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Pyotr Stanislav Aleksandr


Polkóvnik (Colonel)






Russian, English, and Chinese.




Confirmed KIA.


Beneath the earth, in a war hero cemetery built for the regiment.



It's Polkóvnik. Not "colonel", imbecile.

–Pyotr to a refugee.

Some military forces keep collateral damage to a minimum. To me, collateral damage is just two English words getting in the way of effectiveness.


Polkóvnik Pyotr Aleksandr is a Russian officer who is currently "officially" listed as missing in action.

Early Life

I joined to do my duty, sir.

–Pyotr's reason why he joined.

Pyotr grew up as an ordinary child, and volunteered for the Russian Special Forces at age 18. He spent two and a half years in training before he was finally booted over failing a critical practice exam. He transferred to an officer training college, and graduated another three years afterwards, as Mládshiy Leytenánt (Junior Lieutenant) Alexander.

He was assigned to border defence operations, and slowly climbed the ranks to Lieutenant Colonel. It was then that he was assigned to Siberia, to put down a rebel uprising.


Sending him there was necessary. Completely necessary. We needed a Colonel that could end this war, not an idealistic sucker. It was all for the greater good.

–Pyotr's commander, on why Pyotr was sent to the mission.

During his assignment to Siberia, he was briefed that the rebels in the area had executed all local military forces, had erected a primitive stockade in a local village, which they had taken command of against the will of the locals. When he arrived, he gave the village three days to surrender, before he would order an attack. This only allowed the civilians to increase defences and prepare for an attack. Still believing the civilians were against all rebel presence in the area, Pyotr ordered the attack.

Within three hours of an attack being ordered, the last rebel militia was killed and Pyotr's regiment was making a victory parade after executing the leader. However, some civilians had improvised a mine and placed it on the road. The soldier in front of Pyotr stepped on it, and was killed instantly. Pyotr was next in line, and was knocked unconscious and suffered third-degree burns to 15% of his body, even through his armour. His forces, ambushed and suffering renewed fire from civilians, retreated and sent Pyotr to a hospital.

Pyotr recovered over a period of three months while his forces, having had a promotion of an officer to Acting Lieutenant Colonel, dug into the surrounding lands and attempted to starve them of supplies. Pyotr, as his first action after being restored, ordered the weakened armed civilians to place their weapons outside his army's base as a token of unconditional surrender. He promised that the civilians would be unharmed and only the ringleaders would be arrested. Out of desperation, starving and having their water supply cut off, the civilians abandoned almost all weapons, attempting to surrender. Pyotr's response was to burn the low-grade abandoned weapons and encircle the village, cutting off all means of escape. With the village effectively helpless and undefended, Pyotr took his revenge by ordering his forces to attack.

Some civilians still attempted to resist, but with almost all weapons abandoned and destroyed, they caused nothing more severe than a few injuries before they were silenced. Over the next hour, Pyotr razed the village utterly, burning every building and killing every civilian.

Pyotr returned to his headquarters a different man than the idealist that had left to do his duty to his country.


One hour after his final report and subsequent promotion for "Exceptional Field Duties", Pyotr and his entire regiment vanished, 5,000 total soldiers. New files for each "defecting" member of his was created, the old ones deleted - it is unsure if Pyotr Aleksandr is his real name at all.

Pyotr has been spotted in several locations across all continents at several points in time, usually in a rapid response to Urcron sightings. It is currently unknown how Pyotr manages to transport his regiment while completely evading all means to detect him, nor how his regiment continues to receive reinforcements from field casualties and supplies.


Pyotr's luck could not last forever. For years he had outfought and outmanoeuvred the Urcron, but finally he was beaten. A conspiracy dating back decades had placed a disloyal officer in charge of his regiment, which was promptly almost completely exterminated, leaving only Pyotr, Fadey and Dema alive. Trying to find answers, he stumbled upon the key to the Urcron successes against the Russian Federation. However, the last three members were killed shutting the station down. Nevertheless, the operation was a great strategic success and responsible for the campaign turning right around on the Urcron.


Pyotr wields a small selection of weapons and armours, and they are listed below.


