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United Federation of India
Sector V
The flag of Sector V, showing the Indian coat of arms and the symbol for Event Horizon
Motto सत्यमेव जयते / Satyameva Jayate
Anthem Jana Gana Mana
Jana Gana Mana instrumental
Political centres New Delhi
Official language(s) Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, English
Member states India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan (Disputed)
President Neelam Sahni
Prime minister Sujay Devarajah
Societal and Economical Development
Population 2,437,108,000
World superpower ranking 5
Main exports Advanced satellite technology
Space travel
HDI Very high
Democracy index 3.1
Controlling power Event Horizon Enterprises
Government type Capitalist Dictatorship
Preceding political entities Republic of India
Average crime rate Unknown
Crime control Unknown
Unemployment Unknown

Sector V is a world political zone that consists of part of the middle east and the entirety of India. Controlled fully by the illusive CEO of Event Horizon, Asiduus Aeviternus, Sector V is run almost entirely as a large company. The education system is extensive, but it is made to bring up scientists to work at Event Horizon. Those who do not become scientists become workers in the large industrial complexes that covers the sector. Very little information is available about Sector V, more so than anything its crime rates.



Little is known about how Sector V came to be, but it is known that its current ´´CEO´´ took the throne as soon as the Zone came into being.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon has been intwined with Sector V for almost as long as the area has been considered a zone.


Member Nations

  • FlagIndia India

The capital nation of the sector, India dominates the sector politically, militarily and economically. Rapid economic growth has been achieved thanks to the complete absence of regulations, which downside includes an abundance of poverty.

  • FlagNepal Nepal

Nepal has sometimes been the scene of civil unrest thanks to a prevalence of Maosit rebels. Nevertheless its largest cities most prominently Kathmandu show the typical Event Horizon dominance of the sector.

  • FlagBhutan Bhutan

The Buddhist kingdom has much more autonomy then the other states in the sector. However, some of its most populated areas have experienced Development Packages courtesy of Event Horizon in exchange for military protection from China.

  • FlagBangladesh Bangladesh

Close ties with India have meant that Bangladesh has found it easy to incorporate itself into the sector on the condition of special protection of the Bengali language. As such Bangladesh suffers from much of the same problems as India.

  • FlagSriLanka Sri Lanka

Since being admitted to the sector Sri Lanka's standard of living has decreased dramatically. However, they have faced less resistance from Tamil separatists.

Allied Nations

  • FlagPakistan Pakistan

Fears over American and Chinese imperialism has led Pakistan to enter several military pacts with India. However the two nations remain hostile to each other with the Kashmir region still being a source of contention. If it weren't for the fact that both the Indian and Pakistani governments are directly tied through a network of patronages to Event Horizon such military treaties would have been forfeited long ago.

Disputed Territories

  • Flag of Afghanistan.svg Afghanistan


Sector V is a full-blown dictatorship, with the dictator being the CEO of Event Horizon, and all funds in the country indirectly go to aiding the company.


Sector V's military, the Event Horizon Security Cartel (EHSC), is a prominent force in the world, possesing high-tech Exo-skeletons, weapons, and mech's. In battle, the EHSC go to battle as mobile tanks, towering over foes in their exo-skeletons with enough weaponry to tear down a building, and are always accompanied by a vanguard of cheap Mechs. The Mechs are generally useless, with bad coordination and aiming, but they are resilient and can take hits to make sure the more precious equipment given to the men and women of the EHSC is left untouched.


The economy of Sector V is rich, in fact it is one of the richest zones in the world. This is accomplished, officially, by the export of its goods, although in truth, it has much to do with the creation of money for the sake of money, something highly illegal, as well as ´´protection´´ for other zones from raiders, who are, in truth, hired by Event Horizon.

While the people have the freedom to create their own companies, it is to all extent impossible to survive as Event Horizon provides its zone with whatever it needs and holds monopoly on almost everything in the country.



Official language of the Sector is Hindi. English is also officially recognised as a secondary language, as it is a holdover for when the country was still run by the ancient British Empire. Several other local languages are still in use as well.

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