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Percy Everill

Known aliases:

The Sledgehammer, The Iron Knight


Mercenary, ex-Kickboxer




29(Born 6th December 2091)

Blessed Element:



Adept kickboxer, Mechanical skill


Original; II United Kingdom

Current; I American

Blood Type:




Premiers in:

Not yet premiered

Percival "Percy" Everill is a British mercenary, and a former kickboxer. He has been hired by the Ghost_K and various forms of governments a few times, although he prefers to keep his distance from them. He ultimately prefers working for organisations who need something guarded, although he has been known to take job offers from criminals as a bodyguard.


Early Life

Percy was born in Halifax, England. His parents died in a terrorist attack, and he was sent to an orphanage. Due to a bureaucratical error, he ended up in Sector XI before he could be sterilised. Before he could be returned, he was kidnapped by a gang of criminals.


Percival is a tall, muscular man. He is bald with a three-day-beard and large, thick eyebrows. He has crystal blue eyes and light skin. He has also been described of having a somewhat large nose. Usually he has bandages around his forearms, and he also frequently wears a tank top and pale red sweatpants.

Abilities and Attributes

Magnetism elemental ability

Percy's Keidis rating is ζ+/ε-, or 673-527. Percy has always had a problem controlling his power, although now he is making a lot of progress, seeing as he is under the tutelage of a very experienced magnetism elemental.





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