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Chapter 1

The sky was lit up as lighting streaked down to the ground in jagged sheets while the torrential rain reduced the ground to a muddy slush. Alexi Mordavich grumbled to himself since he was assigned to this shit hole of a patrol, in the freezing rain of the Uralian summer, the Urcron had a small scouting force and vanguard in the rocks and scrawny trees of the foot hils of the mountains and Alexi's regiment had been sent to secure strategic positions and contain the Urcron in the area. That was way he was stomping around in the wet like a sullen child as he was one of the perimetre spotters to watch the terrain so the Urcron didn't sneak up on them from the trees. A howling gale blew the rain in swirls and waves, reducing visability to a few metres. Anything could sneak up on you and I wouldn't know a thing Alexi thought sourly and then developed a chill down his spine and his hairs stood up on end, and it wasn't to do with the cold. All of a sudden there was a blood-curdling shriek which was certainly not human. "Fuck! What in the Devils frost-bitten arse was that?" exclaimed Alexi to himself. His radio crackled, "What was that Echo-1, over?"

"Nothing X-ray, just some interference, over".

"Roger that, over."

Why me thought Alexi, and why now at night in this aweful rain. Then there was a small flash of light in the distance, Alexi intrigued flicked the safety off his AK-99 V assualt rifle and strode off towards where the light had been, which was to his left, about 300 metres away, amongst a pile of scree.

"Come in X-ray, this is Echo-1 I just visualised a disturbence and am going to check it out, over."

"Roger that Echo-1, watch yourself and good hunting, report back as soon as you make your findings, over."

"Roger that X-ray, will do, Echo-1 out."

Alexi reached his destination, though only a short distance the journey was tough, the cold biting into him and wind strong enougth to unbalance him and the rain was stinging and he was feeling mounting unease as he approached the scree. Behind the scree was a sheer cliff which fed into a narrow, but deep defile and in a crook between the flank of the scree and the top of the defile stood a strange instrument. It was about 2 metres tall with a control panel and a bunch of branches and aerials and seemed to be some sort of sensor, it was clearly alien tech, as it was too elegent and was covered in strange runes to be human and was roughly oblong shaped, but angled and branched into arches towards the top, like some sort of bizare, stunted tree. It also seemed to be made of some sort of metal, which gleamed in a crystalline structure and armoured in some sort of plastic-ceramic plating. As Alexi took all this in his radio shorted out, he cursed as inspected his radio and approached the device to inspect it. It wasn't like any Urcron tech he had seen before- it seemed to advanced and stylish and he assumed it was responsible for damaging his radio somehow as it gave the impression of a scanning device.

Alexi froze and almost shat himself when he heard a growling and saw foot prints in the snow, and they weren't human or animal, realising he was in mortal danger. He saw a figure perched on the scree watching him and opened fire with his AK coil weapon, the accelerated rounds hit the target, the creature jumped off the scree and landed on all fours, seemingly unhurt. It was definately humanoid and seemed dsitincly reptillian, through it was covered head to tail in some sort of advanced armour which hid all of its features. It was graceful and agile, but its body shape suggested great strength and endurence. It growled again and Alexi noticed bullet marks on its armour and realised that he would probally have to use a prolonged barrage to breach it's armour and kill it. Before he could blink the creature surged forward and lunged at Alexi, grappling him and forcing him to his knees, he gave a scream of pure horror and pain. The thing was phenomeally long it's gauntlets were equipped with some sort of sharp talons 4 cm long which were digging into him and and causing tremendous damage to his shoulders. Alexi felt his shoulder break and screamed again, but before he could finish the alien leaned forward slightly and cocked it's head down at him and Alexi noticed some sort of firearm attached to the side of it's helmet, the emotionless and opaque faceplate-visor glaring down at him. The weapon snickered and the dozens of shards like miniture shurikens shredded Alexi's head into ragged chunks and a cloud of blood, eviserated brain fragments spilling everywhere.

Ja'yui let the limp corpse of the human scout fall to the ground, his orders were simple kill any humans who wandered to the scanners set up around the Morvari beach head, neither the Humans or Urcron could discover the Morvari army until they were ready to repel any attacks. He grunted in the satisfaction of completing his mission, the hunt made been amusing, but no real challenge. Ja'yui Huthis Klavarcus 091775, elite soldier of the Morvari Talon dragged the corpse by the ankle and threw him into the defile, disposing of any evidence, the snow, wind and rain would wash away the rest.

