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Home Planet:

Ma'varath (Destroyed)

Approx Species Age:

248 million years old


Outer reaches of the Sol System



Kardashev Scale Rating



The national flag for the Morvari Empire


The sigil for the Council of Spirit


The sigil for the Talon


The sigil for the Heart


The sigil for the Cerebrum

The Morvari are an ancient race of highly developed aliens who are reputed to be one of the oldest and advanced life forms in the galaxy and as such many mythical creatures in legends accross the Milky Way are thought to have been early sightings of this mysterious race as primitive sentients would have been unable to comprehend what they had really seen. Not even the mighty Urcron know much about this race save the whispered fragents of old epics from the earliest and most superstitous days of any encountered sentients told around smouldering campfires as jueveniles attempt to scare one another with tales of dark deeds and of almost unspeakable horror. How much of these epics, these tales are true are unknown, but surely for a almost forgotten or unknown race to have inspired so much in terms of stories, primitive fear and to a lesser extent culture speaks of a relentless species and people. These creatures are thought to have lived millions of years by Humans and Urcron through this is but the crudest of estimates as only the Morvari know their history and remember what the Galaxy was like as thy crawled from their long dead graveyard of a home world. Events and knowledge which should be forgotten and never learnt lurk in the deepest recesses of the the extensive memory of this venerable race of shadows and superstition combined with technological marvels unseen since the Golden Days of Learning, a period of time in the Morvaris' memory when learning and the birth and rise of new sentient races and cultures was at its height when some unknowable force spread though the Universe, bestowing life and intellect on barren and feral worlds. These are the secrets of the Morvari and their long-dead or dying allies and enemies, secrets they guard jelously and only share the faintest fragments of these secrets to those species who have proven that one day they may be worth something. These gifts of knowledge which may have since been lost or twisted by the memories of other Sentient races are what may be the basis for the myths that surround and blanket the Morvari in a cloak of darkness and secrets.

Society & Culture

The Morvari are an atheist race and therefore do not believe in any form of god, devil, daemon, angel or other 'mythical' being and only believe in the progress of the species and the supremacy of science. This has resulted in a society that is devoted to science and the truth and reguards each individual Morvari as a cell in the body of the Morvari race as an entire single entity and that each individual has a single purpose and role. There are three branches to Morvari society and hierachy: the Cerebrum, Heart and Talon. The Cerebrum contains all the bureaucratic roles and personel and sciencetists, engineers and the Council of Spirit who rule the entire Morvari race and assign each individual a role when they are 11 years old according to their temperment and physical attributes. The Heart contains all the logistical crew, merchants and workers required to harvest and transport resources as required. The Logicalus are the most senior members of the Heart and oversee its entire operation for the Council of Spirit. The Talon unsurprisingly is the military arm of Morvari society and contains those dedicated to war which is reguarded as a great art as well as a career and role and includes, soldiers, marines, the navy, assassins and the Overseer Technicians who act as generals for the Talon and co-ordinate its efforts. They work with Logicalus to serve the Species as the Council of Spirit dictates.

The Morvari do have a spritual side but in a sense of mental well-being and overall progress rather then out of any religous or sentimental value. When born a Morvari is assigned fore and surnames like humans, but when they have been assigned a role they take their role and a personal identifier number as part of their name e.g. Ga'vork Varladras Klavarcus 018765.

The Morvari do practise their version of 'marriage' and does have sentimental values and pairs are selected based on their heritage, role and attributes. The duty of each married couple is to raise children as part of Morvari society. When the children reach 7 years of age they are taken from their parents and sent to educational and evaluation facilites where they are taught and eventully analysed and selected for a role.

While the Morvari are not a democratic race and believe in each individual being a component of a greater, single entity, they do support individuality and civil liberties as along as they don't affect the balance and progress of society as a whole. Any hobbies Morvari take up in their spare time are usually constructive or to improve their effiency in their respective role in a pursuit to better themselves. Festivals and holidays are held but these are for practical reasons of maintaining mental and physical wellbeing rather then out of celebration.


Approximately one twentith of the Morvari population are enlisted in the armed forces which comprise the navy, army, marine & spec ops units. As befitting of a stellar empire the largest of these is the navy, which defends the empire and spearheads any attacks or expeditions launched by the Morvari. The army and marines are of equal size as the army is responsible for holding entire worlds while the marine units are required to defend the navy and launch attacks on enemy ships. The smallest and most elite units are those in the spec ops. These include elite soldiers, assassins, agents and operatives and the mighty Klavarcus, the premire fighting shock trooper unit of the empire to which entire regiments have fallen.

While the Morvari do not interfere in the business of other species frequently, unless progress demands it, Morvari aggression is not uncommon. A Morvari attack is surely the most terrifying prospect in the known Galaxy as miniture black holes the size of cities ravage planets briefly causing untold destruction while Morvari warriors descend on the enemy is a steel rain and torrent of firepower as tesla weapons and laser cannons decimate all before them as assassins weave through enemy soldiers cutting them to pieces and sabotaging key installations. When a soldier sees a Morvari jump from building to building with a weapon he knows his death has come for him as a Morvari strikes like a bolt of lighting and slays him. Like their ideology the Morvari are cold and logical in battle scything down infantry, destroying vehicles and leveling buildings with an effiency other races can only dream of as the air crackles with energetic discharge of weapons and the storms of light and electricity as magnetic forces tear the battlefield apart. The only blessing in fighting the Morvari is that death is quick and painless, for it is not a possiblity but an unavoidable prophecy as a tesla flail screams towards your neck, splitting the very air and causing miniscule vacuums.

