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Quadruple Concordat


Libertatem Robore


1 April 2076
12 December 2096


Military agreement


Sevastopol, Crimea


American Confederation
Union of Russian Republics
People's Republic of Asia
European Commonwealth

Official Languages


Secretary General

Thomas McKenzie

The Quadruple Concordat (known commonly as The Big Four) was founded as a means of limiting the growth of nuclear proliferation throughout the globe.



After countless land disputes had lead to an increasingly high number of hostile border skirmishes between America, Russia, China and Europe, the four superpowers were pressured into to holding peace talks at the United Nations building in New York so that they could resolve the pressing issues that were threatening global stability. After eight months of conferences and backroom deals the four nations finally agreed upon certain issues that they all wished to stamp out such as nuclear proliferation of rogue states and the rise of terrorism. While the border disputes continued and the four nations remained actively at war, the Quadruple Concordat established a joint dialogue between the four states that they could use to bypass the United Nations in order to better police the world. Representatives from the United Nations was apparently appalled at the resulting military agreement to the point that the incumbent Secretary-General resigned after giving a three hour speech condemning the actions of what he called "neo-colonialist diplomacy". He was later found dead in a hotel in Siberia.


During the carnage of the World Justice Uprising, the Quadruple Concordat was rendered null and void after the United States of America launched an invasion of Georgia in retaliation to a Russian invasion of Eastern Europe. With an increase of Chinese aggression towards both the Russians and the Americans, the dialogue was completely abandoned as the four nations ended up in an all out war of conquest.

Geneva Alliance

After the Geneva Alliance had been signed, the Quadruple Concordat was reformed with an intent to eradicate the revolutionary forces that threatened global stability.

Military Operations

Nicaraguan Canal Crisis

Central American Invasion of Congo

World War Three

Member states

American Confederation

Union of Russian Republics

People's Republic of Asia

European Commonwealth


United Nations

The Quadruple Concordat has been accused of maintaining a monopolistic hold upon the United Nations as they maintain the ability to veto any decisions made by the organisation. The United Nations have also been forced to comply with the actions that the Quadruple Concordat have undertaken to "maintain world peace".

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