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Liberated Union of African Republics
Sector XIII North Eastern Africa
Flag of the sector
Motto "Peace through anarchy"
Anthem The Internationale
Political centres Guardian Tower
Official language(s) None official (English used as diplomatic language)
Member states (Pockets of resistance across Upper Africa)
President Mathieu Dalton
Societal and Economical Development
Population ~10,000
Main exports Trade Embargo enforced, especially due to all imports to the area vetoed by North eastern Africa
Democracy index 4.00
Controlling power Ghost_K
Government type Official: Trotskyism

Actual: Authoritarian Socialism

Preceding political entities Sector VII Upper African Zone
Crime control A-
Unemployment 1%
Merely joins every other Sector in its love for putting nice things exclusively on paper


Sector XIII North Eastern Africa is an unofficial Sector declared into existence by Mathieu Dalton as grounds to stand upon in reaction to the recent rise of tens of millions of left-wing militia within the Sector VII Upper African Zone. Seeing himself as the figurehead of the revolution, Dalton's methods of political manipulation and his efforts to provoke public anarchy have been surprisingly successful, with the red and white striped flag having become a symbol of freedom and liberation throughout all of Upper Africa.

The zone intends to see fourth the dissolution of the Upper African state, abolition of private property and capitalism, to better working conditions, promote gender equality and equal marriage, promote religious freedom, promote free and fair elemental usage, and to destroy the concept of political borders; many of which are traits that have very much plagued Upper Africa for centuries. Sector XIII officially runs through a system of common ownership for the means of production, with high emphasis on worker-managed workplaces and direct democracy governing each subnational area, further aided by a widespread network of voluntary associations (e.g. the North Eastern African Anarchist Union or the New Crescent Humanitarian Association) and multiple increasingly militant and powerful unions to weed out capitalist reactionaries.

Whilst officially anarchist, the sector is for the most part authoritarian socialist, with Ghost_K acting as somewhat of a vanguard party directing the revolution in reaction to failing results of solely worker-directed revolutions and strikes.

Due to the zone's unofficial status, all imports and generated wealth have been forcefully directed away from their regions of resistance and towards Cairo, Tripoli and Algiers, forcing Liberated Africa to accept planned self-sufficiency faster than previously intended.


Liberated Africa employs a military force comprised almost entirely of willing volunteers, named the "Liberated Army".


History shows how well socialism works. It either burns so brightly on its own idealism that it dies, becomes a dictatorship, or if successful results in an over-governed, socially and economically backwards terrorist state

David Kelly

Even if this communist regime doesn't see itself through by the end of the decade, our primary goal is to destroy this wealth-gorged, rotten world through any means possible. Even if it ends up like a carbon copy of the USSR's final days, even if it may never see the light of bountiful production again... we will at least free the world of this parasitical cycle.

Mathieu Dalton; personal records

We have reached a point of idiocy. Mathieu Dalton, whilst acting in the best interest of the people, still insists on the importance of his position of leadership, utterly disregarding the benefits of a vanguard party in the process. Where on earth does the definition of any sort of actually functional far left politics mention the usage of a ruling class? In order to succeed, we must empower the workers by supplying them with the means of generating independent revolutionary thought, not simply replacing the capitalist elite on the state lectern and preaching in their place! If this continues, my support of Mathieu and his ideals will continue to wane dangerously thin.

Miki Albraun, private records

Pioneering Political Zones
North American Alliance · Arab League · European Union · New African Alliance
2031-2076: The first twelve
I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII · VIII · IX · X · XI · XII
Post 2121

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