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Sigmund Prinz
Language(s) German, English
Role(s) Criminal
Aligned sector IV
Nationality Austrian
Gender Male
Religious beliefs LaVeyan Satanistic Atheist

Agnostisim (formally)

Born March 7th, 2084 (37)
File:Prinz sig.png
Physical Description
Skin colour White
Hair colour Black
Height 6' 4
Weight 76.2 kg

The person or persons whom I work for do not matter. What does matter is whether or not I am compensated.

Sigmund Prinz is a powerful freelance criminal. He was born in Salzburg, Austria in 2084. He is a non-elemental. He was a victim of the Third World War, becoming orphaned during the early fighting in Salzburg. After this, he had to take care of himself.

Sigmund has had dealings with such organisations as the Vallarie Administration and the Restored White Armies.


Sigmund was born in Salzburg, Austria on the 7th of March, 2084.

In 2093, Salzburg became victim to the revolutions in Sector IV. Sigmund's parents were killed by unknown means, and Sigmund was forced to make do on his own in war-torn Austria. He developed PTSD during the conflict.


Sigmund is a tall man with shoulderlength, black locks. His eyes are green. Usually he is clad in formal clothing.

Abilities and Attributes





The person or persons whom I work for do not matter. What does matter is whether or not I am compensated.


Die Welt ist krank, aber ich bin nicht hier um zu es heilen.


Meine Eltern waren getötet vor mich. Ich glaube nicht dass du hast etwas schlimmer erlebst. Du hast deine Freunde verliert. Es ist nichts im vergleich zu deine liebevoll Eltern zu verlieren.



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