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Natalia Christelle
Official Photograph
Language(s) English, French

1st Heir of Sector IV
Crown Princess
Co-Princess of Andorra
Aligned sector IV
Nationality Belgian
Element SigilShadowShadow
Keidis rating Classified
Gender Female
Religious beliefs Orthodox Hedonist Spiritualism
Relatives Stephanie Christelle (Mother)
Claude Lasi-Faité (Father)
Vamana Uldericks (Husband)
Born 2104 (17)
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale Caucasian
Hair colour blonde
Height 5' 4"
Military Service
Service Branch Vallarie Administration
Years of Service 2120 - Present
Rank Commissioned Officer
Battles/wars Paris Hospital Skirmish (2120)

Natalia Christelle is publically known as the daughter of the Queen of Sector IV, Stephanie Christelle, and an unknown suitor to Her Royal Highness. In reality her father is the infamous global terrorist known to the world by the pseudonym Claude Lasi-Faité. She was wed to Agent 01, Vamana Uldericks, at a young age and serves as one of his political pawns.

Character History


All that is known of the circumstances of her birth is that she was born in 2104 to a woman known as Stephanie Christelle.

K21 - Tarnished Perceptions

At the age of 12 she was one of those caught up in the crossfire of the ambush. She was almost killed during the battle, but she was saved due to the intervention of Vamana Uldericks. She instantly fell in love with her mysterious saviour and began to regard him as her guardian angel.

K21 - Shattered Endeavours

At the age of 16 she entered into a political marriage with the terrorist Vamana Uldericks.

K21 - Bleached Delusions

After receiving word that her older cousin, Miki Albraun, had been sighted on European soil after being declared missing (presumed dead), Natalia set out on a mission to find her. However, the intervention of an idealistic vigilante and the revelation that Miki is now in league with the villainous Ghost_K team as well as a morally corrupt criminal proves to have disastrous consequences for all involved.

K21 Squared


In her youth she typically wore extravagant clothes befitting as her position as a royal princess. However, since her marriage to Vamana, she has come to be clothed in basic and nondescript outfits.

Abilities and Attributes

Natalia has demonstrated a relatively strong control over the element of Shadow, much like her father's inherent ability. She was also gifted with an ample control over the forces of gravity.

She has been forced to endure basic combat training at the behest of Vamana Uldericks and she has been further tutored in the use of concealed blades for close range fighting. Hoping to test out her skills in a more realistic environment, Agent 01 discovered Natalia had an aptitude for assassinating specific targets. Her seemingly innocent nature and apparent vulnerability has made it easier for her to eliminate marks when they drop their guard. Vamana has noted that this is an area of expertise worth developing further. Under strict regulation, of course.


She was rather whimsical and forthcoming, much like her parents, until she was tamed by Vamana. He has made considerable efforts to condition her to be more like himself, so that she can be a more effective political tool.


Ceramic Combat Knife

A wedding gift from her father that was used to eviscerate Andrew Sol. Only the hilt still remains as the blade was fractured into the stomach of its only victim.



Vamana Uldericks

From the day she was rescued by Vamana Uldericks she was completely enamored by him, regarding the terrorist as her guardian angel. She personally cannot comprehend why he is branded as a criminal by the rest of the world and wishes to see his ambitions fulfilled (to the extent Agent 01 has divulged details of his "goals" to her). Vamana is not that phased by Natalia, but generally regards her as a malleable, loyal and useful pawn that is worthwhile holding onto in the long term.

Claude Lasi-Faité

Natalia has been used a political pawn by her father for almost her entire life. Her innocent charm and attractive qualities being capitalised upon for garnering positive publicity. Even her marriage, something she still believes to have been entirely her own choice, was orchestrated by Claude. Despite all of this, she has maintained an idealistic view of the enigmatic man as she remains unaware of his past as well as his motives.

Stephanie Christelle

Vallarie adores her only child, and shows a genuine love towards her. Natalia seems to reciprocate this feeling and generally thinks well of her mother. However, since her marriage to Vamana she has not been afforded as much time with the Queen of Sector IV, and emotional attachments have been discouraged by her new husband.

Vallarie Administration

The company that she is destined to be the public successor of.



Having been conditioned to hate the organisation from an early age, Natalia already bore a considerable loathing for Ghost_K. After being held hostage by members of the team and witnessing the destruction caused to her home, this grudge evolved into a personal vendetta that she has sworn against the organisation. This has been a feeling that Vamana has made sure to encourage in his political pawn.



I shall make them pay for the grievous insult they have brought upon us.

–Natalia, expressing distaste at Ghost_K


Practically the perfect pawn. For like all good pawns, once the end has been reached, I can convert her into whatever piece I require the most.

–Vamana Uldericks

She's been brainwashed into a blind prejudiced loyalty... Poor thing.

Alison Katsura



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