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Mitch Ochoa
Aliases Daniel Ramone
Language(s) English, French
Nationality Canadian
Gender Male
Born 2092-02-11
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale Caucasian
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5' 8"

Even if I was given the chance, I'd never turn the clock back.

–Paris Ochoa, on her brother

Mitchell Ochoa is a former private security contractor for Event Horizon turned hitman after a mission gone wrong left him with the notion that the only person he can trust with a gun is himself.


Early Life



Abilities and Attributes

Ochoa spent several years in service to the Event Horizon Security Cartel, a distinguished Private Military Company based out of Merritt Island; honing a set of skills that has turned him into an exceptional killer:

Specialized Weapons Training

The wide variety of weapons available at the Cartel's disposal left contractors with superior funding to be granted the training needed in order to use all of them effectively in combat scenarios. Mitchell was one of these contractors and, with a decade of service under his belt, was able to familiarize himself with this extensive arsenal, as well as fully-grasp onto a selective list of weapons he now uses in his current field.



Sigil SigilSound


All throughout his life, Mitchell had been seen and described as a facetious, cocky, and overall eccentric individual, seemingly drawn towards a life steered by danger and overindulgence. Indeed, the word “consequence” was seen as less something to take into consideration beforehand and more so something to laugh about after the fact. This attitude was only reinforced as Ochoa continued to succeed again and again at nearly every assignment that was entrusted to him and his sister throughout their careers as security contractors.

However, Ochoa’s life, alongside his outlook on it, would take a drastic turn after a mission gone awry in Cairo left him presumed dead. This life-changing catastrophe left Mitchell with a much colder perspective on the life he led. Seeing his reliance on others as a weakness that had left him vulnerable to such failure, Ochoa has come to believe that the only person he should depend upon is himself, and that to stock any amount of trust in others is a surefire way to end up getting stabbed in back; something he can attest to with personal experience.


Maximilian Ochoa

A hardball entrepreneur with his hands in several pies, Maximilian managed to turn a profit nearly every time he made a deal, scoring the fortune he needed to provide for his family and business. For the deals where he failed to end in the black however, less than favorable ideas were held for the name Ochoa. Mitchell's father met his end in a catastrophic plane crash while flying back from a business trip in Maine.

Grace Ochoa

Paris Ochoa




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