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Natalie Hansen
Natalie's SC Identification portrait
Language(s) English
Role(s) Writer
Aligned sector XII
Nationality New Zealander
Element SigilEarthEarth
Keidis rating Neutral
Gender Female
Religious beliefs Atheist
Relatives Jordan Hansen (Husband)
Jacinta Hansen (Daughter)
Born Unknown (40)
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Red
Height 5' 2"

Natalie Hansen is the mother of Jacinta Hansen. She is described as being a very caring and warm-hearted mother who loved her daughter dearly. Her whereabouts, along with Jordan's are unknown, and since losing contact with their daughter have never been heard from again. This event is a source of great pain to Jacinta, to the point where she refuses to live a normal life until she can find them alive.

She gave her first name to Jacinta as a middle name, In a way so that their only child could have both the parent's names.

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