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Subject ██████████
Aliases [Data Expunged]
Role(s) ██████████
Element Elemental Zero (At first)


Keidis rating 0/0 (At first)


Gender ██████████
Born ██████████
Died ██/██/2116
Physical Description
Skin colour ████████
Hair colour ████████
Height ████████
Weight ████████
Military Service
Service Branch GHOST, Territory Division
Years of Service Unknown
Rank [Data Expunged]
Battles/wars ██████████

Subject ██████████ is the Playable Character of K21^2: The Phoenix Project


  • ██████████ is only called that after ███ death, due to the information about ███ being removed as a security measure.
  • ██████████'s real gender is undefined, as in The Phoenix Project, you can play as either a male or a female ██████████. 'Flash' however suggests that ██████████ is, in fact, male in canon.
  •  ██████████ is (quite possibly) the only Elemental Zero to have taken part in either Project Phoenix and/or Project ██████. ██ was chosen to see if it was possible to 'induct' someone with Elemental powers, and, if so, how many they could carry at once. At the peak of ███ power, ██████████ carried a grand total of █ Elements at once inside of ███, although ██ could only use one Element at a time, unlike Subject Pyre - who could use all six of his Elements at once if he so wanted.

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