  • Mk VII Automatic Coil Battle Rifle "Alex"
This weapon is an advanced version of the standard Mk V Semi-Automatic Coil Assualt Rifle. Like all coil weapons, it uses an electromagnetic pulse to speed a depleted uranium-tipped projectile up to six times the speed of sound. It requires minimal cleaning, due to no gunpowder being used, and only rarely jams, due to having no round casing, as well as being highly effective even against heavily armoured infantry. The firing of his coil or rail weapons for prolonged periods of time, however, causes immense power drains which require frequent recharging or replacement of their power source.
  • Rail Rifle "Bob"
This bolt-action sniper uses electromagnetic "rails" to propel a depleted uranium coated slug at speeds in excess of ten times the speed of sound. Unlike coil technology, it requires replacing of the rails every fifty rounds, as the electromagnets are worn away, or damaged by intense friction. The clips are small, only holding five rounds each, and extremely difficult to reload without the rifle going off prematurely.
  • Thermal Scope
One of the four scopes for Bob, this scope uses thermal imaging to achieve maximum accuracy.
  • Biological Optics
This scope detects life larger than an average fieldmouse and shows it in colour amidst greyscale. Only useful in battlefields and other areas low in life.
  • Standard 12-28x Magnification Scope
This is Bob's standard scope, and has been used to deadly effect.
  • Motion Tracker
Having a shorter scope range, this one detects movement and displays it in varying shades depending on speed.
  • Coil Pistol
Having no modifications, this semiautomatic coil pistol functions similar to his coil rifle, except that it can only accelerate objects to Mach 3 speeds, Mach 4 if he has attached an accelerator onto the end.
  • Combat Dagger
This is little more than ceremonial, and Pyotr has stated before that he would only use it if he is stupid enough to put him in the situation to really need to use it. He does, however, use it for opening various objects.


  • Standard Issue Russian Carapace Armour
This is the standard suit of armour for the Russian infantry. It has no current modifications.
  • Russian Weather Fatigues
Pyotr's job calls for him to engage combat in less than ideal conditions, conditions where his standard armour is more a hindrance than a help. As such, he, like every other member of his regiment, has armour supplies for different conditions, which he took with him when he left. These include;
  • Ice Combat Gear
Made for combat in the depths of Siberian winter, this has modified colours accordingly. It also has a small heater located inside the chest, which keeps the armour warmer than outside. While it prevents frostbite, it also makes him show up like a fireworks celebration under thermal optics. As such, Pyotr only turns it on when he is sure he will need it.
  • Tropical/ Storm Combat Gear
Made similar to the standard armour, it has some necessary modifications to function under heavy outbursts of rain or high humidity, like heat proofing and waterproofing.
  • Desert Fatigues
These are made in a series of yellow and brown patches, and they are made so the wearer can continue functioning in a sandstorm, as well as being heatproof, with a built-in cooler, and somewhat sand proof.


Pyotr is a highly skilled specialist. His combat training specifically revolved around situations where he was (hypothetically) outnumbered or outgunned. He is known for keeping a coldly logical head under fire, and is able to make appropriate tactical decisions even while operating on a frontline.

Some members of his regiment believe he was once a part of the Russian Commando units, and his combat aptitude does seem to reflect a certain cold skill with any Russian and common weapon he encounters.


Pyotr's personality can only be described as cold. He performs at his best in situations where the potential for massive collateral damage is outweighed by the knowledge of the damages that failure brings. Pyotr has little regard for human life, and will throw away lives of civilians if by their deaths he recieves a minor tactical advantage. He is, however, more protective of the lives of his soldiers, and no other human, only because he knows that every lost soldier is difficult to replace.

Relationship with Ghost_k

Due to working with Ghost_k on multiple occasions, Polkóvnik Aleksandr has formed his own view on them, keeping it a largely professional relationship.

Survival doesn't have second chances. I'm glad I'm not the only one to realise that.

–Polkóvnik Aleksandr

Polkóvnik Aleksandr respects strength. For him, strength is a measure of your ability to commit yourself to the darkest choices for the sake of the greatest good. For that reason, he respects Alex and considers him a trustworthy individual.
A Marine? Pah. Try employment in a real military.

