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American Confederation
Sector I
Flag and Seal for the sector used post 2035, with flag depicting six stars representing the six key nations of the sector.
Motto (Official) E Pluribis Unum, Fortis Profectus - Super Omnes"

(Others): In God we Trust, A Mari Usque Ad Mare

Political centres Washington D.C
Official language(s) English, Hebrew, French (Non-official) Spanish, Arabic
Member states
  • Homeland: United States of America, Alaskan Republic, Canada, Israel, Quebec, Kuwait
  • Dominions: Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran
President Philip Masterson
Other officials David Shechtman (President of Israel)
Societal and Economical Development
Population 871,579,000
World superpower ranking 4
Main exports Electronics, Vehicles (Engines, Mechanical parts), Mineral Ores, Steel, Weapons, Timber, Vegetable Materials, Grain, Livestock, Biodiesel, Robotics
HDI Very High (Homeland), Medium (Dominions)
Democracy index 4.48 (Hybrid Regime)
Controlling power People's Union of Delegates
Government type Democratic Constitutional Presidential Republic (front),

Technocratic Authoritarian Oligarchy (hidden)

Preceding political entities North American Alliance
Average crime rate Strong medium to Very low (Variable between regions)
Crime control A- (High police corruption)
Unemployment 13%

Sector I or officially the American Confederation, and formerly the North American Alliance is a political zone formed of territories that are now under the rule of the United States of America. The primary two countries are the USA and Canada, which form the bulk of the domain's landmass. American conquest in the Middle East and Western Asia has provided the Sector with several other countries that have either allied themselves with the USA or have fallen to the military might of the United American Strike Force.

A nation risen from the ruination inflicted by the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano and reborn in the fires of extreme pride, patriotism and American exceptionalism, the citizens of the American Confederation believe that their home sector is the last remaining political zone that upholds freedom, democracy and equality - the final defenders of civilised values - an attitude of which has been alive for even hundreds of years.




The United States of America had already begun its attack on basic freedoms in the dying days of the Cold War, it would not be rivaled by what was to come.

In Israel, the oppression and exploitation of the Palestinian people reached the boiling point and a Third Intifada occurred. While unsuccessful, the uprising caused senior Israeli officials to talk about a permanent solution to the Palestinian issue. A UN attempt at creating a special human rights mission was shot down by Israel's American backers, which ended the chance of a peaceful resolution.

As the years grew closer towards the eruption, prominent volcanologists began warning that Yellowstone was giving off more and more warning signs. The American government and people generally ignored those until it was almost too late. As the evidence and earthquakes built up, the government was forced to accept that a grave threat to the people of the United States existed, and began an urgent emergency refugee program to move people out of the predicted disaster areas.

By number, millions of refugees received temporary housing in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, China, Cuba, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Iran, India, South Africa, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, North Korea, Liberia and Australia. The President of the United States thanked the nations that accepted them for their generosity under an emergency situation.

Despite this, large numbers of Americans still remained in the danger zones when Yellowstone erupted. By and large, those people were the ones too poor or not white enough to receive priority evacuation. Furthermore, the lucky refugees caused problems in nations they stayed in. Havana suffered an anti-communist riot launched by citizens in the Havana Emergency Refugee Centre that killed four thousand, in many European nations (as well as Canada and Israel) the presence of the American citizens spurred nationalistic sentiment, Australia suffered a sharp turn towards fascism and Mexico suffered even further destabilisations.

The Eruption


Member Nations

Officially regarded as "key players", only six nations are granted the privilege of autonomy or any sort of national recognition within the sector.

  • Flag of the United States2121 United States of America

Regarded as the true face of the Sector despite treating itself as the first amongst equals, the United States of America retains its dominant position as the most powerful nation within the sector. With oil supplies in the middle east exhausted of all financial incentive, the nation has turned heavily toward the exploitation of developing nations and the poverty-stricken, segregated and oppressed Arab population of the middle east to power its industry, with biodiesel and military hardware constituting over 80% of all produced goods.