He flicked his tail in annoyance, the humans would discover the Morvari before they were ready at this rate, the scanning devices had only just been dropped to the surface under stealth fields. Unfortunately the stealth fields had to be turned off as the radiation interfered with the delicate sensors of scanners or ODTSs which stood for orbital drop tactical scanners. The weather conditions of this place the Humans called Russia prevented detailed scans on the environment, lay of the land and human and Urcron positions so the ODTSs had been dropped to collect highly detailed information to plan the next move. A mile to the north, on top of the cliff troops and logistical staff were being dropped in secret to construct an underground complex as a beach head and firebase for Morvari operations in this region of Earth or Az'uln as the Morvari knew it. Ja'yui still had several hours before his patrol ended and he was eager to unleashed so it could fight and terrorize the barbaric Urcron for their trespasses, he may have killed a human and the Morvari might have to attack humans in the future, but the Urcron had no right to attack this intriguing world, this long lost world of the Morvari.

Ja'yui flexed and prepared to move off again before checking that the ODTS was intact and he calibrated it so it wouldn't flash its lamps again and attract attention. He dropped on all fours and scuttled off to his next destination. Like most Morvari warriors he was armored in a Blood Skin suit and its thick, but form-fitting plates hugged his body and they had absorbed the brunt of the Human's shots, but any longer and the suit might have been breached by a lucky shot or enough rounds might have used to batter him to death, however the Human had learnt the result of it's foolishness and his ma'vista emitter had filled the mammal's head with radioactive crystalline blades.

The rest of the night was uneventful, the Human clearly hadn't been able to radio his findings in before he died, but his command would be wondering where he was, so the ODTS would proberly have to enter stealth mode for a few hours until the humans gave up their search, assuming they sent a party to investigate his last known position. Ja'yui returned to the cliff and climbed up it effortlessly using his onboard anti-gravitic suspensors, the almost fin-like dorsal reactor on his back, waving with the movements of his limbs and torso. The te'sug SMG attached to his armours utility belt wobbled in its holster. The gun was a highly advanced weapon which used ant-grav and electro-magnetic fields to accelerate rounds, equipped with tiny generators known as tesla engines, past the speed of sound and had great armour-penetrating capability it had a calibre of 8 and caused tremendous electric burns, exit and entry wounds. Ja'yui clawed his way to the top of the cliff and took a breather, Morvari were considerably stronger then most other humanoids but even they had their limits and challenges. He approached an unassuming snow mound and pressed his armoured glove to the side of the mound and there was a chime and brief green flash from the concealed scanner that confirmed his identidy, allowing him safe entrance to the fire base. The mound was 4 metres in diameter and covered the staircase to the base. The concealed hatch depressurised and opened, revealing a gaping black maw. Ja'yui stepped inside from the howling wind and rain and climbed down the narrow, spiralling staircase and entered the base proper. Harsh, white sodium lamps lit the spaces of the comm rooms and the barracks of the HQ. The plastic-ceramic walls gleamed dully and were bed decked in all sorts of sensitive equipment and sensors and computers. The stair case desended into a small annex which opened up into the communication and command room. A thin partion marked the entrance to the barracks on the right and from there was a corridor to sanitisation facilities. At the back of the room was a armoured vault which contained the force's munitions and weapons, spare parts for blood skins and rifles. It was also where the heavy weapons and computer core were stored there and access was only granted in emergencies or by the Overseer Technician who was commanding this operation.

His superior officer Uk'ura Sar'tugi Klavarcus- Operati 100181 leaning over the hololithic command and geographical display, analysing the latest readings from the ODTSs set up all over the Urals. "Report" Commanded Sar'tugi.

"No further interferences since that Human approached ODTS C3, all sensors are working that full capacity and C3 will assume full operations in 30 hours time to ensure it isn't discovered by human search teams"

"Good, go get some rest we will be striking the Urcron tomorrow after further data anaylsis."

"Yes Operati"

Ja'yui went to the barracks to retire and respectively greeted his squad mates who had previously returned from their patrols and duties. He entered his armament capsule and the mechanics of the capsule unsealed his armour and removed its plates and modules from his body and stored them for later use. The reactor was connected to the bases internal power supplies to have its fuel capsules changed for optinum performence. Afterwards he entered one of the sanitisation nodules and let the mico-precision radiation rays, clean his scaly, almost chitinous skin of bacteria and dirt and then he returned to the main barracks area and laid on his designated grav-rest and let dreamless hypersleep take hold and closed his eyes.

Chapter 2

Ja'yui awoke and joined his squad-mates in their preparations for the days duties. He greeted Ha'visha, Lo'kahn and Ru'gyr and collected a ration pack from his locker and eat the nutrient paste, meat and mineralized water.

"How did you patrol go?" Asked Ha'visha, she was one of Ja'yui's closest friends and was the squad's communications expert.

"Quiet, however I did kill a stray human, but no skill was involved, they stumble along blindly firing at shadows" he replied

"At least you got to see some action, I was forced to stalk some Urcron, but wasn't authorized to engage, they nearly detected me at several points" She groused

"You love it really, but you are so sloppy."

"Ha, ha, the comedian jarhead strikes again" She retorted sarcastically.

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