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Pylon towers are massive structures that support and maintain reinforced metal alloy pillars which are driven into the mantle of the earth's crust to minimize tectonic disturbance and harness the potential power of the planet.

The earth's tectonics and gravity are somewhat unstable, which has been theoriesed to be due to the twin moons interfering with the planet. The forces exhibited upon these "Pylon Towers" allows for kinetic energy to be harnassed slowly. The concept is similar to that of devices used to harness tidal power, only in a less liquid medium.

A distant view of a Pylon Tower


They came into existence after 2456 as simple iron stakes that travelled down until they just touched through the mantle as scientists tried to find a quick solution to harnessing energy in the wake of the global disasters that had come to afflict the planet. They were originally constructed as the centre points of new settlements.

By 3000 these stakes were becoming more readily-available, however they were still just primitive metal alloy towers (around the same height as flagpoles above ground), and their reliability had only a reasonable time frame. By 3050, more advanced, and larger Pylon Towers came into existence, slowly reducing the need for hundreds of smaller pylons scattered around the earth. These buildings were gigantic, driving enormous stakes into the earth. This has not stopped evolving to the current year 3200, where only several hundred pylon towers are required for each country (Only one is usually required for each city)

In fact, an easy way to tell the location of a city district is to look for it's pylon tower.