  • AlaskaFlag Alaskan Republic

Since the depletion of all national oil and natural gas reserves, the Alaskan Federation has dwindled in economic importance to the rest of the sector. The former state experienced a brief period of independence in favour of its fossil fuel reserves, however economic ties observably changed little. Since its ascension into sector-hood, the de-establishment of strict border control coupled with the dominating influence of the United States has whitewashed most desires within the population in directions of either independence or reunification with the US.

  • Flag of Canada.svg Canada

With high poverty rates, obscene income inequality, a high national morale regarding imperialism and global influence, and having gradually privatised all public institutions with most free services having been abolished primarily after the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano and ensuing global financial meltdown, Canada in many respects has become a replica twelve state add-on to its neighbour in the south. Any remnants of uniquely Canadian culture and national identity have dissolved away in the past century.

  • Quebec flag Quebec
  • Flag of Israel.svg Israel

The seat of American Imperialism within Eurasia and Zionism the world over, the State of Israel continues its purpose of controlling the middle east to safeguard American interests in the region, remaining unchanged even after the profitability of oil supplies have dwindled. Entirely dependant on constant financial donations and weapon supplies from the United States on top of its growing weapons producing industry. Allegedly surviving primarily off thriving, homegrown industries producing and providing electronics, software, banking and geothermal/solar power technology, a bloated percentage of its economy is fuelled almost purely on the selling of weapons to developing nations. Notable buyers of Israeli weapons include anti-arab rebel groups within the Sector VI Arabian Zone and Sector VII Upper African Zone, as well as several centres and individuals of influence from the anocratic Sector XI Central American Zone and Sector VIII Lower African Zone, with the latter sector being especially encouraged by the United States to dispel any sort of political and cultural unity within the sector.

  • Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait

Occupied Territories/Dominions

The nations that make up the Greater Israel area consist of:

  • Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon

Absorbed as part of Israeli historical territory and given no national recognition.

  • Flag of Palestine.svg Palestine

With all national identity stripped, the state of Palestine no longer exists in any form of contemporary legal documentation, and is given only mild recognition in historical sources. In the present era, Palestine remains recognised only by the Sector VI Arabian Zone.

  • Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan

In recognition of former peace treaties and diplomatic relations, the region of Jordan acts as something akin to a ceremonially independent administrative region of Greater Israel, however its leaders have demonstrably been pro-Israeli for decades.

  • Flag of Syria.svg Syria

Exists with no national recognition within Greater Israeli borders.

  • Flag of Iraq.svg Iraq

Exists with no national recognition within Greater Israeli borders.

Disputed Territories

  • Flag of Afghanistan.svg Afghanistan

Whilst legally claimed by the sector as a sovereign territory, is currently heavily disputed with the Sector III Central Asia Zone and the Sector V India Zone.


  • Flag of Iran.svg Iran


National Anthem

Upon the foundation of the sector, following similar conditions to the use of Ode to Joy for the European union to represent Europe as a whole, there arose dispute over the choice of a national anthem. Whilst there was overwhelming support for Star Spangled Banner to be elected as the official anthem, largely due to the United State's overwhelmingly greater population, much of the population of Canada voted against this bias toward the United States. By 2033, three anthems were picked through a national vote (often labelled by critics as the only truly democratic process the Sector had ever seen), with anthems such as Quebec's Gens du pays reaching fourth place.

Star Spangled Banner

Star Spangled Banner instrumental

Unofficial anthem of the entire Sector. Its conditions of broadcasting are highly ill-felt outside the United States, however this does little to prevent US nationalists and their dreams of a truly united states of America.

O Canada

United States Navy Band - O Canada

Used widely over Canada. Sample version played by the United States Navy Band on parade, c. 2107.


National Anthem of Israel Hatikvah High Quality

The Anthem of Israel. Whilst only officially intended to be played to represent the nation of Israel itself, since the close of the twenty first century it has seen widespread use throughout the whole of the middle east (with the exception of Kuwait). The vast majority of the Arabic population are quite widely known to have taken heavy offence to this, however with such a flawed voting system implemented into the Middle East, few of their voices are ever truly heard by the Israeli President and his officials.


The Sector I military, known commonly as the United American Strike Force is a professional army which constitutes of volunteers primarily from the USA, Canada and Quebec. Israel also provides resources and soldiers for this conquest orientated army as well as logistical support in the middle east. Kuwait, as a willing ally of the Americans, has been allowed to permit citizens of their nation to join the UASF.

