Order of the Guardians: Ghost K 2 was a potential rebuild of Order of the Guardians:Ghost K planned for 2013. Set in the year 3200, it takes place roughly 20 years into the Urcron Invasion of the planet.

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Issue one proposed cover. Named after pendulum's song "Different".

In an alternate future world protected by a group of men and women who control the elements, the world is slowly crumbing apart as the slow campaign from a malicious alien race known as the "Urcron" reaches it's twentieth year.

To them, earth hold the key to the Urcron's survival, as a disaster on their own unimaginably distant mother planet has left it dried free of Aeotons - a crucial element to their continued existence.

However, deep instinct-rooted fear of the unknown has led to humanity only hating their alien foes, and the great war that unfolds heeds a great toll on both races.

The story focusses with arrival of a girl named Lilly Ashton into the ranks of the Ghost_K initiates, the army of eager elementals employed by the team of guardians as a fighting force and method of determining true guardians amongst the crowds of hopefuls. There she is forced to a life of strct regime and duty as she pursues the hope of becoming a guardian.

She is untouched by the hate which boils in the veins of so much of humanity, and hopes to create a human victory that is peaceful on both sides - despite not even realising the full terms of such a war.

Within the many she trains with, she meets a quiet girl named Breanna Carter.

Her presence in the team sparks an ever-growing tension, not only by the Urcron invasion, but within Ghost_K itself; which shatter a decade-old web of corruption and superstition around the group. It’s up to her, and others within Ghost_K taking her side to keep the aspect of peace and order within the growing chaos around her, whilst cracking open the mystery involving the aliens themselves, the mastermind commander of Ghost_K Akira Rokard, and her friend Breanna herself.

The survival of humanity is in jeopardy, and the fine line between the destruction and salvation of humanity is about to be tread upon.

Pendulum - Crush (Immersion) HQ

Pendulum - Crush (Immersion) HQ

I've had this album in my head for this series for years...

New characters


Lily Ashton

Cheerful, determined girl. Passionate about her willingness to become a guardian, however her tolerance of Urcron as intelligent life forms with the possibility to be interrogated with compared to the seething hate shared by everyone else around her can at times cause her to be singled out and abused.

Breanna Carter

A quiet, introspective girl. She suffers from social anxiety and depression, however her marvellous elemental ability has wound her up within the ranks of Ghost_K in the hope it may better her future.

Lily befriends her, and soon they become very close.

Elise Thurston

Lily's room companion. Her parents do not know she has boarded up with the ranks of Ghost_K. Knowing her father's abusiveness, she'd in no place to ever let them know.

Luke Aaron

Lily's squad sergeant. Strong and confident young man.


Nathan Sheppard


Akira Kataoka

Secretly evil bastard.

Kai Oraski

Introspective ninja dude.

Charlotte Johnston

Incapable of feelings of like-mindedness with the alien scum.

Two empty spaces.


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  • Urcron want peace, but don't know how to communicate with humanity. They're a very-community based organism, like that of bacteria, and communication is through psychic methods which cannot be projected to other races.
  • In their attempts to communicate, they have led humanity to thinking they're hostile. Resulting in the Urcron Wars.
  • Breanna is a last-ditch effort attempted by the Urcron to communicate with the oblivious humanity, by sending her to live with them, so that they can learn of their ways. There are five other "copies" of her living on earth, however each is unique in their own was and are hard to track down. She is a blank sheet of paper, empty of emotion, memory, and a sense of existence, however, she is still human, and it will only be a matter of time before it begins to show.
  • All six "Breanna" copies must be found to achieve Akira's plans. Only two have been located, and Breanna joining the ranks is the third. The two other copies are named Xanthe and Andromeda, and they are imprison in stasis below Ghost_K headquarters on Prakatoa.
  • Akira plans to destroy the Urcron race by reverse engineering their singular hive mind and destroying their minds in a single blow, however he requires the five Breanna copies. Only other person who knows this is Nathan.
  • Ghost_K is a world famous things, the election of guardians are a tremendously important thing, resulting in celebrations of a worldly scale.