As the attempted "Rebuild" fell through and the original K21 writers have reached an impasse after losing all motivation for it, we've decided to go for an alternate setting to K21 called GHOST.

GHOST reuses most of the K21 characters for purpose of basic personalities and names but aims to be a more distilled setting. That said, K21 will continue to be supported if other writers still wish to write for it. It's just the the original writers (myself, Necrus, Sol and Tom) won't be actively contributing to it anymore.

GHOST scraps the whole "Sector" thing but keeps the living dystopian dynamic that became the real staple of the series intact.

Elementals have been removed and replaced with a handful of Sigil bearers.

The plot is coalesced around a more coherent instead of the original "global crisis" dynamic that really doesn't fit as more and more stories are written.

GHOST in their eponymous setting are now a much smaller group of individuals concerned with monitoring Sigil bearers.

Working Notes

Sigils (replacing Elements) are powerful imprints left upon humans that grant them control over energy manifesting in different ways depending on the individual. GHOST are a task force founded by Damien Anderson to track down Sigil wielders because of the risk they pose to wider society. Sigils are much rarer than Elementals of the previous setting, treated on a case by case basis. Source of Sigils and their sudden awakening will be explored in the stories centered around GHOST's protagonists.

Proposed GHOST members at the start of the New Arc (primary and supporting cast):

Proposed Sigil bearers at the start of the New Arc (supporting cast and antagonists)

Important supporting cast and minor antagonists:

Concept Art Gallery

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