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Nathan Sheppard is one of the legendary guardiuns of Ghost_k, as well as the Cheif Commander of the Z.E.U.S Project (in co-operation with Niklas Engel)

Nathan Sheppard
Since his military service Nathan has failed to relinquish his dress style, his current uniform is heavily based off the Black Marines Corps standard dress. (his past employer)


Guardiun of Flame





Blessed Element:


Other skills:

Skill in most small arms, assault and heavy weapons he can get his hands on, considerable swordsmanship (second only to Jack Miles


American (Formerly Zimbabwe/South African)

Blood Type:



6' 1"

He quickly comes across as a committed and extremely dedicated guardian, spending endless hours working overtime in his pursuit to keep a peaceful world. His time as a special-forces marine on top of his vast skills to manipulating fire leads to him being quite a force to behold, and a figure of dire fear to his foes. Throughout the entire story he goes out of his way to ensure equality and peace, but more often than not at the expense of his own health and well being.

The lone notion that drives him was the loss of many people he loved, as well as his comrades during his military service all due to his own poor leadership and choices, as well a meth addiction which he barley conquered - calling it his Vendetta, and has been working hard ever since to hide his guilt, all of which never leaves him.


Nathan was born on the 17 May 3174. He grew up in Zimbabwe, and then South africa until he was 12, where they left due to uprising civil war and terrorism. During 3193 through to 3199 Nathan was a Sergeant Major in the US army before being transferred to the Black Marines Special Operations Force, where he made earned the rank of Deputy Commander of the entire force. He was then blessed with the title of Guardiun of Flame on the 2nd of March 3200, becoming the spiritual decendant of Drake Infernis.


Nathan's personality can be described like the element of fire itself. He is extremley dedicated to his duty, as well as very aggresive and quick to anger in the face of a threat. On the other hand, he goes out of his way to make sure there are absolutley 0% casualties for those who he protects.

Nathan is well-known to be a perfectionist. Despite being quick on his feet in the chaos os battle, he prefers to plan for hours on end, especially before large-scale operations.

Ironically uncommon in spiritual cylces, Nathan is completley different to his predecessor; Drake Infernis. Drake was famousley arrogant and somewhat reckless, sometimes to the point where his position of honor was questioned. Nathan sees his elder's past as a waste, in fact, he loathes it, and goes to every attempt to be better and stronger that Drake in every manner.

Nathan, as he appears in the manga

Interests and tastes

  • Nathan, as a natural workaholic tends to spend little time relaxing. But when he does he usually crashes out on his couch, often sleeping.
  • His likes alternative and classic rock music, often quite heavy, sometimes even listening to full on industrial (like Rammstein)
  • He heavily dislikes electronic music, beliving that it takes no talent
What's a dance concert like anyway? Just the guy flicking an ON switch and then sitting back for the rest of the time??

–To Mac

  • He sometimes reads, often realistic technical or war books
  • He also has a very fine taste in coffee
  • When not in war apparel he wears slip-on canvas shoes, jeans and collared shirts, sometimes with t-shirts underneath.
Aspects as per the free Jung Personality test

Personality Type: ESTJ

organized, group oriented, focused, conventional, leader, emotionally stable, attention seeking, planner, realistic, fearless, responsible, finisher, decisive, norm following, respects authority, punctual, hard working, stiff, self confident, rather intolerable of difference and strangeness, thinks rules and regulations are important, follows the rules, clean, outgoing, social, content, does not like being alone, normal, regular, strict, disciplined, aggressive, assertive, content, happy, proper, formal, strict with self, meticulous, strong sense of purpose


Backup? what are we? The Black Marines Corps? I left those lot of thick-headed idiots because I wasn't seeing enough action! Or depth of intelligence for that matter...

–Sheppard tends to use humour to conceal the pain his past really inflicts him

Patiotism. Haha, no i'm not patriotic. That’s is just a dusty remnant of imperialism which sparked global conflict millennia ago.

–Nathan, admitting he's not a "proud american"


Theme song

Sheppard's theme song is Across the Line by Linkin Park.
Linkin Park - Across The Line

Linkin Park - Across The Line

The first verse of the song is about Nathan losing his comrades and best friends whilst on a major anti-terrorist mission in the sahara, where as the lyrics "He's pulling his weapon to his side. Loading it full of his goodbyes, Holding an enemy across the line" refers to Nathan Himself.

The second verse is about Nathan, later in life, getting over the pain caused by his losses and the terrors he faced during his military service by doing Methamphetamine (meth) along with others he knows, including his girlfriend. "When the needle took away her friend" refers to the addiction consuming them.

The drug also induced schizophrenia with his girlfriend, to the point where (obviously being very unresisting to the drug) threatened to kill herself, to make the voices go away. "She's pulling her weapon to her side, Loading it full of her goodbyes, holding an "enemy" (the voices) across the line "

"With every battle he's choosing, With every fight he's losing, His enemy's not far behind" These lyrics before the breakdown, indicate that Nathan realised he chose these fates, and since then his "enemy" is his fear of falling apart again, and losing the ones he loves.

Birth date

  • Ironically, Nathan was born on the national day of Norway