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Silver Virtudazo
Aliases Wolf


Black Knight

Dullahan of the Philippines

Language(s) Filipino, English and Japanese
Role(s) Elite Elemental Forces Veteran Rebel Operator

Intelligence Gatherer

Aligned sector Eastern Alliance
Nationality Filipino
Element SigilLightning Lightning
Keidis rating Theta Plus maxima by Delta Plus (900-495)
Gender Male
Relatives Xyvier Virtudazo (Deceased)

Elesia Virtudazo (Deceased)

Born 25th April 2100
Physical Description
Skin colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Height 5' 10
Weight 75
Military Service
Service Branch Ang Bagong Kataasataasang, Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (The New Supreme and Most Honorable Society of the Children of the Nation)
Years of Service 8 years - Present
Rank Sarhento (Sergeant)
Battles/wars Second Eastern Alliance Civil War
The sharp edge of the blade nor the barrel of the gun is not the answer to everything. But, it does make other things that we want easier to get.

–Silver Virtudazo, when asked if he was sure to join the rebel force.

Silver Virtudazo is a young Filipino rebel elemental who joined the cause after his parents death in the hands of the ruthless government authorities and the subsequent awakening of his powers shortly after. He is the only known practitioner of the "extinct" Filipino martial art called Arnis as well as the only lightning elemental among his rebel group as of date.


Silver Virtudazo is born 5:55 in the evening of April 25,2100 with the waves that crashes on the shore not too far from their home in the largest island in the Philippine Archipelago, proud son of Xyvier Virtudazo and Elesia Virtudazo. In his forming years he was observed to have a memory so good that he could retain and recall almost everything that was taught or said to him. Born in a somewhat poor family, Silver still could attend a somewhat prestigious school where his father and mother think the best place for their unique son where he could cultivate his knowledge and expand his skills to the next level, with his status as a "scholar" of some sort he was always afar or detached from most students in the school which almost all, except those caring few, is calling him weird and other degrading names as they could not accept his presence in the school. This did not, however hindered or bothered him once and was even glad that the numerous population is actually disregarding his presence and he was concentrating all the free time he could spare in the school's vast libraries and was learning vast trades of forgotten knowledge and skills which he cultivated and mastered in the years that came.

The Young Rebel

His thirst for knowledge however earned him the unwanted attention of the authorities in the school as what could a grade school student a mere 11 year old be already reading a college level book. He was watched since then and after learning what he was intensely reading about, He was immediately banned to the library as he was reading too much on what is deemed to be "problematic" articles and be sent to "reformation" subjects, but unknown to those who was watching him, he already had read almost all the books on the library and that book he was reading was the last one already. Content with what he had learned, he proceeded immediately to write whatever he could remember on that last page on his own typewriter completing the replica of the vast library inside his room. However in the day he was supposed to be "reformed" a revolution suddenly started, the school he attended became a rebel held property. With their family living far from the conflict, they lived a rather peaceful life in the chaotic year that followed. But one day, without warning of sorts, his family was suddenly accused of becoming rebels and with only his luck that he was out gathering food that he is safe and still living but unfortunately on time to return to his home to watch as his family was ruthlessly executed and their house burned. With the death of his father and the face of their executioners etched in his mind, his shout of pure rage and pain gave way to the birth of his power where the entire grass that was surrounding him was turned to ash in no time as white and blue sparks flew out of his body, striking everything within reach, after this realization he then decided to find the rebel group, confront them and join their cause, like a "True" rebel should.

The Lone Wolf

In his acceptance in the rebel force he immersed himself into reading everything that has relevance with both war, strategy and tactics as well as other related articles. Two years he learned and applied everything as well as "personalize" his well earned knowledge to his advantage at every opportunity and every step of the way. In four years, he would learn from the rebels what he needs to fight and survive, enhancing his already acquired knowledge with experience. But with no other elemental user on the group as well as the youngest at the age of 14, he was always left alone to know and develop his abilities which suited him, like in the past, well and fine. The leader of the group then noticed the lone hardworking elemental and recognizing his worth once again gave him the code name Wolf as he sees the name fitting for the "Strong lone wolf who hunts his prey" among his small band of rebels.

