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Mitch Ochoa
Mitch Ochoa, on assignment
Aliases Raven
Daniel Ramone
Role(s) Private Security Contractor
Aligned sector I
Nationality American
Element SigilSound Sound
Keidis rating Zeta plus maxima by Delta plus maxima (700-500)
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Negative atheism
Relatives Maximilian Ramone (father - deceased)
Grace Ramone (mother - deceased)
Paris Ramone (older sister)
Born February 11th 2092 (Age 29)
Signature Mitchsig
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale Caucasian
Hair colour blonde
Height 5' 8"
Military Service
Service Branch United States Army
Event Horizon Security Cartel
Years of Service 2108 - 2110
Sector I Elemental Specialist
EHSC Consultant
Battles/wars Sector I Quebecois Insurgent Firefight (2109)
Guardian Tower Security Breach (2110)
Dhana Technologies Security Breach (2112)

Mitch Ochoa is an American Private Security Contractor. He was employed by Ghost_K on multiple occasions, he has however been known to work against Ghost_K for the simple matter of making a profit.


Mitch Ochoa (formerly known as Daniel Ramone) was born in  Sector I, Maine, February 11th 2092. His elemental powers in sound were discovered at the age of ten, and he used his gifts to his advantage in every, and any way possible. At the age of sixteen, Mitch was caught for taking (as latterly dealing) drugs at his high school, and was soon expelled because of this. Given the choice of prison time or service, Ochoa decided to join Sector I's military, and would see action in the middle east for the next year. Eventually, Mitch became involved in a disastrous firefight with internal insurgent forces that would cause him to be listed as MIA. Due to a failure to recover a body this remained as his designation, although his file would latterly be amended to state that he was "presumed dead". This however, was far from the truth.

Scan 69

Daniel Ramone, age sixteen.

This was because, during his the firefight, Ochoa had become detached from his platoon and was left behind during a tactical withdrawal from the area. Attempts were made to rescue him, but as the area was too hot and the location overrun by enemy forces, it was decided that it would be levelled by a strategic bombing run. Thus, due to it being unlikely that he could have survived the payload required to eliminate the terrorist forces, he was officially listed as dead.

It did not take Mitch long to realise, that in the aftermath of a bombing campaign, he was likely unaccounted for, thus free from military service. Having never been much of a patriot and seeing that continued military service for his country would be a waste of his talents, he left the Middle Eastern Colony at the first available opportunity, sneaking over the border into Sector VII. From here he was able to find work as a security contractor a private security firm, which brought him work amongst the furthest reaches of the globe. This would eventually lead him to working for the Event Horizon Security Cartel.

K21 - Substantial Illusions

While waiting to receive further orders in a bar located at Paris International Airport, the youth encountered a man going by the name of Thomas McKenzie. Here, he would be forced in to the employ of the crazed albino as an intermediary between the Global Honoured Organisation of Specialised Tasks and his new client.

After a flight to Cairo, Sector VII, and a short journey to the Guardian Tower, Mitch and his new companion would find their way to the very heart of the command centre. Due to a misunderstanding, both of the young men were thrown into a prison cell where they spent time bonding over crippling boredom and laughing in the face of danger. Instead of leaving his client to the machinations of Damien Anderson, Mitch elected to break the albino out of the cell block. The pair would become involved in a desperate escape attempt that would lead to them stealing a car off the streets of Cairo.

From the Guardian Tower, they set off for the International Airport. However, Damien had managed to figure out the destination that the duo were aiming for, and was lying in wait at the airport when the pair arrived in their stolen vehicle. Mitch decided to do everything in his power to ensure his client escaped, strongly hoping that Thomas McKenzie would pay up the one million dollars he was promised. His decision to aid the man who would later be known as Agent 01 would forever gain him the ire of the Ghost_K Commander and the rest of the Guardians.

K21 - Twisted Deliverance

Some time later, despite his previous actions against them, Ghost_K requested Mitch's services, more specifically to aid Damien Anderson in bringing his newly found apprentice, Li-Pau Nao, to Block 441. Meeting the duo at the airport, the group was forced to split up when the RWA was able to reach them, with Damien ordering Ochoa to deliver Nao safely to the Block. Unfortunately, after smashing his getaway into another vehicle, the two were arrested for speeding and other various crimes Mitch had committed in the Sector.