–Polkóvnik Aleksandr's nationalistic competitive urges coming out into full sway

Though he doesn't admit it, Polkóvnik Aleksandr is slightly racist towards people from the USA, seeing them as one of the cultures demonizing his nation for it's questionable choices. Being also from a Marine background, Polkóvnik Aleksandr subconsciously sees competition in him, a challenge to the efficiency of his country's military. However, and Polkóvnik Aleksandr will never admit it himself, Nathan Sheppard has earned his respect for the way he conducts himself in combat.
My trigger finger told me that you'd be here. It's now itchy.

–Polkóvnik Aleksandr's greeting to Jack

Polkóvnik Aleksandr has made it no secret that he dislikes Jack Miles. Polkóvnik Aleksandr considers his words of wisdom to be nothing more than the wind he commands, and his dislike of combat has led Polkóvnik Aleksandr to despise the idea of him being in a team whose operation is currently to stop the Urcron, however violent that may be.
A true soldier. One we should all aspire to be like.

–Polkóvnik Aleksandr, unaware of the irony of his statement

Polkóvnik Aleksandr doesn't know much about Breanna, and he doesn't much care. To him, Breanna is just an unemotional killer, and Pyotr respects that.
The Moon's no place to grow up. Not enough danger. Being under constant threat never did me any harm.

–Polkóvnik Aleksandr

Pyotr considers Mac to have his youth work against him. He believes that it is not the place of one so young to shoulder such a great burden. Despite that, his actions in the Aquilla Lucius project has earned Pyotr's respect, with Pyotr once going as far to tell him that if he ever wants to move to Russia, he'd arrange all the paperwork.
Oh ебать пиздеть. Хуя нахуевертили! Yблюдок! Сука!

–Pyotr, on hearing Lilly made it onto the team

Pyotr has made it clear time and time again that the only thing between Lilly and an "accidental" friendly fire incident is his orders. To him, Lilly is an idealistic waste of time and someone who upsets a good order.
You've got fighter's blood in you. Let the Urcron know it too.

–Polkóvnik Aleksandr

Valdemar Nansen's anti-socialism ironically only makes Polkóvnik Aleksandr like him even more. He considers him a prime example of what a member of Ghost_k should be: a soldier at heart, descended from more soldiers.


Pyotr is about average height, with grey eyes and dark brown hair.


Pyotr's cousin, his blessed element is Fire. While not powerful enough to qualify for Ghost K, he is extremely powerful in his own right.
His personal medic, Ivanov is more than capable of holding his own.

Awards and Merits

  • Order of Aleksandr Nevsky
  • Medal of Valor
This medal is nothing special, as they are extremely common among his regiment.
  • Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 1st Class
  • Hero of the Russian Federation
Awarded posthumously for extreme sacrifice in the name of duty and turning the war around.



Everything I do is justified. If I commit murder, it is to save a dozen. If I raze a city, it is to save a country. While some people like flying in and playing the hero, it falls to me to get the job done as efficiently as possible. In this war, civilian casualties are a necessity.


Victory is a matter of belief. Losing a position may seem like a loss, but it could be a clever ruse. Always expect an enemy to be ten times as capable as you are. If you believe you have lost, you will make it happen. Always prepare for the worst. Coldness and cunning brings more success than enthusiasm and poor concealment. Anticipate every action, and counter it. A victory is all that matters. And if you cannot survive? Give 'em a reason to remember your name.

–Pyotr to a junior officer

Join the military, they said. Help the motherland, they said. Save the world, they said. See new places, they said. Funny how they never mentioned the whole part of surviving long enough to save the world and see new places.


You shouldn't fear the darkness, it obscures hidden depths within its comfortable shadows. It is the light you should fear, as it illuminates a cold and broken world.


The only difference between "good" and "evil" is how effective they are.


I drown my troubles in Urcron blood.

–During the war, Pyotr's experiences slowly began to unhinge him

Idealism... Is for... Children.

–Pyotr making things clear.


I remember when collateral damage actually meant something to Pyotr. Happier times.


Day 32 of missing in official capacity: Pyotr turned up for his weekly checkup. Healthy, except I suggested any current blockages may be caused by an unusual rectal-cranium inversion. Pyotr requested I perform an anatomical impossibility

–Excerpt from Dema's diary

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