One who became the Nightmare of Sector 25

In the eve of the civil war an action was taken place by the new KKK, consisting of only a small 5 men guerrilla group, the group infiltrated a closely guarded military base for it's precious information about troop movements as well as information on the current military status and its classified communication channels and codes. However, the success of the entry and the infiltration itself is short lived as the plan went awry as the base was alerted by a nosy citizen who is lucky enough to stumble upon the force while entering the facility. With no where else to go, Black King squadron, who already partially completed their mission, held on, fighting the troops on the narrow passage ways of the base and continued downloading everything they can until the last moments. Finally after almost half an hour of fighting, the mission was completed but suddenly the enemy force finally managed to disable the three guerrilla's guarding the passage way. With only two of them left, Silver did what he was asked not to do. Using his powers, he shortened whatever gadgets the base has by absorbing the electricity and ejecting it in a wave of massive electrical charge on the passage ways burning to crisps anyone who tried to pass through. Once outside, Silver then created a massive lightning storm, a distraction he thought powerful enough to help his only remaining comrade to run back to the base as quickly as he can. Random lightning strikes were all over the base as the wild power was unleashed, burning, killing, damaging and melting whatever it unfortunately hits, and without the means of communicating their reinforcements to hurry as the lightning strikes managed to hit the only communication tower and center they have to a burning husk of steel and cement. The base commander, grabbed his gun and issued an all out order to assault and to kill the seemingly rampaging elemental.

The distraction became a spark for an all out battle where more than 55 soldiers converging on Silver's position which he miraculously if not luckily held. The whole base was ringing with the fierce noise of battle and after around 15 mins of intense exchange of bullets and lightning strikes, the commander himself was suddenly hit with the random lightning strike from above the weather Silver managed to create earlier, bringing the troops to finally break down and run as fast as they can away. Finally safe and getting out of the base through the front open gate, Silver, had a sudden flash of inspiration and with blood from the fallen he smeared to the gate the words "BK" symbolizing the groups victory over certain defeat and his survival. But with the tales of the soldier who was met by the reinforcement troops, the message was translated to a whole new meaning and word. It became known as the first attack of the Black Knight, a lightning elemental whom destroyed a whole base in just one night. With such news finally came to Silver's presence, he was perfectly amused and with mischief and terror tactics on his mind, adapted and effectively uses the moniker by actually wearing black outfits and black facial coveralls in every battle in the civil wars front where their organization is associated with..

Dullahan, the Head Hunter

As the New KKK grew in strong in numbers the "Black Knight" became a good propaganda, Silvers exploits became tales and a good morale booster as well as a strong symbol of the revolution winning the civil war. Though this would be just the first step of what would become akin to "fear and death" to the troops of the puppet government. On one of the skirmish in the war, Silver met again the man who executed his father and mother, on the front line leading his own men in the fires of the battle. With the rage that was hidden in his heart re-ignited it then clouded his judgement and with a howl of pure rage he charged on against orders, plunging into the middle of the enemy forces, leaving only lightning trails and burning grass and scorched earth. This act shocked even unnerved the forces of both sides into a moment of ceasing the battle but this moment proved fatal as Silver was already face to face with the commander and said in a cold calm tone "For my Father and Mother" he then took the man's head off with his lightning enhanced combat blade and displayed it with a wide crazed grin on his face for everyone to see before proceeding to behead everyone wearing the colors of the enemy. There would only be two survivors of this conflict both whom faced, recorded and spread the horrific tale of the fate of those who would face the "Black Knight". A reporter and his cameraman who was there on the conflict, well hidden and close enough to see everything and to televise the inspiring "Victory" of the Army but instead they streamed a live execution of so many soldiers in the hands of one man who then proceeded to attach the commanders head on 12 meter long bamboo stick and wrote the word "VICTORY" before walking away from the battlefield bloodied, laughing, walking the burned path he made and surrounded by cracks of lightning.

The video was then seen as the spark of hope as well as a strong message for many revolutionist and oppressed populace that the Army they face is not invincible and can be destroyed. The "Black Knight" was then attached to a new name a more fearsome and formidable foe, a Knight in black who takes both the soul, life and head of his victims, "Dullahan" the Knight of vengeance and insatiable fury against the tyrants and all shall surrender or face death with him.