One of the most highly equipped volunteer-based military force on the planet, its common knowledge within both the American and foreign populations that the military constitutes a majority of their greatest expenditures. Its assumed the large debts spent towards security is a preventative measure for possible conflict with the three other major superpowers of The Union of Russian Republics, The European Commonwealth and the The People's Republic of Asia, with the middle eastern colony being a prime candidate for these such predicted political tensions.

The Sector I military is known to operate some of the most advanced aircraft in the world, including the nuclear capable F-125 Suppressor and the fabled nuclear powered B-5 Revenant.

Foreign Policy

Believing whole-heartededly in themselves being the last defenders of freedom on the planet, Sector I is generally accepting towards refuges from other Sectors (including Sector II and Sector IV). However, illegal immigrants are persecuted to the full extent of the law. Any found that did not apply for official citizenship are sent to labour camps.


Sector I was initially a democratic Sector formed from: the remaining 49 states of the USA (after the secession of Alaska as an independent nation); American Iraq (retained under marshal law); American Iran (conquered in the Israel-Iran War) and Canada which had opted to forge closer ties with their neighbour (after Quebec had gained independence through a referendum) in 2031, forming the North American Alliance. Five years later the Quebecois chose to politically join Sector I in order to cement their status as a sovereign nation and were granted 4 seats at Congress. The NAA would rename itself as Sector I as the world began to become divided on corporate lines. Their government promised its citizens that they would not fall prey to such corruption.

Yet, idealism was slowly crushed as the large conglomerates turned their attentions to the Sector I, with politicians slowly being bought one by one while political leaders who opposed the large companies started to mysteriously disappear. In 2077, control gradually and subtly began to be diverted from the people as several major business companies started to establish themselves in positions of major power. Eventually the elected government became a mere puppet of this oligarchy and by 2080 Sector I was essentially entirely ruled by organisations.

The unofficial oligarchy keep themselves out of the public light and rule from the shadows. These companies readily manipulate the media in order to keep the citizens in the belief that their votes still count and that the People's Union of Delegates is the legitimate government that holds true power. Elections are still held in order to reinforce this belief and the members which form the PUD are chosen this way, and each nation state sends representatives to Washington D.C. However, citizens of conquered nations are not permitted to choose their representatives, instead they are appointed for them by impartial humanitarian lawyers.


Though it is never publicly made available, a strong driving factor for America's continued placing in world economical strength is (aside from past reserves of oil) the fact that the nation is a deeply set war-based economy, with roots perhaps dating back to the outbreak of the World Wars. On many occasions throughout history, the nation has forcefully engaged in war to both keep their economy in a constant drive, and to keep national morale and international respect high.


The last remaining nation to still utilise paper notes (with the exception of some reestablished Sector VIII Lower African Zone currencies and the hyper-inflated and generally unusable Central American Patriotic Fatherland Dollar), the American Zone has continually allowed the circulation of the United States Dollar. The series of notes have undergone several major design changes since the formation of the alliance, however the general colours and printed historical people have remained the same.


Food Production

Whilst operating through a myriad of hundreds of companies, both standard and organic alike, all food within Sector I is owned, grown, distributed and packaged by FoodsCorp USA. The company has patents on the genetic strains of all seeds it uses, with around 98% of all seeds used within the United States, Canada and the middle east containing FoodsCorp patented genes. FoodsCorp has managed to manipulate the law systems of all nations within the sector to the point where it is illegal to perform certain acts which may "inhibit the company's security and/or the due respect and privacy owed to its fellow employees". Possible offenses include: the questioning quality standards of bought food, to take photos of this such food for the purposes of criticism, to take photos of FoodsCorp slaughterhouse complexes, feed lots, farms, farming equipment and employees, and has systems in place within the court - as well as legions of hired attorneys - to make any legal action against the company extremely difficult.

All farmers employed by the company are required to meet the demands of the company, otherwise their contracts will be terminated. They must upgrade their facilities on demand and use antibiotic types on demand. Also, since all seeds are patented by the company, must not store away or modify the seeds supplied to them, lest they find themselves in an immediate lawsuit.

