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Ortus Continuity
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Ghost_K Universe; K21 Squared





Running time:

15th May 2013 - Present



The Ortus Continuity is a collected series of loosely connected stories that primarily focus on the origins of the protagonists and select other key characters within the K21 Squared story. Each story typically starts from the characters' early childhood right up until their first encounter with Ghost_K. Parallel to the other prequel Vallarian Trilogy, it portrays first-hand experiences of the bloodied regime that makes up the oppressive 22nd century society, however contrarily putting forward its concepts and emotional themes through usage of the unenlightened, ignorant, naïve and wholly innocent viewpoints of the primarily child comprised cast; hitting home the effects of propaganda, poverty and total neglect of humanity.


K21 - Detrimental Adversity

Documenting the childhood of Alison Katsura. Unexposed to further propaganda as she escapes from the oppressive regime of her home totalitarian state, an elementally gifted girl by the name of Alisa Engalychev develops into a pattern of individuality as she is transported across the middle eastern continent by various twists of fate. Witnessing racial oppression, torture and alienation, she is cruelly trained and moulded into a form unlike ever before, and is finally freed by none other than Ghost_K itself.

K21 - Soulless Faith

A story chronicling the life of Andrew Sol, it follows him from the day before his parents are executed as RWA supporters. Soulless faith also shines a light on his inner turmoil and shows how he went from a misunderstood but ultimately caring individual to a bitter twisted and psychopathic monster he eventually becomes.

K21 - Impeccable Corruption

This story documents the early childhood of Li-Pau Nao, all the way from his elemental ability awakening, to the death of his parents, and finally chronicling how he was found by his future mentor: Damien Anderson.

K21 - Dusty Blinds · K21 - I'm With You · K21 - Prayer · K21 - Kindred · K21 - Degenerate · ...
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