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Stephanie Vallarie Christelle
Official Photograph (first edition)
Aliases Stephanie Christelle
Language(s) English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese

Queen of Sector IV
Terrorist (Formerly)
Aligned sector IV
Nationality Belgian
Element SigilEarthEarth
Gender Female
Religious beliefs Orthodox Hedonist Spiritualism
Relatives Natalia Christelle (Daughter)
Miki Albraun (Niece)
Marcus Christelle (Father)
Claude Lasi-Faité (Consort)
Born 13/02/2088 (Age 33)
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5' 9"
Military Service
Service Branch Vallarie Administration
Years of Service 2104 - 2121
Rank Chief Executive Officer
Battles/wars Holy Commonwealth Palace Massacre (2116)

Stephanie Vallarie Christelle (usually addressed as Director Vallarie) is the CEO of the Vallarie Administration and one of Claude Lasi-Faité's most prominent allies.

Character History

Early Life

Not much is known about Stephanie Christelle's past before she met Claude. All that is known is that her sister was Annelise Albraun and that her father was likely Marcus Christelle.

Political Marriage

During the events of Part 2 - Crystal Clear Intentions, set in 2104, a young sixteen year old woman known as Stephanie Christelle appears at a celebratory party held by Claude after the formation of the Vallarie Administration. There she is seen alongside her apparent brother-in-law, Marcus Albraun. She later motions to comfort a startled Claude, after the latter had encountered a mysterious figure. Claude, while frozen in time, explained his intentions to have a future wife rule in his place under the pseudonym he had used to found the Vallarie Administration

K21 - Substantial Illusions

She is indirectly referenced by a former employee, Vamana Uldericks, several times. It is also possible that she was the familiar looking young woman observed by Vamana when he was aiming to meet Claude in Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. She later appears to escort the young terrorist to the Palace of Versailles for his scheduled appointment with Claude.

K21 - Tarnished Perceptions

She acted as an accomplice to Asiduus Aeviternus and latterly proved to be a devoted confidant to Claude, as she enacted her duties as Queen of Sector IV. The engagement also provided a rare opportunity for her to display her martial prowess as she held off two Guardians.

K21 - Decayed Moralities

Stephanie briefly appears in Part 4 - Guarding The Past, and appears to be an intrumental part of Laurence Valentine's conditioning. She also voices her objections to her husband on the topic of their daughter being wed to Vamana Uldericks. At this point Claude responds by referring to her by her true name, Stephanie Christelle.

K21 - Bleached Delusions

She is merely referenced by her daughter, who complains about the way that her mother is insistent that she lives like a royal princess while condemning Natalia's preference for more violent activities.

K21 Squared

Is yet to appear.


She is typically clothed in an outfit that reflects her status as Queen of the Euro Zone, an extravagant dress of fine silks that has been designed to conceal kevlar body armour as well as a multitude of small firearms and knives. She keeps herself in a pristine condition and has noted to be rather vain.

Abilities and Attributes

Stephanie has demonstrated a relatively weak control over the earth. However, her command over gravity has been noted to be rather considerable.


Her goals and objectives are rather unclear. It is completely unknown why she has chosen to ally herself so willingly with terrorists as the young woman did not seem to object strongly to her forced political marriage.



Asiduus Aeviternus

She has aided and abetted the rival CEO on several occasions in a multitude of different scenarios.

Claude Lasi-Faité

Stephanie is fanatically devoted to Claude and aims to further his obscure motives. She is steadfastly loyal to him, although he does not place trust in her, and the drug lord appears more than willing to betray her in order to advance his own agenda.

Vallarie Administration

The company that she publicly owns appears to be subservient to her, yet many high ranking members are in fact informants for Claude.

Natalia Christelle

Stephanie dotes on her daughter and she has loved her since the day she was born, raising the young girl as a single mother (due to the repeated absences of her husband) until being installed as the ruling monarch of Sector IV. While her life became consumed by more official affairs after her coronation, Stephanie still found time for her daughter and continued to show a great deal of affection.

Miki Albraun

Stephanie was close to Miki from the young age of thirteen, and as an aunt was loyal to all of the children of her older sister. She was somewhat devastated when Miki disappeared.



As they are an enemy of her beloved Claude, the organisation are her personal enemies as well.






Stephanie Christelle disguised as a simple Vallarian soldier (c.2110)


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