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This article is a part of the K21 Squared timeline.


This article, NODE Corporation, is still being written by its owner NecrusIV. They apologise for the inconvenience.

Vallarie Administration
Company Logo

Date of Foundation


Date of Dissolution

2400+ (economical crumble with the rise of Memory Theft)


Adroid Manufacture


"Reality is only what you perceive it as."


FlagIV IV, Germany, Munich





The Neuro-Organic Deconstruction Enterprise, which is commonly abbreviated to NODE Corporation is an international ranking biological-synthetic fabrication company, which specialises in ultra human like bionic argumentations, bionic implants and accelerations within organic bodies, and the construction of fine quality A,B,C and D Type Androids. The company is possibly the finest producer of Type D on the planet.

Management history


Company founded by several ex-robot manufacture corporation officials and bio/neuro surgeons with funding from Sector IV government.


Company bought by the Vallarie Administration after NODE achieved the position of second highest ranked non-government corporation within the Euro Zone, where it was immediately reopened as an exclusively governmentally run enterprise.

Known constructs and argumentations


D-type android with approximately 99% humanity. Special order commissioned by Lord Harald of the Albraun aristocracy for the purposes of rebuilding their previously crippled daughter, Miki Albraun. Volatility of synthetic tissue possibly due to faulty psychological synchronisation rate, possibly stemming from a definite complex about the fact she's no longer a true human or some other unknown cause. Instability 2.6% Lethal.

"Client 1553M.A"

++Data Questionable++

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