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New African Alliance
African Union flag.svg
Flag the African Alliance, bridged over from the flag of the old African Union as the symbol of a new rebirth of African unity


African Continent


Greater African Landmass

Main export:

Raw ore deposits, biofuels

Government type:

Corporate oligarchy overseeing governments through trade agreements


Let Us All Unite And Celebrate Together


Trade ensign:


Formed with the initial goals to rival the economical superiority of Sector I American Zone, through a long-term initiation of contracts with the willing African nations, the New African Alliance was formed. To compete with America's monopoly on the oil market, the Alliance forwarded the mass production of biofuels.

With the promise of easily available work that was provided to the bulk of the African population and the generation of steadily growing profits, the African continent was revolutionised. The flow of money through the economy generating a slowly growing middle class throughout the more productive nations, most notably of which: South Africa and Namibia in the south, with Egypt, Libya and Algeria in the north.


By the year 2038, the peaceful terms between the sub-factions of nations were becoming tense. Due to disagreements between the four major company administrators and an attempt of an over-privileged bureaucrat within the Upper African sector to seize total control with the aims to tighten production output, the African continent had split into its individual factions. The two central sectors split into its dozens of individual countries, and the remaining two become recognised as the political sectors VII and VIII. The aftermath of the event resulted in the creation of many sub-companies, being headed by Calypso Industries in Sector VII, and Leto Corporation in the south.

Whilst Calypso soon recovered from the Alliance's decline to become a productive corporation, due to the mistreatment of the worker class in lower Africa by the richer bourgeois, the government was soon overthrown at the hands of a Communist Revolution, being officially rechristened the "People's Union of Africa" after a transition into a self-sufficient Maoist Socialist political zone in 2050.

Pioneering Political Zones
North American Alliance · Arab League · European Union · New African Alliance
2031-2076: The first twelve
I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII · VIII · IX · X · XI · XII
Post 2121

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