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Subject Gamma
Subject Gamma/Γ as he appears (circa. 2121)
Aliases CID, Subject Gamma, The Nameless Man
Language(s) English, Japanese
Role(s) Equipment Manager/"Lab Rat"
Aligned sector Sector III
Nationality Japan
Element SigilGravity Gravity
Keidis rating Zeta plus by Epsilon minus
Gender Male
Relatives  ???
Born  ??? (Nearing 30s)
Physical Description
Hair colour Black
Height 6'5" ft
Military Service
Service Branch Lab of Gravity
...Is it symbolic or something?

–The Nameless Man, talking about the painting in his room

The nameless man known as CID is the protagonist of K21 - Gravity Well.



Not much of his past before March 2111 (age 18/19) is known, even his real name is unknown to everyone, even to those who are very close to him. The People's Government took his Keidis Scale rating, showing how highly powered he is. During a point, he became broke and needed money. When he was recommended, he was told he would get money in exchange for his high control over his elemental power.

It's been said that he likely was born in the year 2093 (along with Alpha), though the month is still being figured out.

Gravity Well

He was recommended for the Lab of Gravity because of his Keidis Scale rating and was picked up by a truck and stuffed into the back. He was knocked out, given different clothes, branded with the Trinity Brand, and put in a cargo pickup.


The nameless man has black, messy hair and green-emerald eyes. He's exercised himself so he can have the build of a 19 year old. He wore dark and ragged clothing during the time that was recorded when he appeared in Sector III. When he was put in the Lab of Gravity, his clothes were replaced with a white long-sleeved shirt, white pants, and white shoes. He was also branded with the Trinity Brand, a mark maded from three simple lines, with the middle one longer than the other two (It's located at the back of his right hand).


The nameless man is a serious man that hides under the guise of a man trying to be make light of the situations surrounding him. He speaks his thoughts out-loud whenever seeing something or finding out something most of the time. Compared to Subject Alpha, he's able to follow directions from Gai Qiao perfectly, though bends this sometimes to the very limit. Compared to Subject Beta, he's mentally sane and clearly in complete control at some points. While confused and surprised by several things that happen around The Nameless Man, he's quick to adapt to things, for instance, like the knowledge of the Grav Mat and seeing it in action.

Even though he has the ability to alter gravity fields, he likes to move things by hand unless he needs to move things in a hurry.

Abilities and Powers

Gravity Elemental Power

He's trained himself to the point of almost reaching the height of his elemental power's limit in the Zeta level. He's also trained himself with the various powers Gravity elementals have. While being trained, using gravity shifts and other such things several times at the same time causes him pain to the point of causing him to be knocked out by it. While nearing the limit, he's said that he can "feel" the weight of everything and can know how two things with the same exact weight can be different (ex. knowing the difference between a solid gold idol and a bag of sand).

He shows when he's using his elemental powers when snapping the fingers of his right hand, saying that it looks good to him. His Keidis Rating is Zeta (679)/Epsilon (589).

Other Abilities

He keeps a close eye on details, checking for things in plain sight and hidden things, unless it's not needed.







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