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Roxanne Chataway
Language(s) English
Role(s) Drug dealer
Nationality American
Element SigilFire Fire
Keidis rating Epsilon plus maxima by Gamma minus minima (600-301)
Gender Female
Relatives N/A
Born May 23rd 2100
Died 2118 (18)
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Red
Height 5'7"
Military Service
Battles/wars Restored White Armies Prison Break (2118)

Roxanne Chataway is an American drug dealer and vigilante who has worked for many organizations over the years, up until her untimely death at the hands of Ghost_K.


Chataway was born in New York, Sector I, on May 23rd 2100 to an unknown family. What is known is that she was forced to take up the life as a drug mule at the age of thirteen when her family died in a house fire. As she lived the life a drug runner, she learned many different skills in order to defend herself. Eventually she worked her way up high enough to be entrusted with selling the goods. After a pick up gone wrong in Afghanistan, she was captured by American Security Forces.

She was detained and extradited to Israel where she faced trial for her crimes. After being sentenced to seven years in prison for intent to supply she was transferred to a high security prison situated in Kuwait.

K21 - Clouded Rectitude

After two years of prison life, the prison Roxanne was located in was given to new management. More specifcally, the prison (and a large portion of the Middle Eastern Colony) was handed over to a Restored White Armies shell company. With this, Chataway's prison life took a turn for the worst and Roxanne was found in something that was more comparable to a living hell than a prison. However, soon afterwards her cell was given new blood, Li-Pau Nao, who had been captured by the RWA during a failed reconnaissance mission. Together, along with their cellmates and help from Laurence Valentine, the team was able to escape the prison and kill the RWA Colonel acting as the prison warden.

However, after their successful escape. Roxanne was asked to join Ghost_K permanently as an agent for the organization. Declining, Roxanne was promptly shot by Laurence, killing her instantaneously.


Roxanne was a relatively tall individual, with long red hair and hazel eyes. She was described as a voluptuous woman, and was considered beautiful. Before she was brought to prison, Chataway dressed in a black miniskirt, maroon leggings, and leather high heels. Along with this, she usually wore a black tank top and black leather biker jacket. She usually had a pair of handguns holstered to her thighs as a precautionary measure.


To those around her, Roxanne seems to be a hostile, crude, and carefree woman who is willing to harm anyone who gets in her way. In reality however, this is simply a front she puts up to hide the trauma she experience at a very young age due to her inheritance of the Fire element. She is actually a very kind-hearted person to those she knows well, and is willing to go out of her way to protect them from harm.

Abilities and Attributes

Fire Element

Roxanne held a relatively exceptional control over the element she had been blessed with. Although she was not by any means a powerful elemental, she was still capable of conjuring flames and was able to resist fire to a certain degree.





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