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The Morvari utilise a wide range of weapons, vehicles, equipment, aircraft and space ships to get the job done and defend the Morvari Empire or destroy their enemies.


  • Ma'vista Emitter- fires irradiated crystall shards, frequently helm-mounted on Blood Skin suits, effective range of 0.3 km.
  • Fa'gius Rifle- fires special hollow bullets which contain flourine gas using magnetic fields, when hit the flourine is released into the target, causing them to immediately combust, has a range of 0.8 km.
  • LACR- standard issue laser rifle which automatically adjusts beam wavelength according to atmospheric conditions for optinium performence, has an effective range of 1.2 km.
  • SCF Sniper Rifle- Fires magnetically propelled rounds which are enveloped in a field of highly focused X-ray radiation, long-range antipersonnel stealth weapon, has effective range of 2.4 km.
  • CQTW- close range tesla shotgun, fires a corona of electro-magnetic energy at the target, causing severe trauma and electrical burns, effective range of 20 m, frequently causes heart attacks in targets.
  • RPC- medium range plasma man-portable heavy weapon, unusually reliable, fires concentrated beams of hot ionised gas using magnetic fields, width and penertration of the projectile can be manually adjusted, effective against infantry and light armour up to 0.7 km.
  • Nu'nis Field Gun- mortar like heavy weapon which fires miniture tesla cores which release a burst of electrical energy, akin to a spheracal lighting bolt above the target with a width of 4 m and a range of 3km
  • PSCL- large laser heavy weapon which fires a beam with a high wavelength and energy yield, effective against armour upto 0.9 km
  • Na'kia Launcher- portable missile launcher which fires high-explosive, sabot-like projectiles, effective against armour upto 2km, splash damage effective against infantry.
  • Te'sug- rapid-fire smg which uses magnetic and gravitational fields to accelerate bullets equipped with nano-scale tesla generators as they leave the barrel, rounds cause blunt and electrical trauma, effective range of 0.5 km, close to mid range weapon, favourite for stealth missions.

Vehicles & Aircraft

  • ATHT 'Spirits'- heavily armoured hover tank, equipped with a tesla arc cannon and twin HRPCs, effective against armour and infantry.
  • ATOW 'Ordinators'- heavily armoured walkers, equipped with a heavy napalm cannon and twin-linked PSCLs, effective against entrenched units.
  • ATLW 'Centurions'- lightly armoured walkers, equipped with twin Fa'guis rifles and a grav-lance, effective against infantry and low-flying aircraft.
  • ATPC 'Inserters'- fast hover-vehicle, drops off troops into combat, equipped with a PSCL and a Na'kia launcher, capacity of 15 Morvari warriors
  • HEAG 'Daemons'- Heavy aircraft, equipped with MSCC cannons which cause miniture black holes of about 30 metres in diameter, capable of dropping Spirits into battle, effective against all ground targets, vulnerable to enemy aircraft.
  • LADJ 'Shriekers'- Aircraft, equipped with twin HRPCs and a tesla whip, dogfighting jets, effective against other aircraft, capable of supersonic speeds.
  • ABJ 'Boomers'- Bombers, equipped with a tesla whip and HRPC in addition to thermo-flourine bombing systems.
  • AFFV 'Gassers'- Engage & destroy vehicles with medium armour, equipped with a grav-cannon which rips crushes organics with enhanced gravity fields and a HVFC which fires a torrent of flourine shells, effective against infantry.


  • Blood Skin suits- protective suits of armour for Morvari warriors, equipped with a range of sensors, targeting, weapons and evironmental systems.
  • Ki'kasta grenades- explosives which release flourine gas
  • Tesla Orbs- throwable devices which emit mild tesla fields which burn out enemy electrical equipment and cause electrical burns and blindness, normally non-lethal
  • Magno Fields- jam enemy scanners and optical devices
  • Summoner Beacon- provides co-ordinates for guided missile strikes during sabotage operations
  • Tesla Flail- whips consisting of filaments and thin blades which produce a local tesla field, targets not sliced in half, endure temporary paralysis, some nervous damage and electrical burns.
  • Pa'casta- portable shield emitters, used to quickly establish makeshift defensive positions.
  • Spy Bots- remotely controlled robots, which utilise anti-grav motors and a sensor suit, used for scouting.
  • Pa'dus- electrified switchblade with a cyanide laden edge, used for quietly eliminating targets during stealth missions.

Space Ships

  • Au'va- Large capitol-class battleship, frequently used as flagships for Morvari fleets
  • Du'syr- Destroyer-class ship
  • Ga'hui- Escort ship
  • Ly'neu- Cruiser-class ship
  • Kard'enu- Frigate-class ship
  • Dar'ganus- Fighter
  • Luf'hanus- Bomber
  • Kul'druller- Marine transport and boarder
  • Raf'anu- ship-to-ground troop transport shuttle
  • Logis'tau- ship-to-ground cargo shuttle

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