The main story in which this wiki was founded, and inevitably based upon. It is set in the year 3200, which takes place roughly 20 years into the Urcron Invasion of the planet.

One such logo of the series. An over-ambition to mirror existing anime and/or Japanese culture led to the use of most likely incorrect Japanese on the logo.


Ghost_K Universe

Directing Company:

Void Media

Running time:

February 21 2011 - June 1 2012 (Haitus)


Manga comic, Literature


Two Issues, several corresponding stories, Art

A rebuild was at one timed, being named Order of the Guardians: Ghost K 2


In an alternate future world protected by a group of warriors who control the elements (fire, water, earth, wind), the world is thrown into chaos as it comes under attack by an alien race known only the ‘Urcron’ Earth has fallen into utter disarray, with the Urcron proclaiming themselves overseers of the earth's population. To them, earth is but another insignificant step in their dimensional conquest. The arrival of a girl named Lilly Ashton into the team only months before the invasion, sets off a complicated and long chain of events, not only with ever-growing tension brought by the Urcron invasion, but within Ghost_K itself; which shatter a decade-old web of corruption and superstition around the group. It’s up to her, and others within Ghost_K taking her side to keep the aspect of peace and order within the growing chaos around her, whilst cracking open the mystery involving a mysterious girl named Breanna, the aliens themselves, and the mastermind behind it all and the actual leader of Ghost_K, Akira “Alex” Rokard.

The survival of humanity is in jeopardy, and the fine line between the destruction and salvation of humanity is about to be tread upon.



From left to right: Nathan Sheppard, Breanna Carter, Lilly Ashton, Valdemar Nansen, Jack Miles, Mac Fox, Akira "alex" Rokard

Chosen Guardians

Alex Rokard

Leader and Guardiun of Earth. Alex is the oldest member at the moment. He is the successor of Waite Petersson. Alex joined when the old "classic" team of ghost_k were in service ("Elemental Recon, the original comic in 2007"), and was the first of the current Ghost_K we know today.

Nathan Sheppard

Second-In-Command and Guardiun of Fire. He is the successor of Drake Infernis

Jack Miles(

Guardiun of Air. He is the successor of Ash Bladestorm.

Breanna Carter

Guardiun of Ice. She is the successor of Jason Carter.

Mac Fox

Guardiun of Plantlife. He is the successor of Stephanie Clarke-Johnson

Lilly Ashton

Guardiun of Water. Lilly is the youngest member of Ghost_K at the moment. She is the successor of Kai Oraski.

Honorary members

Valdemar Nansen

Often described as being the first magnetic chosen, having spectacular power likened to such a position. Guardian of Magnetism. He is the only Guardian with no direct predecessor.

Former Members

Waite Petersson

Former Guardian of Earth. He is the predecessor of Alex Rokard. Was a black African with a very deep and thick accent. Though obviously not as powerful as his successor, Waite was extremely generous, down to earth and considerate of people's feelings - but not letting it get in the way of his duty.

Drake Infernis

Former Guardian of Fire. He is the predecessor of Nathan Sheppard. Was infamously arrogant and selfish, performing his duty as a more of a way to increase is popularity and self-worth.

Stephanie Clarke-Johnson

Predecessor of Mac Fox. She was a medium-tanned half African half British. She was openly a hippie and peace loving, to the point where two years ago she resigned due to finding ghost_k too violent for herself. (Also possibly due to the uprisal of the much more powerful Mac Fox, a rarity in itself for plant elementals)

Ash Bladestorm

Former Guardian of Air. He is the predecessor of Jack Miles. Was known to have a crazy and reckless personality like wind itself.

Jason Carter

Former Guardian of Ice. He is the predecessor of Breanna Carter. Jason is one of the very rare former Guardians that still retains a great portion of his elemental power

Kai Oraski

Former Guardian of Water. He is the predecessor of Lilly Ashton. Disappeared, current status and location is unknown, presumed dead. Was known to be calm, decisive and somewhat absent-minded. Was of Arabic decent, with considerably tanned skin, bald, and seen wearing a blue headband with somehow aided him elementally.


Dante Kyrushu

Kicked out of ghost_k because of illegal activity involving multiple crime organizations. Present status unknown, though is apparently plotting to crush Ghost_k and rise up with his own organization. Powerful control over lightning

Jonathan Jefferey Hollerman

Shadow elemental, who's plots are clouded and unknown to ghost_K. yet.

Alternate Characters

Jordan Park

Jordan Park is a bold, arrogant and somewhat cunning sergeant in the Black Marines Corps, although his name is largley unknown to the average citizen, his fighting skills are a sight to behold.

Dawn Steel

Dawn Steel is a rather renowned Gentical Researcher at the Catlyst Science Complex. Dawn is extremley hard-working and rather down-to-earth.

Logan Steel

Logan Steel is the little brother of Dawn Steel.