Lighting assualts and raids are favoured by the Morvari as they strike from the heavens as they aim to totally destroy their enemy as quickly as possible, where other races measure battles in hours and days, the Morvari measure it to minutes and seconds as they have mastered the arts of lighting war and effient slaying. Morvari units will drop on their targets so they are in position to cause the most damage and so their weapons are being usaed against their optinum targets. Artillery and area-affect are heavily favoured amongst the Morvari as are aerial fighter jets.

Morvari warriors go into battle wearing 'Blood Skins' which are powered armoured suits made of carbon nanotubes and a kevlar-titanium alloy, overlayed with ceramic plating. The suits have built-in weapons and propulsion systems which use anti-gravitic technology and all of this is powered by a reactor which uses a vaporised uranium and hydrogen gas mixture as fuel. The suits may appear elegent and fragile compared to their Urcron counterparts, but are in contrast, far more lethal and can easily stop any firearm, making the suits highly resisilent to damage. Energy dampeners make sure the physical shock of being hit by enemy fire doesn't pulp the wearer inside his suit and increases protection against energy weapons. Blood Skins have sophisticated targeting and sensory systems and frequently have bladed weapons such as claws made of a tungsten-diamond alloy. On top of all this the suit has an on board auto repair system in which nano bots patrol the insides of the suit and repair damage to the suit and even to the user. However these nanobots can only do so much and if the suit or wearer takes enougth damage then the nanobots won't be able to repair any damage. No matter the protection offered by the Blood Skins they do not make the user invulnerable and heavy fire or a lucky shot can still slay Morvari warriors.

Weapons used are typically laser, tesla or magnetic based, plasma cannons are used, but rarely due to their unreliability and 'messiness'.


Morvari are 7 feet tall and are distincly lizard-like humanoids. They are covered in what appears to a cross between scales and chitin plates and have three spikes on each shoulder, each spike is half a foot long and thought to be used as an heat exchange dispite that the Morvari seem to be endothermic. A Morvari has four hearts and five lungs and has a broader build then humans, but are still lithe and wirey and are extremely agile. They have a high muscle mass and little fat and as a result are very strong. Their muscles are made up of completely different protein fibres to that of a human and pound for pound Morvari muscle is almost twice as strong as human muscle. Their bones are very strong and seem to incorperate metal fibres and have a honeycombed structure, giving them great endurence and strength, but little weight. All this means that a Morvari is far stronger then a human and can run up to 64 miles an hour and tire only a little in comparison to most other organisms. This is thought to be because most of their skeletal muscle seems to have many of the anti-fatigue traits that cardiac muscle has, meaning that they suffer significantly less from lactic build up. Like humans Morvari are water and carbon based organisms and have similar heat tolerences. They are able to see up to 3 miles and have full colour vision and a strong sense of smell- they can detect one drop of human blood in an olympic size swimming pool. Their hearing is about the same as a human's, but are more sensitive to vibrations in the ground.

While Morvari do suffer from as many diseases as humans do they are less likely to suffer from heart or neuro conditions and have a stronger immunity against toxins. They have large fangs and two eyes and nostrils and their hands have 3 fingers and two opposible thumbs all of which end in sharp claws as do their feet which have four toes. They also have 0.7 metre long tails which end in sharp spikes and spines which grow horizontally from the tail tip. Each spike is 5 inches long and barbed. Blood Skins are designed to take this in to account and fully cover and protect the tail in armour plates during combat. Also just like sharks Morvari have a limited ability to detect the electrical pulses generated by living organisms. Morvari breathe similar atmospheric gases to us, but are used to having a higher oxygen content in their air, meaning that for short periods that Morvari do suffer in the Earth's atmosphere, but this has minor effects on their abilities and can be countered by the environmental capabilites of Blood Skin suits.

They also have males and females and sexually reproduce in a similar manner to Humans.


The Morvari are master scienctists, researchers and egineers and so have a vast array of advanced technologies at their disposal which makes a lot of Human tech look primitive. They have mastered fusion and fission, meaning that they have all their energy needs and aren't in danger of running out of energy or screwing their environments up any time soon. They have achieved much with robotics and computers, creating some really sophisticated systems and hardware, most notable the Blood Skin suits which are the latest in Morvari technology and were invented 40 years prior to the Urcron invasion of Earth and only came into full military service 16 years ago. Since then multiple improvements have been made to them and several varients have been made, according to the wearer's role. Morvari weaponry specialises in electro-magnetic forces and other energy based weapons such as plasma firearms through, there are exceptions such the helmet mounted Ma'vista Emiiter which fires irradiated crystall shards at targets, causing severe blood loss, organ rupture and radiation poisoning. Anti-gravitic technology has also been mastered by th Morvari and is extensively utilised from Blood Skins to aerial fighters and hover tanks. It is rumoured that the Morvari also can control black holes of very small sizes up to several dozen kilometres in diameter, but rarely do so due to the unpredictability of such a weapon and as a result is often a weapon of last resort, though the very smallest of these weapons are relatively common on Morvari vehicles. In addition the Morvari are masters of genetic manipulation and molecular engineering and as a result many Morvari sport performance-enhancing implants. More sinisterly this could be a possible link between the Morvari and Humans as several ancient unknown alien artifacts have been discovered on Earth and may be of Morvari origen. When analysed by scientists one object projected a hololithic display which detailed the human genome. Did the Morvari visit Earth and observe humans and acelerate their evolution? The answer is potentially too horiffic and unbeliveable to answer, but unknown to the Humans, the Morvari may have a vested interest in saving them from the Urcron as the Morvari archives contain evidence that the Morvari may have intended in turning Mankind into a servant race, but the plan was abandoned after Ma'varath was destroyed when its sun went supernova, and the damage caused severe economic and cultural disruption throughout Morvari Society.