If you want a drawing, please message me. Thanks.

Importantly Important (On order of importance)
  1. Frank Eisner
  2. Hanna Eisner
  3. Melissa Misogyny
  4. Edward Lester
  5. Zalmon Dejanović
  6. Klaus von Austerlitz
  7. Arekusanda Aiko
  8. Annemarie Engel
  9. Olia Silveira
  10. Vamana Uldericks (Redone)
  11. Alice Valentina (Redone)
  12. Marcus Christelle
  • Covers will also have to be redone.


A key aspect of Ghost_K

  1. AAC 52 Drongo<<
  2. J-107 Gourou <<
  3. F-125 Suppressor <<
  4. Olia <<

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