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Why do i do these things? Because the world is boring! The world is stable the world is up it's own ass and i'm pulling it out!

–Seth's fist meeting with Ghost_K

Seth Atchist (Taken name) is a world class criminal who is a constant thorn in humanity, and any interfering Alien races', existence. Seth has been seen on every corner of earth and has left a bloody, fiery and very dead trail over the last four years he has been alive. His motives are unclear and unpredictible having fought and fought with Ghost_K many times to say Seth is a wildcard is to claim the Sun is merely 'Warm' up close.

Seth Archist








Every human Language


Unknown, Caucasian at the least


Alive, threat to everything


Ever changing


Slit, Metal Mouth, Anarchy


Stealth, Sabotage and Assassination. Highly Intelligent

Early Years

Yesterday is irrelevant, tomorrow is unknown. Today you die


As little is known about Seth the early years is classed as the last four years of his life.

Seth first became known to the world when several dead Marines were found floating down darling harbor, the words 'Archist' engraved into their foreheads. Police were dispatched but the culprit was never found. Later that year he came into contact with a squad of Army soldiers, there were thee of the original thirteen soldiers left when they saw him first. Their officer and comrades missing half of their neck. The sole survivor was driven insane and running from a 'Master of Shadows' when found. He killed himself three nights later with the words 'Archist' scraped over every wall of the medical room he was in

His first encounter with Ghost_K was a little under a year later, meeting with the epitome of fire at the time. He revealed his taken name 'Seth Archist' and had his lower jaw and tongue was burnt off of his body, he fled and was given a replacement lower mechnial jaw, from whom and with whose money is unknown but the jaw provides Seth with the ability to communicate with any person regardless of language and hide any accent he may have once had.