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The first events of the urcron invasion.

11:27PM - Open highway on outskirts of Felgranoplis

I found myself sprinting... faster than I thought was humanly possible, the wind and rain was pelting into my face, and the cold had fogged up my eyeglass lenses. But I couldn't care less, it was after me. Whatever that thing was that just crushed the hood of my car. Behind me, the air rippled as a grinding, metallic screech broke into the chilling air. The thing, just... flew up. I realized the sound was drifting upwards above my head.

I opened my mouth to scream help, but the rushing adrenalin just caused me to gag. I lost balance, and tripped over my own feet, my knees and the palms of my hands were grazed as the tarmac hit me, and i was on the ground in the freezing water. I tried to... needed to get up. But the sheer terror and cold was unbearable, I was frozen still, and it was like i could feel my heart on my throat. The earth shuddered as the thing flew to the ground, and the metal clang it gave off ringed in my ears.

All I could think about now was dire hope that something would stop it, I couldn't come to the belief that this was happening to me. It walked up to me, accompanied by the sound of mechanical whirs and hisses. It sounded nothing like human technology. It was just alien to me. In the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the machine, almost ten feet tall, with four giant, glassy, dragonfly-like wings. The feeling of bear fear... Of horror slithered up my spine, and I just felt like throwing up and screaming at the same time. It bent down, opening its iron mouth, and a long organic tongue-like proboscis snaked out towards me. It tapped the back of my neck. I just knew that any moment now, death itself was to suck my soul out from my body. But then


Out of nothing, the terror, the fear, vanished. The alien was blasted back by a pillar of glowing water, illuminating the landscape around me in an eerie blue light. The liquid dissipated slightly falling downwards, before being suspended again mid-air and flailing into multiple tentacle-like shapes. I was still in shock, and was still unable to get up, but through the corner of my eye I saw a young girl with long white hair tied into two ponytails flip through the air, seemingly using the water as an extension of her on body and agility. I instantly came to the realisation of who she was. She was a member of Ghost_K! The new one that has made headlines after the old guardian of water mysteriously disappeared. She was only about 19, but she was definitely not underprepared for her duty.

A reddish explosion woofed up into the air behind me, ablaze with sparks of electricity flying outwards. Something thudded on the ground beside me, and turning my body around, despite the stabbing jolts of pain radiating from my complaining limbs.

It was her. And she has just saved my life. “My god…” I said under my breath. Her somewhat serious face lightened up with a smile, and she held out her arm. “Get up, everything is fine!” I reached out and grabbed her hand, with her pulling me up I lifted myself up from the ground. I put weight on both my legs, gaining balance. She was almost a foot shorter than me.

“Oh by the way, in case you have no idea who I am, name’s Lilly. I'm new" I brushed the dirt off my body and, got a better glimpse at her. “Umm, thank you so much…” I replied to her. She laughed, followed by “It’s what I do. Well cheers stranger.” That girl named Lilly slid her sword back into its scabbard on her back, put her hoodie over her head, and walked off, kicking a pebble on the ground as she trailed away. “That’s the fifth one this night!” I heard her yelling, before she disappeared into the fog. I was struck back slightly, picking up strewn glasses from the ground, and muttered “F...fifth?”

The strange incidents involving the machines attacking people increased gradually in the following week. They were plastered all over the news. One such report which made headlines was a man being held back by police, screaming almost random sentences at the top of his lungs. The only phrase I actually managed to make out, was; "There’s no running from what lives in the stars." Among the news reports, was the highly anticipated response from the North Atlantic Chimera Defence Force (NACDF), and more so Ghost_K themselves.

It was when a 6pm till sunrise curfew was put in place and enforced that the public, and myself, began to worry.

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