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Winston Dalton
Speculated appearence (c. 2019)
Aliases Ouboa (Mercenary alias), Ciaran Reed, Adut Maunte Mule
Language(s) English, Arabic, Dinka, Portuguese (minimal)
Aligned sector None
Nationality South Sudanese/Angolan
Element SigilWater Water [Limited]
Keidis rating Unknown
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Catholic
Relatives Annemarie Engel (Possible Mother) [Deceased]

Mathieu Dalton (Possible Father)

Born c. 2101 (age 21)
Physical Description
Skin colour Dark brown
Hair colour Black
Height 6'

What you fail to understand is that I too seek peace. In that case, killing me would be remarkably hypocritical of you.

–Ouboa to Mathieu Dalton

Winston Joel Dalton, who most commonly referred to as Ouboa (Pronunciation: /oh.boe.ah/), is an unbridled visionary intent on pursuing a twisted and sadistic ideology of world peace through the complete eradication of the Elementals.

Though the core reasons remain unknown, he seems bent on inflicting as much suffering and agony to Ghost_K as possible.

As a lone political activist, he has seen past service in many powerful organisations, including the International Worker's Union, Vallarie Administration and Calypso Industries. He also had affiliations with the Russian Government of Sector II before an attempted assassination and his immediate escape from the country due to heavy Type-B crimes.

His goals appear to be fuelled by emotions and a deep-seated personal vendetta as opposed to a true desire for revolution.




Current status

Currently, he has assumed the position of treasurer within Sector XII's government.

He was a primary associate of Elder Duma for the assassination of Elder Khoury, seeing Khoury's subtle welcoming of elementals despicable.


Whilst he is incredibly fond of concealing his identity at all times, it has been rumoured that Ouboa is of a deep African complexion.


Whilst being very intelligent, his vast knowledge and tendency to be far too distracted on the big picture instead of taking smaller matters into account, often leads him to the point where he expects too much from his actions.

Ouboa has an evident loathing for elementals, most especially of which is Ghost_K itself. He views the use of his own power as a necessary expenditure in the way for eradicating all of his species, with the final act he has planned being his own death.

A racial equalist, Winston's low tolerance of racism has earnt him many enemies. It is speculated that Australia's present view of immigrants is a reason behind his expulsion for the nation's parliament.


All official files detailing the origins of his abilities have been deleted, however it is known that his elemental power has been artificially induced.

From observation, is is evident that Ouboa is a capable elemental, however the direct placement of what exact element he was born with is impossible to determine, for his his elemental ability is unique in the fact it allows the control of blood and the ability to alter the mass of body tissue. This allows him to grow extra, arachnid-like limbs for spearing and strangling his opponents, and controlling his own (or opponents) blood to manipulate into any desired form.

Because of this, he has a remarkable ability of evading death. His ability allows him to regenerate from wounds, as his blood hardens to form a barrier to prevent any further injury, and his tissue has a remarkable ability to repair itself, even down to the scale of his entire bodily mass surviving a direct explosion.

Relations with others

Claude Lasi-Faité

Claude finds Ouboa's goals amusing at best, often referring to him as a naïve young man with aspirations far beyond his capabilities. He sees him as of little threat in the way of his own goals, and whilst his martial skills and ability to deceive even some of the best laid plans are notable, he has orchestrated multiple traps which will come into swift action if Ouboa were to ever block his path.

Vamana Uldericks

It is noted in a restricted IWU file that Vamana is against his motives, particularly his plans for eradicating elementals. It's assumed that Vamana also finds his forgetfulness in the throes of his plans, and his tendency to let his emotions get in the way to be pathetic.



Ghost_K. Their presence at the Commonwealth Palace and the chaos that unfolded because of that is surely enough proof that the key to building a peaceful future should never be placed in their hands

–Ouboa, on Ghost_K


...of little threat to my global networks.

–Vamana Uldericks

While his actions are contemptible, I must commend a man who spreads discord so readily. Especially one who claims to be so intent on peace!

–Claude, musing on Ouboa's actions.

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