For farmers not affiliated with the company, their own seeds are closely monitored. Often, these farmers grow crops nearby to neighbours crops, farmers of whom may be hired by FoodsCorp. If a FoodsCorp plant type is found growing on the land of a farmer not affiliated with FoodsCorp, even if planted by accident or by the spread of a stray seed, they are immediately put before the court for theft of property, and are often sued for prices upward of $500,000 USD.

All meat is grown within compact farms and slaughterhouse facilities. Cows are fed corn, both so that they gain weight quickly, and due to the fact Corn is a cheap crop. For efficiency, they are then picked up and slaughtered alive, often without prior washing down.

Chickens are grown in dark, crowded sheds, being genetically modified to grow in record time. Due to chickens typically entering sleep cycles in total darkness, harvesting of the chickens is a simple matter of picking up their half-asleep bodies and throwing them into a truck.




The majority of people born with Elemental abilities are shunned by the wider populace and treated as social outcasts, as they were the target of witch hunts in days past. This contempt descends into hatred in the case of Shadow and Fire Elementals who are frequently compared to the spawn of the underworld. Conversely, Light Elementals typically garner a great deal of respect, as their powers mimic that of messianic figures. However, over the years, more extremist followers of monotheistic religions are known to denounce these individuals as fallen angels who have come to fool the innocent and corrupt them. Unsurprisingly, this rhetoric is only pushed by religious orderlies who were not born elementals.

Due to the religious beliefs of the founding fathers (suspected by many foreign historians to have been comprised of Light Elementals), only people blessed with the power of the Light (known as the Mark of God) were permitted to be ordained as Christian ministers. Thus, all beliefs revolve around the idea that those blessed with the Light are God's Messengers, charged to carry out his good work. This has generally had a positive effect with many Light Elementals devoting their lives to selfless jobs out of the religious stigma that surrounds them.

However, as people are not infallible, it is known that some Light Elementals diverge from this path. These people are regarded with contempt, with regular comparisons to Lucifer being made. Likewise, wielders of other Elemental powers are regarded as witches and demons, thus they are shunned in daily life. Historically, Shadow Elementals were the prime target of witch hunts all they way up until the 20th Century. Fire Elementals are deemed to be abominations, living embodiments of hell itself, and many are killed by their parents when their talents develop. Even in the 22nd century, the fear of Shadow and Flame remains constant.


According to the 2120 census, around 76% percent of the American population are Christian, of which approximately 6% follow Neo Luminous Christianity, with the proud majority being devoutly religious, and are often biblical literalists and/or creationists.

Infamous throughout even the American Zone, Neo Luminous Christianity is an extreme and wholly idealistic version of ancient Catholic Christianity which depicts a creationist, young-earth version of the planet, and portrays Light Elementals as the saviours of mankind.

In its most extreme form, the Neo Luminous Christian Church is nothing short of science-hostile, contempt-breeding, and fear inducing dogma. Many regions and even entire states permit only the teaching of religious science within schools and universities. This so-called art heavily scrutinises many basic principles of science, including a full-on attack on evolution as being simply a theory, forged within the anti-Christian, anti-freedom and anti-family values of Atheist science and the cults of the Great Satanists Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins. What replaces this fundamental bedrock of scientific study is a rigid, near-unchanging creationism, where organisms presently take the exact form they were created in thousands of years ago, altered only with an event of "short-term survivability" such as in the case of viruses.

Religious Science claims that dinosaurs were initially plant eaters, who after the fruit was eaten by Adam and Eve were forced to resort to cannibalism, eventually dying out as they had entered a path towards sin.

As for atheists and followers of other religious, it assures that they remain largely unpunished until death due to God's eternal mercy and gift of free will, where they will face judgment at the end of their lifetime. Until judgement - as claimed by the church - such heretics should not be fairly treated by American law; in fact, they often back petitions to have the ten commandments fully enshrined into a legal bill.

With what little biased science it does decide to embrace, there is notable emphasis on concepts such as the god particle, and string theory simply being a clear and obvious sign of the work of a master architect of whom made all matter from the same divine substance.

Pioneering Political Zones
North American Alliance · Arab League · European Union · New African Alliance
2031-2076: The first twelve
I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII · VIII · IX · X · XI · XII
Post 2121

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