Silver is quite tall for the average Filipino citizen and muscular as well. He is almost never seen without his silver cross hanging around his neck and his two batons but would not hesitate to leave such preference as to perform some task such as Intelligence gathering and other missions that would warrant a low profile. He also has scars all over his body due to the training he had in the past and some current engagements in the civil war. The one that marks him most though is a distinct scar's on his face and one that sometimes confirm him is a blacked "X" like scar that runs along his right eye but not deep enough to damage his vision on that part of his body.

Abilities and Attributes

I honestly think he is crazy, everyone here is in the first place mind you, but he is the special kind for me. But, I am also truly glad that he's on our side.

–Unanimous Rebel, after being interviewed by a correspondent about what he thinks of the "Black Knight" in their midst

Lightning Elemental Ability

Silver is unusually skilled with his element but lacking the proper training and basing everything on a trial and error basis on the past years, he developed quite unique if not entirely alien use of his element which in effect made his attack unpredictable and refined on his own way.

Survival, Infiltration, Marksmanship, Tracking, Free-running and Sabotage

Learning from his life with his new family, the rebels developed his naturally born light feet and quick wits which enabled him to successfully track and stalk his target even the densest jungle of the Philippines, escape the even denser cities as quick as possible and infiltrate tightly guarded facilities to collect precious data that is useful for their cause as well as cause complete and total destruction of precious facilities he is assigned to destroy.

Combat Expertise

He is currently the only one left who knows as well as the only master of the "extinct" Filipino martial arts of Arnis. This made him unpredictable in many ways and win hard one on one battles due to the lack of knowledge on how to aptly block and attack him. Using his element, he uses his two silver batons into an unexpected powerful weapon, powerful enough that he was able to shatter even a reinforced fortress gate into blasted scrap metal in a single electrically overcharged swing. He is also known to use bladed weaponry as of late to put the emphasis and fear to the name he earned in his quite recent engagements.

Memory Recollection

Silver uses his excellent memory in the most conventional and useful way, gathering precious intelligence. His uncanny recollection of facts had saved his life, not to mention the rebellion itself, more times than he cared to even remember.


Silver is mostly described by his peers as a serious, cold and aloof person. He mostly deals with people only when it is necessary to do so and is known to have a bad habit of cracking a morbid joke in a life and death situation, seemingly not to care to die as long as something is accomplished by it. He usually has a habit of naming his own equipment's, he is also known to have a specific love to chocolates and is also known constantly forget people's names. But the unique ones though, those who had close ties with him has a very polar description of him, saying that he is usually a carefree individual, lazy, forgiving and loud.


Langit at Lupa (Heaven and Earth)

The name given by Silver to his two silver batons which is always with him wherever he goes. This batons are made from the "liberated" silvers from a corrupt politician's safe which he exposed for the death of an influential figure in the province and was dragged outside by the enrage populace to die upon their own hands.

Doubt and Confusion

Like his main weapons in battle, Silver is a proficient dual wielder as many had witnessed it. It is a common gear found with him as the revolution progressed. The pistols are named after their color Gray.

Black and White

Silver named this acquired weapons due to the difference in their color. Black is actually a Kodachi coated in pure black while White is a Kodachi gleaming in pure white shine of the blade. He uses them if the mission needs them to be but is now quite common sight with him along with his other two gear as the revolution progressed further and further.

Silver Cross

The last if not the only inheritance he had acquired from his father. He proceeded to modify it a bit with a sharp edge to be used as a weapon of some sort in case of emergency.


New KKK - Inspired by the revolutionist group hundreds of years ago, this group was then formed and became the core of the revolutionary movement in the Philippines and by far the largest and most organized revolutionary group present who had been able to seize considerable amount of support from the populace.



A chocolate is not bad in this situation, I suddenly really want one actually... Do you have one?

–Silver Virtudazo, grumbling upon a cold and stormy night mission

Who are you again? I kinda forgot.

–Silver Virtudazo on a rebel troop greeting him

Justice is defined only by one thing. Power. Nothing more nothing less. Without power, justice is as silent as the dead inside their coffins.

–Silver Virtudazo on what he thinks about justice is.

Well, don't worry too much. If you mess up, you'll only end up dead.

–Silver Virtudazo, before leading an assault to a well fortified military facility in the civil war