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United Federation of Luna
Flag for the nation


Luna (Moon)



Racial demographics:

Lunar: 83% Other: 17%

Controlling power:

UFL Government

Main export:


Crime rate:


Crime control power:


Government type:

Constitutional People's Democracy



Originally known as the First-Sphere colony, but becoming The United Federation of

Note: The dark areas are urbanised

Luna after gaining independence from the UEC in 2111, the UFL is entirely situated on the first "white" moon which orbits Earth. The nation is, like Gaia, to have a really different and detached society from the earth it orbits, based on a society of great equality, trust and well-being.

Oossibly the most religious nation, they praise the Great Spirit is integrated into daily life, and the following of his teachings of "Unity, Duty and Destiny". In their entirety of almost over 400 years of independence, the UFL has been possibly the most peaceful of all nations on earth, only having one major civil war.