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Miki Albraun
Miki, out of uniform, wearing a large woollen jumper with trainer trousers, and operating a data slate
Aliases Miki Violette
Language(s) English, German, French, Russian, Arabic (moderate)
4th Heir to the Royal Vallarian throne; Albraun Aristocracy (past)
Guardiun of Air
Information Officer
Aligned sector VII (Born IV
Nationality German
Element SigilAir Air
Keidis rating Kappa minus by eta plus (1002-760)
Gender Female
Religious beliefs None (atheist)
Relatives Katlain Albraun (Sister - Deceased)
Rochelle Albraun (Sister - Deceased)
Eldric Albraun (Brother - Deceased)
Lord Harald Albraun (Father - Deceased)
Lady Anneliese Albraun (Mother - Deceased)
Stephanie Christelle (Aunt)
Natalia Christelle (Second Cousin)
Born Born 31st October 2101 (Age 20)
Signature MikiSig
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair colour Warm pink
Height 5' 6" (167.64cm)
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 2116 - Present
Ghost_K Sergeant
Battles/wars Ghost_K Retaking of the Elder Sanctuary (2121)
Elected. What a silly little lie.

–Miki on Elder Duma assuming political control of Sector VII and the greatly false claims of his "election" speech.

Miki Violette, (/Mee.kee/; born Princess Mikayla Eleanor Isabella Albraun) is the quiet and calculating guardian of Air. Though human to the untrained eye, she is actually a synthetic, biological android reconstructed from the remains of her past human body by commission of NODE Corporation to fix the damage of a terrorist incident that occurred when she was fifteen. Due to an artificially induced amnesia, she has no memory of this event. Out of sheer habit she publicly uses aliases to avoid being detected, yet since the date of when her past and present were so destructively divorced, these false identities have only managed to distance her further and further away from this past that she continually searches the truth of.

She is a heir to the throne of the European Commonwealth, as she originated from an extremely rich aristocratic family, who played a major role within the Vallarie Administration, the sovereign government of Sector IV. Her parents and siblings were murdered by Ghost_K operatives during the Toulouse Ambush, where a battle tore through the Holy Commonwealth Palace, residence of both the Vallarie and Albraun families. Miki survived due to her elemental ability awakening just as Damien Anderson was about to execute her. The chaos and confusion caused in the wake of this outburst of power allowed for the remnants of the Ghost_K team to escape. As the hostile forces escaped, her semi-conscious and heavily wounded body was found by Damien who had now realised that she was the next Guardian, and the immediate successor to Annemarie Engel.


Miki is a rather quiet person, who tends to be lost in her own thoughts for a lot of the time. Her liking for the minimal amount of unnecessary communication with others often gives her the impression of being cold, however she has historically shown an astounding capability for compassion and selflessness.

Her emotional makeup is organised at best, underdeveloped and forcibly removed at worst. She can be seen as the polar opposite of Alison Katsura; She's rational, independent, and is one who plans things before jumping in head first.

Whilst she has the capability to love, she feels as though she's better off without it, and in many ways believes she is very capable of being happy without it. She feels that this luxury may arise in its own time, when it's supposed to, as oppose to actively seeking it out in the desperate hope to cure her loneliness. Friendships on the other hand is something she maintains at a distance in fear of developing undesired attachment.

As someone who is particularly introverted, she requires a lot of time alone to recharge, lest extended social contact only serve to aggravate her. She is very intelligent in political and scientific matters, however common sense is something she is completely lacking. For example, on high priority missions, she'd still comfortably take a novel with her and read it on the way there, or use her elemental ability to do tasks in situations where it isn't morally acceptable, e.g. finding a lost item, resulting in her calmly elevating furniture and crates almost recklessly, rearranging an entire room in an attempt to find it.

Miki quite visibly has an obsession with reading. This aspect along with her extremely quiet nature tends to make her unnoticeable, for she can spend hours on end in silent reverie. One may be in a room minding their own business for some time before noticing her. The escapism it provides often serves as a much-needed relaxant.

Physically, she suffers from constant sickness, possibly due to her extreme dependence on her artificial body and it's volatile synchronisation rate with such an elementally conductive human.

Despite being largely organised, controlled and highly accountable, she has an insurmountable tendency for anger and hatred within her. As the years drag on and her intelligence broadens, her hope for humanity and faith in fellow accomplices slowly slips away. This can boost tendencies toward anger, self-centredness, cynicism and elitism, whilst also being a core factor for temporary losses of social skills and emotional stability. On rare occasions this tendency has fully consumed her, the very side which triggered her elemental power for the first time - something which destroyed the entire Holy Commonwealth Palace in seconds. In this state, her abilities are at their greatest, and is truly a force to be feared.


Miki has pale skin, with long pale pink hair cloudy red eyes, which give her the impression of being blind. She's usually quiet and distant, and often appears as if she's sleepy.

Her artificial body functions normally to that of a human's, including growth, appearing almost genuine visually and to touch on the outside with the aid of cosmetics and concealing garments. There are several creases on her body which result in some physical aberrations due to her artificial body, of which include thin creases encircling the centre of her upper arms, just below her knees, and on the back of her neck. She also has a faint serial number on her left shoulder marked as "AA881-MEIA-F", which displays her ID tag, initials and gender. It is invisible, except when being read by a device, in which it glows a faint white orange.

The creases on her arms and legs are bonding points, which allow her arms and legs to be taken off; a technological artefact usually intended for military or assassin class androids for the implantation of weapons. This ability has come to her advantage, for she can fake grievous injuries in certain situations to divert attention and such. Her body does have some very significant benefits when compared to that of fully organic humans. She has a remarkable regenerative ability in her skin and other organs, so much so that bullet wounds are of minimal threat to her, outside of the grievous pain they cause her like that of a normal human.

