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Valdemar Nansen

Known Aliases:

Val, V, Blaster, Tekhed


Guardian of Magnetism





Blessed Element:


Other Skills:

Excellent Mechanic/Technician, Naturally ambidexterious, High intelligence, Speaks 8 languages, Sharpshooter


UEC (Norwegian)

Blood Type:




Let's see if those Urcron can take some Droid-Busters.

–Valdemar, about to throw EMP Grenades at some Urcron

Valdemar Nansen(Born 26. January 3179) is a Norwegian Male of the legendary Nansen family. He is a direct descendant of Fridtjof Nansen(Born 10. October 1861, Died 13. May 1930), which was the first man to walk on the North Pole. Alike his ancestor, Valdemar has a lust to discover, and also has a high intelligence.

Valdemar isn't a person with too many friends, but he has been seen working with the Ghost_K.


Valdemar was born in Bergen, Norway just as the Urcron invasion commenced. His father was a soldier, and his mother was a nurse. His childhood was hard due to being an outcast. He learned to use a gun at the age of 6, when he was recruited into the military. He didn't see much action until he was 8, when he had to defend the base he was at. The base was lost, but the attack force was destroyed too, when he, in anger, shot a blast of Magnetism out of his hands right at the invading Urcron. He was infuriated because of the death of his best friend, Voltorn Häsman. Soon NATO aircraft came to search for survivors. Three others survived, a girl at the same age as Valdemar, a boy wich was five years older, and as grown man, around the age of 35. When they arrived at HQ, Valdemar and the girl were sent to a barrack where other children was supposed to be.

"Du er ikkje som oss.. Du.. Har krefter.. Eg såg deg da du brukte dei mot robotane.. (You aren't like us.. You.. Have powers.. I saw you using them against the robots..)"

"Eg vet ikkje korleis eg fekk desse kreftene! Dei var berre der når Voltorn døydde! (I don't know how i got these powers! They just appeared when Voltorn died!)" Valdemar said with sadness in his voice. He suddenly begun to cry loudly. The girl tried to comfort him.

"Det går bra. Eg heiter Lotte. Kva heiter du? (There there. I am Lotte. What is your name?)" The girl said with a comforting voice.

"Eg er Valdemar. Eg kjem frå Bergen. (I am Valdemar. I am from Bergen.)" Valdemar said, with a happier tone.

"Å, eg er frå Os. (Oh, I am from Os.)" Lotte said.

"Kult. Eg har vert i Os ein gong. (Cool. I have been in Os once.)" Valdemar replied.

"Vil du vere venen min? (Do you want to be my friend?)" Lotte said.

"Ok..." Valdemar said with a confused tone, since he never had a friend before.

Lotte and Valdemar held on to eachother for a long time, and faced many battles together. Their greatest battle together was when they were 18 years old, when they fought Urcrons with only 8 others on their side. Valdemar took them to a position he had spotted. It was in a Church tower, where they were free to shoot down on the Urcron while the Urcron couldn't get up. Most Urcron were destroyed or damaged. But they called in a Seismic Blaster, which destroyed the tower. 2 men died, and 1 was injured. Soon it was only 3 left, Valdemar, Lotte and a similar-aged man. NATO Aircraft came just in time and rescued Valdemar, Lotte and the man. The Urcron died from an Air strike. A year later Valdemar went rogue. He saw no need to stay in NATO. Lotte came with him. Eventually they met the Ghost_K, which they became companions of. Valdemar himself became a friend of Jack Miles, the Guardian of Air.


Valdemar, as he was last seen

After a year together with the Ghost_K, Valdemar decided to go to Bergen. Lotte came with him, as everybody expected. She left too due to that she had developed a love towards Valdemar, and that her home, Os lies just by Bergen. When they arrived, they found Bergen in ruins. The Urcron had invaded the city and destroyed it. After an hour Valdemar found the house where he was born in. It wasn't destroyed, but it was damaged. Valdemar entered, and he found two persons in there, a Man, and a Woman. But they weren't alive. They had both been shot to death with plasma weaponry. Valdemar didn't recongise the persons, and he moved on to look for gear and food. They mooved on to Os, where they found an Urcron garrison. Valdemar tried to shoot a magnetism blast at the Urcron, but he had too little energy. So they took positions in cover, and opened fire. The Urcron charged at Valdemar, and they broke his left arm. Lotte was filled with anger, and she managed to destroy one of the Urcron with her Plasma Rifle, but the other one charged at her. She then shot a bolt of lighting at the Urcron.

"Det ser ut som du har krefter og. (It seems like you have powers too.)" Valdemar said with pain in his voice.

"Ja.. Men korleis? (Yes.. But how?)" Lotte said, confused.

"Det er eit spørsmål berre den Store Ånd kan svare på. Kom no, me må få oss ein medi-pakke. (That is a question that only the Great Spirit can answer. Now come, we need to get me some medi-pack.)" Valdemar said.

Some months later they were reunited with the Ghost_K. Lotte and Valdemar were now relating even more to the Ghost_K. Lotte and Lilly Ashton became friends, and Valdemar and Jack Miles also became better friends than they were before.

