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Olia Silveira
Aliases Miss Silver
Language(s) English, Portugese
Role(s) Guardian of Water
Aligned sector IX
Nationality Brazilian
Element SigilWater Water
Keidis rating Eta minus by Epsilon plus (710-554)
Gender Female
Religious beliefs Catholic
Relatives Damien Anderson (Consort)
Born July 19th 2090
Died October 23rd 2113
Signature OliaSig
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour black
Height 5' 10"
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 2106 - 2113
Ghost_K Lieutenant
Battles/wars Guardian Tower Security Breach (2110)

Olia Silveira (b.2090 - d.2113) was born in the Brazilian Region of the former Republic of South America. Her original career involved modelling and she was training to be a singer when her talents as a Water Elemental developed in 2106. She is well remembered as being the public face of the Ghost_K, right up until her untimely death on a routine field mission.


Raised in the upper class areas of Rio de Janeiro, Olia enjoyed a privileged upbringing within the RSA.


Generally regarded to be a very attractive young woman who was in high demand as a model, Olia Silveira enjoyed a great deal of international publicity due to her body. Many regarded her as the one responsible for injecting some sex appeal into the role of the Guardians.

Abilities and Attributes

For some suspicious reason, Olia Silveira was a very weak Elemental by the standards of Guardians and required advanced Elemental Acceleration Drives in order to use her abilities effectively.


Damien Anderson

Olia is known to have become romantically involved with the newly appointed Commander of Ghost_K, and she adored the man greatly. She believed resolutely in his cause and aimed to please him at every opportunity. The Guardian of Earth appreciated her affections, but it is believed that he never loved her in the same way she loved him, as he seemed largely fixated upon the fate of Sandra Mai. Her death still came as a shock to him and those close to the man knew that he did mourn her passing for a long period of time.

Kenneth Lysander

Olia never really got on well with Kenneth, seeing his close friendship with Damien as a threat to her relationship with the Commander.

Zalmon Dejanović

The personalities of the two wild individuals clashed immensely, and lead to a mutual understanding that the two should try not to interact with the other.

Mathieu Dalton

Olia found Mathieu to be a rather dull and unassuming member of the team, who contributed little due to his pacifist ways.

Annemarie Engel

The two women hardly saw eye to eye and seemed to have very different opinions on how the other should behave.




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