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Survival Colony


Various Sectors all over the Globe



Racial demographics:


Controlling powers:

Main export:


Crime rate:


Crime control power:

Typically medium to high

Government type:

  • Democratic Republics
  • Autocratic Monarchies
  • Socialist States
  • Objectivist Utopias
  • Variable



Survival colonies were large subterranean cities that served to recreate peaceful, functional societies detached from the chaos of the surface world. During their golden age of existence, they served to be entirely self sufficient, maintaining their own economies, power and water supplies, holding anywhere from five to twelve million inhabitants.

The entire existence of such colonies is widely known to most of the surface world, largely due to their raised awareness during the World Justice Uprising. Though the location of these underground fortified cities remain largely a mystery, there are a few sparse corrupt corporations that do know the location of a few, regularly seeking to destroy the little that remain, and to see forth the enslavement of their inhabitants.



World Justice Uprising

Aftermath of War


  • Project Earth Reborn
    • Possibly the largest runner of colonies, having created over twenty
  • Draco Industries
    • A rare example of a powerful surface business that maintains a survival colony. Whilst it's entrance is located above ground, it has been described as one of the safest, and richest colonies in existence.
  • Vallarie Administration
    • Another curious example of a powerful surface business that maintains survival colonies. Notable for funding several located within the depths of Sector XII. Also regarded as an enemy to European Survival Colonies, with all of them being systematically destroyed by the end of the World Justice Uprising.
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Draco Industries.


The vast majority of the world views the denizens of the Survival Colonies as violent, untrustworthy, hypocritical vagabonds. For, these people claim to support peace but are clearly intent on sowing discord.

The world has not forgotten how they fought during the World Justice Uprising, using underhanded tactics while regularly implementing genocide against those who opposed their ideals. Notably, the fanatical actions of the terrorist organisation known as Project: Earth Reborn were so deplorable that previously loyal supporters of the Survival Colonies, most notably the League for the Decentralisation of Nations, withdrew their endorsement of what became an illegal war after the 2101 Ceasefire was called.

Of course, even when it was a war fought on even terms, the citizens of the Sectors did not take kindly the idea of incursions upon their homelands that threatened their very way of life. While many lived in terrible conditions, they knew it was better to live with the system they knew than become the slaves of secessionist organisations.

Notable Inhabitants

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