One day Valdemar was contacted by NATO. They wanted him back into the military. His response angered NATO. He told them that he had finished his military service, and that he would never return to NATO. He now served his own causes, and to fullfill his destiny. Valdemar continued to work with the Ghost_K, and he was happy doing so. Valdemar was eventually seen as the Guardiun of Magnetism, though he didn't have that much control over his element to be as powerful as a Guardiun. Eventually, Valdemar left again, but he encouraged Lotte to stay with the Ghost_K.

"You will be safer with the Ghost_K, they'll look after you better than i have."

"But who is going to look after you?" Lotte said with tears in her eyes.

"I'll look after myself. I'll go to the nearest inhabited city whenever i need anything. I already have money, so i should be able to handle for a while."

"I'll stay here, but come back in one piece, or i'll cut you up even more!"

Following that, Valdemar went for the town called Sogndal, where he'd heard that there was a person that could give him the locations of most Urcron bases in Norway and Sweden.

"Ke ve de du vil?!(What do you want?!)"

"Eg har høyrt at du kan seie meg kvar alle Urcron basane er.(I have heard that you can tell me where all the Urcron Bases are.)"

"Kom inn dao.(Come in, then.)"

"So. Du ha komme te denna lille bygdi fødi du vil veta kor Urcronane e? Da e berre eg, Njål Hamre, so kan sei deg det!(So, you came to this little town because you want to know where the Urcrons are? Only I, Njål Hamre, can tell you that!)"

"Eg vet. Det er derfor eg har komme hit. Eg må vite kvar alle Urcron basane i Noreg og Sverige er. (I know. That is why I have come here. I need to know where all the Norwegian and Swedish Urcron bases are.)"

"Eg ha eit kart her ein plass. Helvetes rot. Kan 'kje finna ein drit her inne. (I got a map here somewhere. Fucking mess. Can't find shit in here.)"

Njål had to look around the house a bit before he found the map.

"Aha! Fann de jævla karte! Eg burde faen meg rydda i detta jævla dritrotet snart. (Aha! Found the fucking map! I should fucking tidy up in this fucking shit-mess.)"

"Eg takkar deg. Utan dette kartet kunne eg aldri finne Urcron basane. (I thank you. Without this map I could never find the Urcron bases.)"

"E 'kje noko a takka før. Eg hata Urcronane meir en nokon andre her, so det er ein tjeneste til meg sjølv, detta her. (It's nothing. I hate the Urcron more than any other here, so this is a favor to myself.)"

After he had put the map in his backpack, Njål told Valdemar to take care and "kick ass". Valdemar decided to pick up some supplies in the Sogningen mall, of which has been turned into a supply depot and refugee camp. Because he is a member of the Ghost_K, he got supplies pretty quick. People almost offered it to him, in a dialect he barely understood.

Valdemar had to get to the closest Urcron camp, of which was not far away.


Lotte Dalgaard

A Norwegian-Lunan girl born in Os. Valdemar first met her in a military camp at the age of 8, while she was 7. They developed a close friend relationship over the time that they were working witht he Ghost_K together. Lotte seems to despise being away from Valdemar over long times.


After Valdemar returned from his break from the Ghost_K, Lotte told him that she loved him, and he told her that he returned the feelings, and they entered a relationship.

Jack Miles

Valdemar and Jack Miles developed a friendly rivalry during Valdemar's time in Ghost_K, but they get along very well when not on missions.

Breanna Carter


When Nathan Sheppard, Alex Rokard and Valdemar discovered that Breanna is an Urcron, Valdemar risked his life to save her from an Ahk Rehnok Urcron when Alex and Nathan did not. Nathan was about to save her, but Valdemar took his place.


Valdemar is usually referred to as thoughtful, clever and considerate, though he has been known to have a burning rage when something dear to him is endangered. He could easily a world apart if it meant saving all that is precious to him. Valdemar prefers solitude over anything else. He considers sitting in a high location watching the sunset with a chilly wind flowing towards him as one of the highest delights there is.

Interests and tastes

  • Valdemar has adapted a liking for Metal music, after he found a computer in the ruins of a former Norwegian city. The computer contained a huge library of music from the early 21st century.
  • Valdemar always wears goggles and camo trousers. He sometimes has a jacket, either on him or wrapped around his waist. He also wears either a T-Shirt or tank top, usually black or camo green.

Abilities and Traits


Valdemar is a Magnetism Elemental, and the most powerful one ever recorded, with a Keidis rating at 780-493. He has never ever reached his max Keidis before, although he has been close to it once. Valdemar is also fully trained, having completely mastered his element.


  • Fridtjof Nansen was an actual person. He was the first to go to the North Pole and he won Nobel's Peace Prize in 1922.
  • Ironically, Valdemar was born on the national day of Australia, like Nathan Sheppard was born on the National Day of Norway. To make this sound more wierd-ish, Nathan's creator, NecrusIV, is Australian and the creator of Valdemar, TardirProductions, is Norwegian.

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