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Spec Ops Squad 501


Jonathan Jefferey Hollerman III, Clyde Tuft, Jaxon Wendell Wilcox, Cody Christopherson, Zackary Bloodworth, Davin Traviss, Walker Cantrell


Broken up


American Military

Notable Operations:

No Information Aquired

Special Operations Squad 501, SO Squad 501 or 501 for short, was an elite Squad of the American military



  • Jonathan Jefferey Hollerman III - Infantry, and later Sergeant, and then deserted
  • Clyde Tuft - Sergeant until he retired
  • Jaxon Wendell Wilcox - Infantry
  • Cody Christopherson - Infantry
  • Zackary Bloodworth - Sniper, and later deserted with Jonathan Hollerman
  • Davin Traviss - Heavy Weapons Specialist
  • Walker Cantrell - Recon Infantry


  • The 501 in the name comes from Star Wars' 501st Clone Legion, a.k.a Vader's Fist.