Having one phone call, Mitch called Kenneth Lysander to pick him and Nao up and bail them out of prison. While Kenneth came, instead of bailing both of them out of prison, Kenneth promptly shot Mitch in the thigh and left him to rot in prison.

K21 - Decayed Moralities

During the events of Let Old Acquaintance Be Forgot, Mitch Ochoa is rescued from prison by an old friend. The two discuss the events that have transpired since their last encounter as well as the reason for the latter's decision to free the American mercenary from his lifetime sentence, as Ochoa is given an offer he cannot refuse.


Mitch is rather tall, and has much more paler skin than the average individual. He has medium length blonde hair, with a streak of black on the left side. He has dark blue eyes, and is usually seen wearing brown slacks and a black flight jacket with navy blue trim, along with a pair of light grey mountaineering boots. To add on to this, Mitch is often seen with a pair of white soundproof earmuffs, that are wrapped around his neck in an attempt to conceal the eagle tattoo which he received upon joining the Sector I Military.

Abilities and Attributes

Sound Element

Mitch is very skilled (if not a little uncontrollable) with his abilities in sound, having the capability to shatter the windows of enough cars to fill an entire parking lot. Unfortunately for Ochoa, he doesn't have a very stable control of his element. Mitch considers this lack of control as no more than another challenge, which he is striving to overcome.


Ochoa can be described as many things, and none of them good. Incredibly frivolous, Mitch's only care in the world seems to be the paycheck he is given at the end of each assignment, and even then he all too often spends his wages on useless things which results in him frequently being out of pocket. Mitch is arguably addicted to this high octane lifestyle of excess and maintains that he has never regretted any decision he has made.

This lack of regret has translated into Mitch appearing to be extremely cocky and arrogant as he is more than happy to take life-threatening risks if the price is right. More often than not, this bullheaded attitude is what lands him in trouble and he typically finds himself in a worse situation than before. On occasion Mitch has let his facade slip allowing a more somber side of his personality to shine through and he has hinted at harboring some deep seeded insecurities.

Affiliation & Relations


United American Strike Force

Having been given the choice of either prison time or military service, Ochoa's dedication to the Sector I Military Force was next to nonexistent. This evidence is supported by the fact that Mitch went on to abandon the strike force soon after he was declared KiA.


Having been called into the service of Ghost_K multiple times, the members of this vigilante group had often discussed the possibility of recruiting the young mercenary into their ranks. This consideration was immediately cast aside after Mitch helped their prisoner - Thomas McKenzie - escape their clutches. Afterwards, the group of elementals soon plotted a way to get rid of the mercenary quickly and quietly.

Event Horizon Security Cartel

Ochoa's main form of employment. Mitch preforms a variety of odd jobs for the security cartel early in his mercenary years, and was eventually able to receive a variety of high-tech equipment for his service.


Maximilian Ramone

Ochoa's father was incredibly strict due to his military heritage, and would often scold Daniel for his juvenile actions in his early life. Maximilian would become one of the first test pilots of the B-5 Revenant during its development, and would soon lose his life after a failed test flight.

Grace Ramone

A loving mother who wanted nothing more than the best for her son, Grace was devastated when she learned of her son's drug addiction and dealings. She nevertheless loved him and prayed for his safe return from his military tour in Mexico. She promptly committed suicide after receiving word that both her husband and son were declared dead.

Paris Ramone

A wanted criminal in eight sectors for multiple crimes of the highest degree, Mitch never had any relation with his older sister as she had disappeared when Daniel was only five months old.

Thomas McKenzie



Hands in the air, motherfuckers.

–Mitch Ochoa to the Guardians of Ghost_K. (K21 - Substantial Illusions)


He's a mercenary, that means one moment he's on your side, the next he's against you. I learned that the hard way, I can never forgive him for what he did...ever.

Damien, commenting as to why he detests Ochoa.

Fickle. Amusing. Gets the job done. I can't help but appreciate that.

Claude, musing on Mitch