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Melissa Miyagi
Language(s) Japanese, English (non-fluent)
Role(s) Writer
Arms Dealer
Aligned sector Japan
Nationality Japanese
Element SigilWater Water
Keidis rating Neutral
Gender Female
Relatives Andrew Sol (Boyfriend)
Born (Age 16)
Died c.2119
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair colour Brown
Height 5'6"

We've only got to do this for a bit. Then we'll be away from here, I promise.

–Melissa Miyagi

Melissa Miyagi is the former girlfriend of the vigilante knows as Andrew Sol. She became an arms dealer with Sol in an attempt to try and escape the hellhole of war-torn Japan. However after trying to leave, she was raped and murdered in front of Andrew, prompting to go on a psychotic rampage. Melissa Miyagi features briefly in the story K21 - Bitter Reality in the form of a flashback.

Character History:

Melissa was born in the year 2105 in the ruins of Tokyo, Japan, to Yuki Miyagi, a PDC soldier, and Akio Miyagi, a sympathizer of the RWA. After the death of her father in the Tokyo massacres, her mother was publicly executed as an RWA Collaborator. Being orphaned with the death of both her parents she moved to the city of Koga when she was 15 in an attempt to avoid persecution by government, moving in with Kenji Taiyō, another member of the PDC, a friend of the family through her mother and the brother of Andrew Sol, who she entered into a relationship with shortly after whilst Kenji was away fighting the RWA. It was during this time that Kenji was shot and killed defending the street from RWA forces, causing Andrew to inherit his flat.

Shocked by his death and receiving word of more violence soon to come to Koga due to the atrocities of the RWA, Melissa and Andrew decided it was a good idea to leave the country while it was still possible to do so. Picking France based on brochures painting it as an idyllic paradise, they worked towards trying to acquire the funds to leave the country. However as the situation worsened, they began to get desperate, before Melissa and Andrew joined an arms dealing gang, realizing that more and more people were buying guns to defend from the (presumed) inevitable attack.

Acting as a negotiator on the side of her job as a writer, Melissa and Sol worked hard, earning a lot of money for their escape. However after one deal went bad, resulting in the deaths of several members of the gang by the hands of the PDC. Talking to Andrew about it, they both agreed that they got what they needed and decided to say their goodbyes and board the first flight to France. However the gang, knowing it would be an instant death sentence for the authorities to find out about their activities. They punished both of them, for trying to leave and endanger everybody and as a warning to anyone else thinking of leaving. Breaking into their flat, they raped and murdered Melissa in front of her boyfriend.


Melissa was considered a very beautiful woman when she was alive. She had long, chestnut brown hair which she often dyed a deep red and wore in a verity of styles and brown eyes. She had a barbed wire pattern tattooed from her wrist to her elbow.

She often went out in a dark blue coat, black gloves, a brown, knee length skirt with black tights and long boots complete with buckles. She also made use of a pair of square, thinly black rimmed glasses to help her eyesight. She was known never to go out without her necklace, consisting of a small sliver raven skull that she wore around her neck.

Abilities and Attributes:

Melissa had developed a good writing talent, helping in her job as a journalist for a local newspaper. This skill came more in useful, as she was able to use her linguistic talents in the art of negotiation when selling and buying the guns they needed to make money. However it is also known she was exceptionally talented when it came to making clothes, having made the trench coat that Andrew Sol currently wears and many elements of her own preferred choice of clothes.


Melissa was shown to be a very caring and loving individual while with Andrew, with a desire to explore and see new places. However she had questionable morality, shown when she was fine with entering into arms dealing to try to evade the war, effectively profiting from the actions of more violent criminals the war between the RWA and Sector III's Military, though she was shown to question this after the deaths of several members in a botched deal.


Andrew Sol:

Melissa and Andrew's relationship was generally described as a loving one. It is noted that she seemed to bring him out of his shell, as he was more outgoing and optimistic when they were together. Her death still haunts Andrew greatly to this day.


It is known that Melissa's relationship with her parents was relatively good, though it is known that she looked up more to her mother due to her role as a PDC soldier. Though she tried to put on a strong facade and act loving despite it, she hated her father for his idealism and the positive slant he had towards the actions of the RWA.

Kenji Taiyō:

A Good friend through her mothers connections, Kenji and Melissa got on reletively well, to the point where Kenji allowed her to stay at his flat with Andrew when her parents were executed, despite being branded as an RWA collaborator by association. His death was the final straw that prompted her and Sol to decide to leave japan.



Its wrong that we're doing this, were feeding this war and funding the deaths of innocents. We need to get out quickly, because the longer we continue the more be become parasites to feed off the war.

–Melissa Miyagi.


Don't worry, we'll get out of here...And when we do, we'll go to a park and watch the world go by, just like always...Cause I'm here, and I'll protect you, no matter what.

–Andrew Sol as Melissa lay dying.

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