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Sandra Mai
Sandra Mai in her typical working apparel (early 2096)
Language(s) English
Role(s) Waitress, Prostitute
Aligned sector XII (b.-2093)

I (2093-d.)

Nationality Japan (Ancestral)
Element SigilAir Air
Gender Female
Relatives Mai Kenji, Mai Miyuki
Born c.2075
Died 14th June 2096
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Black
Height 5' 6"

Sandra Tsukasa Mai (b.2075 - d.2096) was a potential Guardian of Air. However, she was murdered before Ghost_k could acquire her. Claude Lasi-Faité is haunted by her death for he was the one responsible for it and is notable in that fact she is the only person he regrets killing.


Sandra was born in Sector XII Oceanic Zone to an immigrant Japanese couple from Sector III, seeking a better life through their destination's elemental favourable laws after suffering from the Chinese decimation of their home country.

At the age of 18, Sandra left Sector XII to study in Sector I on a temporary visa. However, with stricter laws being implemented in her adopted homeland, she elected not to return to it and purchased a forged Sector I passport so that she could permanently live in Quebec.

Due to unforeseen circumstance, not long after graduating from University at the age of 21, her apartment was wracked by what appeared to be a localised tornado. Due to the devastation caused, she had to take out a loan to repair the rented accommodation. In order to pay of these debts she took to waitressing. Unfortunately, this was not enough to cover living expenses and loan repayments. Eventually this lead her down the route of selling her body on the streets.

K21 - Subterfuge Chronicles

With only two-hundred dollars left on her loan, Sandra elected to take a chance of earning enough cash to cover the remaining sum by moonlighting as a prostitute again for what she hoped to be the last time. On this fateful night Sandra was picked up by a young man in a high end sports car who intended to make use of her services before killing her and dumping her body in an alleyway. After the man drew his gun and threatened her, the stress of the encounter lead to Sandra's latent air elemental talents awakening and she subconsciously butchered her attacker with scything blows. As she started to rehearse the story she intended to tell the police about the demise of the young man she was struck down by a mysterious assailant.


Whilst alive, Sandra had piercing blue eyes and short black hair that she allowed to heavily obscure her fringe, of which she often dyed. Her appearance changed frequently in between jobs, ranging from a stark blue waitress outfit to revealing leathery apparel to fill in for her side-occupation as a prostitute.

Abilities and Attributes

Relationships With Others


Sandra's father, John Kenji Mai was a relatively talented Air elemental who found service and a stable income within the Sector XII military. His spouse and the mother of Sandra has been identified as Karen Miyuki Mai.




*sigh*. Yeah well, you know, you can tell something's horribly wrong with the American Confed's economy when your only road away from heavy debt is selling your body

–Sandra, unknown date


Her form was akin to that of a masterpiece that had been cut down in its prime.

Claude Lasi-Faité

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