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Ghost_K Universe

Directing Company:

Void Media

Running time:



Art, Literature


Political and psychological satire


K21 Squared

Set in:

  • Main story: 2121-unknown date

Neo21 is a direct sequel to K21 Squared. Its full title is "Neo GHOST 2155" taking its shorthand name from the Greek word Neo meaning "Young" or "New".

It has been decades after the events of K21 Squared, and terror once again threatens the world that GHOST have made ceaseless efforts to better. With the death of "the tyrant" Claude Lasi-Faité and the aftermath of the African Revolution, a new series of events is set in motion.




Rough Example

Will use the same art style K21 used in the latter half of its runtime.



Leader of the IWU and uneasy ally of GHOST. Early 70s.

Having been betrayed and ordered shot dead by the man who now calls himself Emperor, the man known as Agent 09 has now organized the remaining cells of the IWU into a merciless group of “political activists” hellbent on seeing the “Immortal Emperor” overthrown and preferably “molested and trodden upon by goats”. An uneasy alliance has been made between the IWU and GHOST, as their goals have seemingly aligned for the time being.

Commander and Chief Information Officer of GHOST. Early 50s.

Officially declared deceased after the destruction of GHOST, Li-Pau’s grave is located in Shanghai, China, alongside those of his parents. In truth, Nao managed to survive and escape, going underground and bidding his time - waiting for the most opportune moment to reveal himself. The year 2132 marked that time, where Li-Pau began his mission to rebuild GHOST and seek vengeance against those who took away yet another family of his.

The Immortal Emperor of the Divine European Empire, whose spread his larger than life following worldwide. Late 60s.

The general public see him as the Second Coming of God, almost ready to save humanity when inreality, Vamana continues to serve as an introverted, manipulative man who has managed to take control of nearly the whole world. Having managed to successfully destroy all forms of opposition and loose ends that would have otherwise posed to be an issue in his future plans, Uldericks is confident that nothing stands between him and eventual global domination.

Empress of the Divine European Empire. Early 50s.

Still as devoted to her husband as she was upon their first meeting, the Empress of the European Empire is more than happy to do what her husband asks of her, and is regularly seen by his side when the Emperor addresses the public. Though she stills mourns the loss of her family, Natalia can at least be at peace in knowing that those who have caused her so much grief can no longer do the world harm.

Defender of the Nation, New Medero. Mid 70's

Isolated in his fragile hegemony in central Africa, Lester is desperately attempting to keep the ENLA coalition of American Evangelicals, British and Australian Neo-conservatives, Israeli Zionists, and African mercenaries from factional infighting as his own power is undermined by subordinate Steven Xuân. As such he is willing to work with any group to expand his declining "influence".


  • Gaspar Abascal (Friendly Fire)
  • Augusto Felipe (Friendly Fire)
  • Anastasia Volkov (Reparations)

Lieutenant and Guardian of Fire of GHOST. Mid to late 40s.

Former member of the IWU WPWO and one of the first elementals recruited by Li-Pau in his rebuild of GHOST. Raised as a child since the age of thirteen to be ever loyal to the IWU and their Glorious Leader, Anastasia was found to be a powerful Fire Elemental and, late in the year 2122, became a member of the Special Talent Unit of the EAI, a group tasked with hunting down and eliminating any and all remaining members of GHOST. All contact was lost with the Unit in the year 2132, and they are theorized to have been eliminated by the cell of GHOST agents that was later defeated by Vamana Uldericks and his followers.

  • Antoine Boucher (Reparations)


The Global Honored Organization of Specialized Tasks was, officially, liquidated in the year 2122 after they were labelled as international terrorists in the year 2116 in what the public called the “Holy Commonwealth Palace Atrocity”. Members of the group persisted in scarcely organized cells until the year 2132 where Vamana Uldericks Himself was said to have executed the self-stylized fool known only as the ‘Guardian of Magnetism’ for his crimes. Now, GHOST is a term that has become synonymous with terrorist attacks across the globe, with this long dead organization often taking the blame. However, rumors still persist that highly trained, and incredibly dangerous, elementals unsanctioned by the government still remain.

This Vallarie Administration run organization has recently spiked in popularity with the media as they have recently bought out NODE Corporation in the year 2150, claiming all assets belonging to the late company. Now, with the rise of memory database storage (MDS), recruitment rates for this counter-terrorist organization have increased, as men and women all across the European Commonwealth can now take advantage of the technological advancements of the time and serve their Sector with pride. More untasteful views of the EAI claim that the Vallarie Organization is harvesting the minds of previously deceased individuals and using them as slaves by transplanting their memories into android soldiers. Now proof of these claims has managed to come to light however, and the world at large tends to view these accusations as little more than fear of technological change.

The RWA has since fallen out of the public eye after their leader, Arekusanda Aiko, was used to make an example of all who would dare pose a threat to law and order. General Secretary Ye Henan and Emperor Vamana Uldericks were said to have established a “Permanent alliance between the People’s Republic of Asia and the European Commonwealth.” after the latter was able to capture the venomous leader of the RWA. Now, the Restored White Armies has been greatly reduced in both morale and size, and only barely-organized units remain, scattered across the globe. The last time this organization’s actions came into view of the public eye was shortly after the death of Aiko, where a number of his supporters joined together to perform the dreaded “Four Horsemen” Maneuver, which has since gone down in infamy.

Officially disbanded, the fate of members of the IWU ranged from prison sentences to being allowed to live normal lives to being given the chance of indoctrination into the EAI. On the other end of the scale, to those whose loyalty for Uldericks crumbled when they came to the revelation that, “they had been used.” Members of the IWU continue to harass the world as a group of terrorists and arms dealers. Eurowolf propaganda suggests that some of these “radicals” might have sought sanctuary with the disbanded cells of GHOST.

The police force of Sector V has continued to reign over the United Federation of India with complete dominance, rooting out and exposing all attempts to undermine their power to the public. They’re most notable change, according to reports given by Eurowolf Broadcasting, paints them as being much more ruthless than they’ve been in previous years. These claims have in turn been addressed by the Cartel’s all together incredibly mysterious CEO, who went on to say that the radical changes of the modern world have given the company, as he describes, enough reason to keep their feet planted and make their boundaries clear to neighbouring lands.

Despite expanding their influence across Central Africa, the ENLA have been beset by factional infighting, receding revenues and political isolation. As such the organisation has increasingly become dominated by a hardline, anti-communist Evangelical group led by Vietnamese-American Steven Xuân who have conducted frequent terrorist attacks around the world to keep the flailing ENLA relevant.

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