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Michel Nelson Castro
Language(s) English, Nuevoyestúpidoespañol, Spanish,
Role(s) Governor of Saint Kitts and Nevis
Aligned sector Sector XI
Nationality Cuban
Element Administration
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Shi'a Islam
Relatives Toll killed them all in a goat accident one summer night
Died Toll wished
Physical Description
Skin colour Afro-Caribbean
Hair colour Black
Height 5' 7"
Weight Much less than Toll

Michel Castro is the current Governor of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Born on the island of Cuba, his administrative skills led to his rise in Central America, and also his fall.

Early Life

Born in Cuba under Admint Toll's regime, the second son of the Governor, Michel Castro would otherwise have lived an unremarkable life had he not inherited the governance of Cuba when the rest of his family died in a freak rocket-propelled goat accident.

Cuban Administration

Despite being hampered by the autocratic and stifling restrictions, he turned put to be a competent if severely overtaxed administrator. His infrastructure projects over the next decade set up basic literacy programs, guaranteed clean water to all on the island, as well as adequate sanitation and enough electricity to power one lightbulb in every home. For doing things that no other governor across all of Central America had tried, he became popular with the people he governed. However, he was on a collision course with government authorities and the Big Three.

He attracted the attention of the Big Three when in his leaked Secret Speech he discussed supporting illegal industrial action to help raise living standards. Admint Toll, already disliking him for his ethnicity, location of birth, religion and his interference in natural market processes with the earlier programs, jumped upon this new information to justify shifting him over to Jamaica. The political shuffle is believed to have been one of the factors in the July 4 Revolution.

Further Administrative Duties

Toll, seeing he was too popular to have killed, shuffled him further into governance of Saint Kitts and Nevis, knowing they were too small to make a difference. As of late, Saint Kitts and Nevis have a standard of living comparable to the Euro Zone and receive considerable numbers of economic refugees from the rest of Central America.

When Admint Toll finally died, Michel Castro was considered for leadership of Central America, however the Big Three together pooled resources to ensure that wouldn't happen.

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