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Sasha Vlahovic
Portrait of Sasha (c.2110)
Aliases Ivandor
Agent 09
Worker 19
Language(s) English, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Portugese
Role(s) Political Activist
Blessed Worker of Plant
Aligned sector IX
Nationality Finnish
Element SigilPlant Plant
Keidis rating Eta plus by Gamma minus (760-320)
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Neo Luminous Christianity
Relatives Unknown
Born 7th October 2082 (Age 39)
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Blonde
Height 6' 1/2" (184.15cm)
Military Service
Service Branch European Commonwealth Standing Army
International Worker's Union
Blessed Worker's Elemental Group
Years of Service 2110 - 2121
Rank Cadet Officer (ECSA)
Worker Group Leader (IWU)
Blessed Worker (BWEG)
Battles/wars Siege of Brasilia (2114)
Holy Commonwealth Palace Massacre (2116)
Awards Defence of Brazil Medal

Sasha Mile Ivan Bratislav Vlahovic is a Finnish born political activist in the employ of the International Worker's Union. As of 2121 he is the longest serving surviving member of the group who is not Vamana Uldericks, a fact that weighs over his head like a sword forged in Syracuse.


Early Life

Sasha was born to a Finnish mother and an unknown father of apparent Hispanic origins. At the age of four his mother married a Russian born European Air Force pilot and subsequently moved to the Kaliningrad Oblast. Sasha was raised as a son by his step-father and he admired the man who cared for him as if he was his own. During his time living in Kaliningrad, his mother would have two more children with her new husband.


With his parents sitting upon a relatively steady financial footing, Sasha was educated at a private primary school before being sent on to a boarding school during the Anti-Sectoral War, to complete his secondary education. Sasha avoided conscription into the European Armed Forces by three months as the war would come to an end before the completion of his secondary education. With an idealistic desire to rebuild his homeland, Sasha would later enroll with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden to study medicine.


In 2107, Sasha graduated with a Master of Science in Medicine degree before opting to undertake a clinical internship for eighteen months. At the beginning of 2109, Sasha officially qualified as a doctor. While Sasha could have entered into commercial medicine, he decided his training would be put to better use in the armed forces as an army surgeon and so he applied to become an officer at the end of the summer. Here, Sasha would undergo intensive military training in conjunction with being taught the skills required to operate out in the theater of war.

New Opportunities


Sasha in his file photo shortly after joining; he would later lose both goatee and mustache

With only a few weeks left on his officer training course, the European Commonwealth Standing Army was temporarily dissolved in the events after the Project Earth Reborn terrorist attack upon the European Government. While enlisted personnel and permanent staff were automatically brought over into the fold under the leadership of the Vallarie Administration, Sasha found himself as part of a group of one hundred cadets who were personally screened by an albino man calling himself Agent 01. Of those present, the mysterious man managed to entice a total of thirty-one men and women to his vaguely articulated cause as the prospect of a more paramilitary lifestyle was attractive to those who wanted more than just regular military service.

Sasha, by mere virtue of being the nineteenth person to volunteer to join the International Worker's Union that day was given the moniker of Worker 19, a position he would hold for the rest of his life due to the non-fluid nature of the International Worker's Union numbering system.

K21 - Deceit and Disloyalty

Head investigator into the disappearance of Agent 01.

K21 - Tarnished Perceptions

Commanded ground forces during the ambush.

K21 - Limitless Sun

Commands forces tasked with the apprehension of Ömer İşnan.


Sasha has blonde hair and a rather fair complexion complimented with striking sapphire blue eyes.


Sasha is soft spoken and an extremely cautious individual. He is in the habit of thinking that his enemies know his every plan and so attempts to make infallible plans. He is also the most moderate member of the group and possibly the entire IWU. However, he can talk for hours on a topic he likes and is exceptional at giving inspiring speeches. However, persistent antagonism at the hands of Agent 01 has lead to a hostile stance whenever 01 is around.


Controlled, calm under pressure and extremely dedicated to the cause. His primary abilities lie in systems management and human resources.


Agent 01

Agent 01 has been persistently antagonist towards Sasha to the extent that he often loathes working for the IWU. However, Sasha also views Agent 01 as the key factor keeping the IWU together and considers him the world's best chance of bringing about a true worker's revolution. Sasha is also aware that he has waded so far into the river of blood that he may as well keep going and has thus ceased complaining about the more extreme tasks requested of him.

Blessed Worker's Elemental Group

Sasha maintains an amicable rapport with the misfit group of elemental specialists he has been tasked with leading. Occasionally qualms arise over the use of child soldiers and their unreliable nature but they are soon quashed by assurances made by Agent 01 that with enough training they will become ideal weapons.




Nothing says stealth like screaming across the sky at Mach 2.

–Sasha, on Dachshunds.

Being alive won't dissuade me from completing revolutionary duties.

–Sasha Vlahovic, 2120

Well spank me in the arse and call me Poland.

–Sasha, K21 - Limitless Sun


Sasha is the kind of man who can rationalise a revolution in the most reasonable of terms and paint a purge as a profitable venture.

Agent 01

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