred lines between where his position as CEO of the Eurowolf Broadcasting Group ends and his role in the Vallarie Administration begins. Of course, these detractors rarely make headway within the Euro Zone through Marcus' extensive use of media blackouts and censorship.


Eurowolf Broadcasting Group

Known to be staunch supporters of the Vallarie Adminsitration, Eurowolf has received an amicable relationship with the government of Sector IV.


While the Vallarie Administration has no official grievances with the organisation, Claude has made sure to utilise his company to vilify the Ghost_K team whenever possible, and have his followers eliminate their members when the chance arises. Interestingly, without Claude's prejudices, the ideologies of both groups are not too conflicting and they would have the potential as allies.

International Worker's Union

The Vallarie Administration does not have ties to terrorist organisations. It is a wholesome company that is concerned with the security of Sector IV and would thus never associate themselves with Communist extremists. However, selfless aid is not shunned and they have been given appropriate reparations for their service.

Restored White Armies

It tends to be the Director of Order's decisions that determines exactly what terms the two organisations are on. Typically he aims to keep the Vallarie Administration as far away as possible from these Monarchist extremists.

Project Earth Reborn

It is well known that the Vallarie Administration seeks to eliminate the PER. This was orginally due to a desire to gain a monopoly over the remaining Survival Colonies, but eventually turned into a bloody war of righteous extermination as they realised the true threat the PER were to global security. They have clashed many times on the field of battle, since before the VA even managed to acquire control over the Euro Zone, and the VA will not rest until all PER members have been vanquished.