For the benefits that her anatomy grants, there are also some dire setbacks. Her body malfunctions due to her extremely prominent elemental ability, which can result in a loss of consciousness and even epileptic seizures, as well as occasional waves of chronic sickness. To deal with the worst of this, Miki has been forced to wear a full body skin-tight suit officially labelled as an Aeoskin Suppressor Suit. There is one small fluke of this that she uses to her advantage though: her dress sense can flourish. It is fireproof, which is saves wearing the standard Ghost_K uniform, and since she is also very resistant to bullets, dresses freely. This is often exploited when passing through security screens that would otherwise detect bullet and fireproof apparel.

It is unknown whether she is biologically able to bear children.

Abilities and Equipment

Linguistic Abilities

Oui, naturellement. Ce qui peut je faire pour vous? - but, could you please speak with me in English or German, for my French is not very good.

–Miki, employing the benefit of misleading fictional persona to mask the rather showy nature of her considerable language abilities, K21 - Bleached Delusions.

Miki is multi-lingual, a skill which is required for somebody of her position. She is exceptionally fluent in English, German, French and Russian, with comparable skills in Arabic. Being ever-inquisitive with her thirst of knowledge, she continually seeks to further expand her linguistic horizons, with a particular effort to increase her Standard Chinese.

Elemental Ability

Whilst being heavily hindered by her artificial body, Miki's elemental ability reads at an impressive kappa minus (1002) at her maximum potential. She can use the absolute maximum extent of her ability without her Aeoskin Suppressor Suit for at most six minutes and forty seconds.

Aeoskin Suppressor Suit

A carbon grey rubber-finished skin tight mental override normalizer suit that cuts off at her neck and wrists which suppresses the volatility of her body considerably, increasing her maximum elemental performance in-field to 2-3 hours before it runs out of battery life. Though the suit is designed primarily for the usage of elemental ability, she has fallen into the habit of never taking it off, and even sleeping in it.

Relations with others

Miki is good at reading people. More often than not she sees the pain and lies in people which others are normally oblivious to. However, to maintain friendships from not getting into the habit of stating everyone's flaws, she tends to not raise awareness of her knowledge unless it's critically necessary.

Katlain Albraun

Miki's oldest sister. Very dominant; well known to be controlling, mean and arrogant on behalf of her position. Was murdered by Damien Anderson during K21 - Tarnished Perceptions.

Rochelle Albraun

Known as possibly the most rational sister, who was younger than Katlain and older than Miki. Positive comments where occasionally given to on her dreamy and distant appearance, a kind of eccentric look which easily came off as beautiful, something Katlain held a slight jealousy for. This feature was often exploited for front page photo shoots, so much so that she was undoubtedly groomed to become a key model for Vallarian media. Murdered during Tarnished Perceptions at the hands of Damien.

Eldric Albraun

Younger brother who was possibly murdered during Tarnished Perceptions. Eldric was much like his father, being very virtuous and strict with self, focussing heavily on his duty as a prince.

Lord Harald Albraun

Murdered during Tarnished Perceptions. Was a rather uptight looking character whose choice short and side-slicked hairstyle often gave rise to public misinterpretations of a right-wing alignment.

Lady Anneliese Albraun

Murdered by Kenneth Lysander during Tarnished Perceptions.

Queen Stephanie Christelle


Jacinta Hansen

Miki tends to disapprove of her extremely unstable and controlling tendencies, however she often finds it far too amusing to put any sort of discipline in place, a job Alison is supposed to be doing. Once Jacinta settles down, and her softer side comes to be slowly exposed since falling for Eric, she comes to Miki of all people for emotional help, seeing her intelligence to be a more stable source of advice as oppose to her guardian Alison.

Alison Katsura

Alison's irrational and pushy nature are something Miki has little tolerance for, as she often finds herself finishing the tasks Alison was meant to do and continually having to push her along when she gets lazy. Despite this, time has seemed to have made the worst of their rivalries disappear. Whilst they can argue often about the most stupid of subjects, they have perhaps become something akin to close friends.

Eric Lysander

As with Jacinta's adolescence tampering with her emotions, Eric is also not spared of his own pain; something which Miki seems to sense.

Of course, Miki has absolutely no recollection of the fact Eric's father murdered her mother, and Eric's own mother some time later, but she does feel as if something very sad and even disturbing had happened to him. She writes in her diary that "It's almost like déjà vu; it feels so familiar to me, as if it's explanation should be obvious, and yet it's entirely new. It's so close I can touch it, but no matter how hard I think things through the feeling only remains cloudy."

She wishes to research further into this matter, however she's unsure of who to start asking, or even if anybody who would know such a thing is still alive, and on top of this, emotional matters are trivial when compared to her career.

Mathieu Dalton

Miki greatly respects Mathieu's work ethic and commitment to his career, something which she takes to heart herself as a source of inspiration and reason to work to the best of her ability herself.

Laurence Valentine

Li-Pau Nao

Due to holding similar interests and viewpoints, Miki and Li-Pau Nao have struck up with a friendship ever since the young lightning elemental first joined the team. In the time since, this friendship has since grown to a point where the two usually introverted Ghost_K agents joke freely and openly with each other. Often, their relationship appears to be on a wholly different level of understanding, something which the eludes many the other members of the team. This is especially so with Alison, somebody especially prone to jealous tendencies alongside her constant disappointment and romantic frustration generated from the unpredictability of her own love life.

Miki is also consciously one of the only people within Ghost_K to know the reasoning behind the wearing of Nao's silver-chained necklace, something she promises to keep secret.


Through political marriages, technically Miki has distant in-law relations with both Vamana Uldericks and Claude Lasi-Faité.


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