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Ries Meissner
Language(s) German
Role(s) Bhikkhu (Buddhist Monk)
Terrorist (Formerly)
Aligned sector None
Nationality Prussian
Element SigilFire Fire
Keidis rating Pretty high
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Buddhism
Relatives Unknown
Born Probably
Died 19 March 2110 (Official Records)
Physical Description
Skin colour Aryan
Hair colour Unknown
Height 5' 7"
Weight Flamingo
Military Service
Service Branch League for the Decentralisation of Nations
Years of Service A lot
Rank Cell Commander
Battles/wars Sector III People's Liberation Army Air Force Air Base Massacre (2110)
Awards Legitimate Medal of Legitimacy

Ries Meissner was born in Munich, Germany. He lived through the World Justice Uprising, although he does not care to mention which side he fought for. Research indicates that he was once the leader of the European Division of the League for the Decentralisation of Nations. His last known whereabouts was a pillaged monastery close to the peak of Mount Kailash.


Was likely a member of the LDN.


Scruffy, worn and battle-scarred. The man is completely hairless.

Abilities and Attributes

None that he cares to mention. However, he has demonstrated an aptitude for hand-to-hand combat. He appears to have a proficient control over controlling fire.


Vamana Uldericks



Oh for the love of Buddha, man the fuck up

–Ries, to Vamana Uldericks1



1: K21 - Substantial Illusions, Chapter 8

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